Confederacy of Artidax
Confederacy of Artidax
Leader Hyfano (formerly), Teridax (formerly), Super Makuta (formerly)
Status All but 1 member dead
Allies Brotherhood of Makuta

The Confederacy of Artidax was a group of villains from the Matoran Universe.


Miserix gave order to a Makuta called Hyfano to lead the group. It was supposed to protect the Southern Islands from intruders like the Dark Hunters. Years later Fearack took over the group and made them destroy islands (that are unknown) in order from Teridax.

Fearack's Reign

Fearack led the group to Destral to give them better armor. Chirox gave them training and Mutran gave them new abilities. Some weeks after The Plan's completion Tridax, in his Super Makuta form took over the group and thanked Fearack for the great leadership.

Super Makuta's Reign and extinction

As Super Makuta was leading the group he had plans to take over the Southern Islands and be the most powerful Makuta ever.

As they fought Eritko, Heehvan and Raity, Jankao was thrown into a deep hole and Super Makuta was later destroyed by an Ultimate Makuta Chain, causing a storm killing the other members in the process.

Former members

  • Fearack - The last surviving former member of the group
  • Hyfano (Deceased)
  • Tamasti (Deceased)
  • Najl (Deceased)
  • Jankao (Deceased)
  • Super Makuta (Deceased)
  • Ymatella (Deceased)
  • Sdalo (Deceased)
  • Qanty (Deceased)
  • Ihgatell (Deceased)
  • Tymalanti (Deceased)
  • "Evil" (Deceased)
  • Wastano (Deceased)
  • Pillantio (Deceased)