"I'm Gooki. Henchgirl to Vezon."
"I'm sorry but...You're Vezon's henchgirl?! That was a good one. Then I'm Feanor's duck
―Gooki and Coropsus in SOTF.

Formerly the ruler of Korboka Nui, Coropsus was driven out by Feanor, Toa of Light and Pyroketox.


After Korboka Nui

After his failure to secure Korboka Nui, Teridax ordered Antroz to kill Coropsus and his Mator-agroi assistant, "Kreiger". Antroz was unable to find "Kreiger", but pushed Coropsus into Energized Protodermis. Thinking Coropsus died, he left, unaware that Coropsus was rising from the Protodermis as he left.

After Antroz's attack

When in the Energized Protodermis, Coropsus changed shape to look like Toa Inika Matoro with clawed hands and with wings, looking like Visorak Carapuses. He found in what was left of his shelter a Protodermis shotgun.

After Antroz's failed killing attempt, Coropsus found "Kreiger" and left to eek out a living for himself. He then learned that one of his old enemies, Pyroketox was in Karda Nui. He decided to go after Pyroketox to get his revenge.

Karda Nui

NOTE: Before getting there he somehow got an M16A2.

In Karda Nui, Coropsus came across, to his delight, the Kanohi Kraakhan, having been taken by Teridax. He tossed his Vulion to the wind, replacing it with the Mask of Shadows.

After being defeated by Pyroketox, he and 'Kreiger' went into hiding, but was shortly after captured by Makuta Tazzuk.

Abilities, Tools, & Traits

Powers and Tools

He, being a Makuta, has all the Makuta powers, along with the ability to control Plasma.

For Tools, he has a Protodermis shotgun, which he can load with protodermis shard to fire smaller shards of Protodermis in every direction. He also has an M16A2. How he acquired that is unknown.


Because of his mutations and the attack, Coropsus acquired Schizophrenia and sever split-personality syndrome.





  • Coropsus's name comes from 'Corrupt' as he is not with the other Makuta, therefore he is a 'Corrupt' makuta

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