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“It was in those days I discovered our destinies are not written in stone. We have to find them for ourselves. I found mine. Now it's time for you to make new legends, for that is the way of the BIONICLE.” — Turaga Vakama

The Custom BIONICLE Wiki, or CBW for short, is the single largest BIONICLE wiki in existence. Here, you and other fans of LEGO's BIONICLE line can make up your own MOC (My Own Creation) and display it in its own encyclopedia article! Anyone can put their custom BIONICLE creations and stories on this wiki, as long as it's not inappropriate or copyrighted.
If you're new here, we encourage you to make a free account. If you already have a username, go ahead and make an article with the box below, or edit an already-existing one. Above all else, have fun!

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Featured Article


It's always good to see pages show up that embrace the fantasy roots of BIONICLE, and better still to see such a well-written location article appear to steal the spotlight.

Adytum is a coastal settlement situated in the Eastern regions of the Vayu Peninsula, in ChineseLegolas' Post Reformation Spherus Magna. Populated by a range of different Matoran species, Adytum is a hub of expansion for the fledgling Agori/Matoran social system. Founded by Ga-Matoran, De-Matoran, and Water Tribe Agori settlers, the fortress-village has grown into a robust cityscape, now equipped with its own Toa Team. Noted for its temperate climate and high quality of life, Adytum comfortably accommodates its tax-paying citizens, offering opportunities in the logging, fishing, and undersea mining sectors since its formation 32 years ago.

Objectively speaking, the article boasts everything that can possibly be desired in a location page and more, complete with insightful and appropriate allusions to the city's complex socio-ecological system. Covering everything from ethnography to average environmental conditions to public attitudes towards Toa, CL has truly gone out of his way to deliver a multifaceted article, which stands as testament to the caliber of his worldbuilding.

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Featured Image


A Google search defines ‘beauty’ as "a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight".

Personally, I feel this very well describes our featured image for this month.

Illustrated as a poster for his graphic novel, Pirates: The Regathering, this piece once again shows how great an artist BC is. It is breathtaking. This is definitely one of the most stunning pieces of BIONICLE fanart I have ever seen. Masterfully drawn and beautifully colored, this image is easily one of BC’s greatest works.

Featuring five of the six Toa Metru as the main object of the image, it also features Nektann and Kraulk behind them, staring darkly at them. Vakama, while brandishing his claw hand, is also sporting a cape. But, as it hangs in the wind, the symbol for the Pirates Universe can be seen on the underside. A great use of imagery, BC.

Below, two pirates ships are engaging in an all-out sea battle. Cannonballs fly all over the bottom-half the image, water splashing up everywhere. I mean, you can’t have a story centered around BIONICLE pirates and not have a sea battle, now can you?

Now, behind the main characters are two more points of interest. On the left side, we see not one, not two, but three suns in the sky. How can this be? Well, unless you’re new to BIONICLE, the full one is the sun orbiting around Aqua Magna, while the two crescent one are the closing eyes of the Great Spirit Robot. I feel it’s a nice touch, and it coincidentally looks like a face (hang on a minute...).

Opposite to that is Coliseum submerged in water, a single cord running up from it to the surface. Personally, this is one of the more iconic images in this Universe, with one of the most nostalgic landmarks in BIONICLE completely drowned. I feel this poster wouldn’t be complete without it.

Well, I feel I’ve babbled on too long about this piece. You guys probably have lives to get back to, jobs to do, girlfriends to take out. But, please take the time to bask in the glory of this masterpiece.

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Featured Creation


You know, there’s a handful of things that are just pretty cool on their own. Villains, bats, and things with claws. Kyaele takes all three of these. And she’s blue. Which is cool if you like blue. But alright, let’s actually talk about the creation. I know I know, actually talking about the spotlight? Absurd.

Let’s start with the legs, because legs are great. Especially these legs. The shins have a very nice design which includes a prefab part (which is a positive to me) but doesn’t use it as the sole component. The shin is built off of this piece wonderfully, and technic is combine with ccbs to create some nice shaping. The thighs are nicely done as well, with Metru shoulderpads giving nice shaping that works rather well.

The forearms boast a simple design that looks really really nice, with classic hands with clawed fingers. The upper arms incorporate two Noble Avsas as armor on top of inika shoulder armor, and it works great. It’s not easy to make kanohi work as armor, y’know.

The torso. Goodness gracious. Very well done, great shaping, with a healthy amount of greebleyness. Makes great use of a mixture of system and techinc. And I absolutely love the wings, those are always super hard to get right. The head is also quite nice, making use of Nokama’s hordika mask and adding a few pieces to it.

Overall a great moc. DarkStalker has shown stellar building technique to make an excellent adventure creation. Shame it made me joke less than normal. C’mon, man.

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Featured Story

Against the Storm

August’s Featured Story is written by CaptainLandr0ver. Though a fully written, extensive tale, it has slipped under the radar of most since it was finished, mine included and as such, I took the time to read a good chunk of it.

This is a recounting of the events that transpire on Powai Nui, an island in the Southern Island Chains where the birds chirp, the skies are clear, and the Ga- and Le-Matoran hurl inflammatory insults at each other. The reader is hurled head-first into a panicked chase scene. A mysterious Great Being is being pursued by automatons so he whips out his portal gun Staff of Vortices and takes some out with style. This Staff is important. Remember it.

In the end, he is defeated by the Toa of the island, Maroona and she confiscates this Staff and hands it to the government. Volume One continues on to slowly introduce Matoran that become critical for future plotlines, as well as other captivating additions to the cast, notably “Alchemist”, a Dark Hunter.

Volume Two opens up the Dark Hunters conspiring to break into the building where the Staff is held. Clearly, they’re up to no good and won’t be using the Staff as a simple portal gun. The reader is then re-introduced to Le-Powai through the eyes of a roving Toa. Not much information about the Toa himself is given, however, as that is something the reader must look forward to.

At last, the Staff comes into play once more as the Dark Hunters successfully steal it. It turns out they do use it as a portal gun, causing two Makuta step through. Makuta stepping through swirly red portals is never a good sign, and this occurrence is no exception.

These two volumes alone, buoyed by good character development and excellent interactions between them, is a strong start for one of the Cap’s most extensive works on the wiki. I enjoyed reading this work of fiction and recommend anyone looking for a storyline to follow to give this one a shot.

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Featured User


A wild BionicleChicken appears!

Give me a hand in welcoming BC back to the Featured User spot! It’s been a while since he was last here, and I’m glad he’s back.

Known mostly for his wit and masterful artwork, BionicleChicken is one of the wiki’s foremost content creators. Having published multiple works of prose, comics and animation, he has built up quite a library of custom BIONICLE content (see what I did there).

Emerging from the murky depths of 2012, BC has truly made a name for himself in our community and in the wider BIONICLE fandom. His comics, such as Pirates and the acclaimed Date Night, are known and praised throughout.

Aside from comics, despite that being his main medium, he also has many novels of significance. The most outstanding, in my opinion, are Timeless Heroes, Not That You Could Tell, There Will Be Blood, the continuation of Echo 1’s City of Legends, Creeping in Our Souls, and of course, The World of An Endless Ocean.

If you couldn’t already guess, BC is quite the prolific writer, having many works and many in development, both in BIONICLE and out. His most recent work is a short comic known as Vs Zyglak, which revolves around Toa Lesovikk defending a village against a herd of Zyglak who threaten to ravage it. It is definitely worth a read.

Many of his achievements include, but are not limited to, are his victories of the Summer Writing Contest 2014 and the Ten Year Anniversary Contests, as well as winning Best Page of the Year in 2015 and 2017. He has also served as a Rollback since 2016.

But, of course, he is known best of all for his witty sense of humor. I personally have keeled over many times in laughter at his jokes. They are definitely his defining trait. He is also Chicken Bond’s evil twin. Either that or he is Bond’s sock puppet, or Bond is BC’s sock puppet. The world may never know.

While we wait for him to become President, let’s give him a him a standing ovation and an unlimited supply of cookies.

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Gahlok Kal: "Already today I have battled Toa Gali several times, each time in her native element and each time emerging victorious. What chance do you have of battling me beneath the waves, Toa of Stone?"
Pohatu: "It’s not a question of chance - it’s more a question of making the second-to-last mistake. In Po-Koro... we respect the principle of Strategy. We play the long game... We endure... and then we strike!"

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