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“It was in those days I discovered our destinies are not written in stone. We have to find them for ourselves. I found mine. Now it's time for you to make new legends, for that is the way of the BIONICLE.” — Turaga Vakama

The Custom BIONICLE Wiki, or CBW for short, is the single largest BIONICLE wiki in existence. Here, you and other fans of LEGO's BIONICLE line can make up your own MOC (My Own Creation) and display it in its own encyclopedia article! Anyone can put their custom BIONICLE creations and stories on this wiki, as long as it's not inappropriate or copyrighted.
If you're new here, we encourage you to make a free account. If you already have a username, go ahead and make an article with the box below, or edit an already-existing one. Above all else, have fun!

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Featured Article


For anyone who has not been paying attention to the Recent Changes page for the past… (uh) ... (*counts on fingers*)... well, since mid-November, you might notice that the Kanohi page has sustained extensive additions. I don’t know much about math, but addition equals a lot.

You see, it was late last fall/early last winter that both users Bob and Bub suddenly took a vested interest in Kanohi and their functions. Bub, for his part, added a few certain headcanons of his, but arguably his biggest focus was on the complete and total overhaul of the fanon Kanohi section. At one point, he enlisted my services and furiously typed out the thorough graph you see today as I prattled off the details from Category:Kanohi over voice chat. Once his graph was complete--complete with Kanoka formulae, brief descriptions of powers, and marks denoting special attributes--the diagram was posted online. No doubt someone will come along in a year and ruin the alphabetical order, but at least we can enjoy it while it lasts.

Once Bub wrapped up his edits, Bob moved in, sprucing up the page even further with his own detail. In case you haven’t noticed, common themes running throughout several of the Featured Articles over the past one or two years is their canon-compliance coupled with Bob’s influence. Now Kanohi is no exception, and it saw tremendous influence from him and his multitude of headcanons.

Between the two of them, as well as the contributions of other similarly-minded editors during this time, the Kanohi page has experienced quite the transformation from a page where editors had to haphazardly add their brainchildren to one that we can show off as one of the standing legacies of our wiki--the overlong list of overpowered or farfetched Kanohi. Indeed, now it is a sparkling, clean, fresh page trimmed nicely down to size. Of course, worth noting is that we still have more than enough Legendary Kanohi for an Infinity Gauntlet. Just saying.

So, as we round out our March/April/whoevenknowsanymore updates, let this Kanohi page remain fresh at the front of our minds and on the top of our heads lest we ever need to research but fear to crawl through the labyrinth of our wiki. Please do be sure to commend Bub and Bob on their work.

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Featured Image


Well, time to add yet another accomplishment to Date Night’s long list of them. The widely acclaimed comic is still riding the wave of celebration that it has dominated since the tenth anniversary festivities.

However, the panel in discussion for this month’s spotlight places front and center one who is arguably the wiki’s most widely recognized villains; Shadowmaster, Fallen Emperor. Indeed, this is the second of BC’s Shadowmaster drawings that has claimed a position in Featured Image, and the transformation Shadowmaster has undergone highlights just how drastically BC’s talents has grown since he originally drew the first of such images. Moreover, Shadowmaster himself has grown quite drastically since his own saga, from the time his own size was closer to that of fellow Soulshredders; Dark Lord, Millennium, and others. In fact, here the master over shadows overshadows the City of Legends as his puppets presume to weave some mischievous scheme together in his name.

It is left ambiguous whether or not Shadowmaster is present and does play a role in the events of Date Night, or if Beacon and his band are just insane cultists, but Shadowmaster’s dark influence is nonetheless felt, even in the Fractures Universe. Date Night serves as an excellent reintroduction of the character back to the wiki, even before his appearance in Oblivion’s Game, the reason Chalk and I undeleted those pages last summer and a story which sports an planet-sized growth spurt for the Fallen Emperor. And for so many who are unfamiliar with the character, either newer users or followers of BC’s tumblr outlets, the lost Netorrian makes his debut, in as fitting an entrance as he deserves.

So commend BC once more for his work and congratulate him on not only another addition to his host of Featured Image victories but another achievement for Date Night.

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Featured Creation


With this spotlight, we’d like to formally welcome DatOni to the Main Page, with his Vortixx MOC Verocia!

Making a fresh take on the infamous Vortixx design, Verocia brings a lot to the table. Firstly, she sports a completely custom torso, which is made up of both TECHNIC pieces and SYSTEM elements, and they actually blend together very well. And of course it has traditional BIONICLE pieces.

Another thing that sets her apart from a lot of Vortixx MOCs is the fact that she sports Metru Blue as her primary color scheme, as opposed to black and silver. Reminds you of that one male Vortixx the Mountain ate, huh.

For weapons DatOni has seen it fit to give her a blade attached to each forearm which extend outwards much like Sidorak’s. They work pretty well and are only minimally obtrusive.

Since she is a Vortixx MOC, she must have hair, and DatOni has definitely given her a lot. Verocia’s hair is made out of several pieces of tubing which cover her back and also go down her front (it’s almost an anime).

One thing I would change, however, is the inconsistent use of Mata Blue pieces. You see, they are only on her toes and her pelvis, as well as with the studs are on her arms. I would recommend either adding more or ditching it altogether. Another thing would be to cover up the exposed studs.

But, all in all, Verocia is a great creation and worthy of being our Featured Creation.

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Featured Story

Lost In The Dark
I39 Lost In The Dark Final

Written as the second installment in The Dark Trilogy, Invader39’s Lost In The Dark claims the victory this month as the story with the greatest abundance of darkness since Pushing Back The Dark.

Seriously, someone get Invader a flashlight…

Situated in the gap between the 2015 animations right up until the end of Journey to One, Lost In The Dark serves as a dramatic retelling of the divisive 2016 storyline, expanding upon events seen in the television show whilst simultaneously enriching the wider Okotan backdrop with Invader’s own additions. Endeavoring to fix many of the television show’s shortcomings, this second installment in The Dark Trilogy launches out the gate in a bold new direction, ensuring an alternate ending to 2016 and leading right into the long-awaited Light In The Dark story, which is set for release sometime in the near future.

Capitalizing on the chance to make meaningful additions to the canon of Generation 2, this story is full of small allusions and in-jokes that make it a worthwhile endeavor to read. It’s got everything a downtrodden Generation 2 fanboy could possibly desire: implicit sexual tension between Skull Grinder and Ekimu, Gali hogging all the good lines, and the long-awaited Revenge of Skull Slicer. Read to the end and you might even find Pohatu’s single spoken line!

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Featured User

Stupid profile pic

Having recently celebrated his first year anniversary, let’s give up a big round of applause for our newest Featured User: CaptainLandr0ver!

As I mentioned, CaptainLandr0ver is a relatively new user to the Custom BIONICLE community, but he has already made a name for himself in our little corner of the internet.

Currently, El Captain’s story project is The Feral Plains, a novel/comic that originally began its life on under the Gallery section. When he joined the wiki he began uploading it to our site, sharing his saga with the community.

He is also quite a capable MOCist, evidenced by the dozens of pictures he’s posted to the wiki. Another very cool thing he does is he takes these creations and uses them to make scenes representing parts of his story and uses them to provide visual context for his writings. Man that kind of thing takes me back to the good ol’ days.

You can also see that he makes at least one contribution nearly every day, which you don’t see a lot anymore from users, and is something I hope can be taken back up again in the future.

Outside of his stories and MOCs, you’ll find that CaptainLandr0ver is a very pleasant and friendly individual to hang out and chat with. He is extremely kind and lighthearted and personally a joy to talk to.

So, the next time you see CaptainLandr0ver give him a pat on the back and a cookie if you have one, because he definitely deserves it and deserves being this month’s Featured User.

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"Magnificent brother? You want something truly magnificent? Look at me! I’ve ended empires before they’ve begun. Listen to me! I’ve raised peasants to royalty and condemned the self-righteous to ashes. Your power has been permitted and permeated by me, and me alone. There is no Great Spirit in this universe, but if there is, let him too bow before me! To think you call me “brother”. I have a legacy; he is clad in iron, he bears my mask, he wields my sword, and I control him. When the time comes, I will be reborn through him and through my High Commanders. Your legacy, like that of some fool will be blown away like the ashes of a commoner’s cremated corpse, your secrets forever forgotten like a lost breath."
―Late Emperor Kragator to Secret Emperor Sheriem, The Wake

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