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“It was in those days I discovered our destinies are not written in stone. We have to find them for ourselves. I found mine. Now it's time for you to make new legends, for that is the way of the BIONICLE.” — Turaga Vakama

The Custom BIONICLE Wiki, or CBW for short, is the single largest BIONICLE wiki in existence. Here, you and other fans of LEGO's BIONICLE line can make up your own MOC (My Own Creation) and display it in its own encyclopedia article! Anyone can put their custom BIONICLE creations and stories on this wiki, as long as it's not inappropriate or copyrighted.
If you're new here, we encourage you to make a free account. If you already have a username, go ahead and make an article with the box below, or edit an already-existing one. Above all else, have fun!

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Featured Article

BTD27 Aartok 03

BobTheDoctor27 has taken quite the interest in the Bara Magna arc. As such, he has mashed up quite a bit of juicy headcanon on this subject, and Aartok is the latest fruit in this endeavor.

This Fire Agori has quite the resume. Back in the day, when Great Beings roamed the earth and Elemental Lords bashed it out for mastery of Energized Protodermis, Aartok had the prestigious role of cooking up hot plans for the Elemental Lord of Fire. For some time, this Agori served as one of the Fire Lord’s foremost strategic advisors. However, spicy rumors bobbed to the surface that Artok’s inferior tactical skill was responsible for many of the Fire Tribes early losses in the war, and Artok was demoted. The Fire Agori was not bitter, however, and continued to loyally serve the Fire Tribe.

Then came the Shattering. Chunks of the planet were torn out like pieces of a pumpkin, and the innards so viciously fought over were lost. So Aartok traded his mantle as a chief tactician for that of a chef tactician. Indeed, after a brief stint as a vendor of Core War memorabilia, The Agori took on the role of the Fire Tribe’s head cook in the local inn.

Over the course of his tenure in this role, Aartok had a run-in with Strakk. Long story short, the frosty Glatorian wanted food, the Fire Agori had the guts to say no, Strakk tried to gut him, Kiina got mixed in, Strakk tried to cut her down to size, Kiina’s temper boiled over… Ultimately, all did well to let out a little steam before the Chicken Bone Hunters returned. This incident was so infamous in Bara Magna’s history, Greg Farshtey saw fit to detail it in Raid on Vulcanus.

This left Aartok a little sour. Thankfully, the eventual arrival of Mata Nui and the restoration of Spherus Magna would sweeten his salty mood. Interestingly, in spite of the Agori’s tendency to be present wherever the action happened, he wasn’t around for the showdown between Mata Nui and Tuna—I mean Tuma.

Aartok’s story continues well past this point, but you’ll have to read the page (since I’m out of cooking puns). All I’ll say is that since becoming acquainted with Toa Gaaki and Turaga Whenua, the Agori has been spotted dusting off some of his old piscine recipes.

All in all, this page has every ingredient of a Featured Article and deserves its place on the front page. Normally I would ask you to give Bobdo a cookie for Aartok, but if the MOC catches sight of your inferior cooking, well, let’s just say it’s a recipe for disaster.

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Featured Image


God has abandoned us.

From a chat conversation that was most likely under some influence, several of our local users had undertaken a quest to figure out who was related to who. Darker511 eventually took it upon himself to dig our graves deeper create a graphic detailing this research.

Then Matoro58, best known for creating the poor man's Hydros, nominated the image for a feature on the main page.

Against all odds and probably to M58's smug joy, it won and is now being featured instead of a nice nature photo or even a story banner.

I'm done.

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Featured Creation


So here we have Magnara, the Vortixx from Erebus, written by FireStar97.

And hoo boy, is it a nice thing.

The horns are nice, or are they teeth? I'm not sure.

The limbs are, to me, a bit clunky, but that doesn't really matter.

The build is nice, the colour scheme is very well done and organized.

All in all, a neat MOC, and something worthy of FC.

Good job, FireStar. Have a cookie.

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Featured Story

Destiny's Way
Destiny's Way

Well kiddies, looks like ToaGonel’s given us a doozie to spotlight today, but we’ll dig through it until we find the buried treasure under the big W.

So there are these guys called the Toa Urian who, because of the utter incompetence of a man named Giligan, are shipwrecked on a mysterious island populated by whatever the writer thought was cool at the time. But unknown to them, a civil war between The Makuta League and the Kirito Empire had been brewing in a large hot pot for some time on yet another island nearby. Eventually, the war reaches their island and the Toa Urian’s hard work on their coconut based replica of Metru Nui gets wrecked by an Empire mook stubbing his toe on the replica of Vhisola’s house.

Wanting vengeance for their fallen coconut house, the Toa Urian decide to take matter into their own hands and verb some nouns. Phase 1 involved Arrin joining with some guy named Dan and starting an internet sensation in the form of a Let’s Play where they make tons of fart jokes and Arrin gets angry. Phase 2 required Kelrik to join the Alignment to Kelwreck some mooks under both the League and the Empire’s thumbs. Phase 3 had Ervik take up butlering, eventually becoming the snarky but humble servant of Shadow Alligator who lived in a town call Bel Air. Hilarity ensued when Ervik got lost in his spy work and cheerfully quit his job as butler when he thought he won the lottery.

Somehow all of this works and the Makuta League and their subsequent DC Extended Universe franchise was crushed by the Kirito Empire and their vastly superior Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe (no, not that one). But yet another moronic Redshirt from the Empire stubbed his toe on the literal foundations of the Empire, and the regime was toppled like a Jenga tower. The Toa Urian had no clue what the heck happened, why they were even needed in the thick of things at all, and continued living out their meaningless fictional lives that are at the mercy of what is presumably a teenager who will undoubtedly murder them all to show how edgy he is.

About only a quarter of all of this is true, so if you want to know what actually was, read Destiny’s Way by ToaGonel now.

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Featured User


Hey it looks like our newest Rollback has made it onto the Main Page as our Featured User.

Now Maccy here is a relatively new user, having joined in February 2015 (oh and he celebrated his two-year anniversary recently), but he’s already established himself as a capable user and content creator, having posted the three installments of his main story The Stories of Xhio, the last chapters of Book Three “Darkness Falls” having been posted recently.

Well natured and fun to be around, Maccy is a usual face among the community and is great to hang out with. He’s good for discussing both the canon and fanon aspects of BIONICLE and even MOCing.

Maccy is also into the web series RWBY, which is great, because several members of our community are also into the Rooster Teeth series, such as Chalk33, ToaGonel and myself, and that’s just a few.

While The Stories of Xhio are done, I doubt that’s the last story material we’ll see from our friend Maccy, and I hope to see more in the future.

Until then, give him a cookie.

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Manual of Style

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"Six Toa searching for one legendary mask of power. When has that ever ended badly?"
Lewa, Endgame.

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