Coska Nui was a small island between Kiel and Bio-Land that was inhabited by ancient pioneers from Bio-Land that originally were headed for Kiel but crashed there.Because of this, it is sometimes called Crash Island.



Coska Nui is believed to have been created when Kiel broke off of Bio-Land. Kiel passed over a small hotspot of liquid protodermis which caused a chunk of the island to be melted off and it stuck to this hotspot where it took on a warmer climate.


Coska Nui was discovered by accident when the ship, U.S.S. Coska from Bio-Land tried to travel to Kiel. Instead, the navigator became quite ill and died on the journey, so the Coska had to navigate blindly. Eventually they crashed into a small island. The Captain declared it Coska Nui and he declared himself the ruler.


The descendants eventually created a significant city that included the Tower of USS.The Tower was originally going to be named The Tower of Us,but due to a typographical error, it was named The Tower of USS.By a ironic coincidence, the ship that their ancestors rode on to end up at Coska Nui also had "USS" in its name.The island became an important trading port between Kiel and Bio-Land, since neither islands wanted to travel the full journey, so with Coska Nui they only had to travel half the distance.

Great Cataclysm

Coska Nui was unaffected by the Great Cataclysm for unknown reasons.

Recent Times

Opehri later traveled to Coska Nui in search of something.He became more popular the longer he stayed.The original leader of Coska Nui (the Captain) died after Mata Nui was awoken, so there was a massive election for a new leader.The election was long and tiring, but Opehri won by a landslide vote.He still remains the current leader.


  • Coska Nui has a large volcano at its center that still spews poisonous gases.
  • It is believed that Coska Nui is actually just a cover for something very powerful.It is believed that this object is in the volcano at its center and that Opehri had come to Coska Nui in search of this object.
  • The CNA lies beneath the volcano.


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