Confederacy of Darkness
Kanohi Kraahkan with glowing eyes
Leader Xidok
Status Active
Parent organization N/A


The Confederacy of Darkness is a small group of Shadow Matoran, Rahi and Makuta. The purpose of the confederacy is to destroy Teridax, the Dark Hunters, the Order of Mata Nui and the Toa. The Confederacy's base is on an island called Kiffax. This group is very secretive about thier operations.


Former Members

  • Niank (Deceased)
  • Felnoh (Deceased)


  • Various Rahi
  • Some Rahkshi
  • Kraata

Abilities & Traits

All members of the Confederacy of Darkness have a defensive shield to protect members from telepathy and mental attacks. Unlike the Order of Mata Nui's shield, this one sends an agonising pain into the attackers head, this is apparently very dangerous, as it can cause the attacker to go mad. However, this rarely happens.

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