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“It was in those days I discovered our destinies are not written in stone. We have to find them for ourselves. I found mine. Now it's time for you to make new legends, for that is the way of the BIONICLE.” — Turaga Vakama

The Custom BIONICLE Wiki, or CBW for short, is the single largest BIONICLE wiki in existence. Here, you and other fans of LEGO's BIONICLE line can make up your own MOC (My Own Creation) and display it in its own encyclopedia article! Anyone can put their custom BIONICLE creations and stories on this wiki, as long as it's not inappropriate or copyrighted.
If you're new here, we encourage you to make a free account. If you already have a username, go ahead and make an article with the box below, or edit an already-existing one. Above all else, have fun!

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Featured Article

Dark Elemental Energy

Well, it's certainly not often that an Elemental Power-themed article makes gets itself nominated onto the Main Page spotlight, and rarer still that it proves successful. In any case, it looks as though Dark Energon Dark Elemental Energy has snatched up the attention this time around, so let us celebrate this unique and innovative article.

Posing a threat to Toa everywhere, Dark Elemental Energy is the antithesis of Elemental Powers. Able to nullify a target's Elemental potential, Dark Elemental Energy is diametrically opposed to everything we know and love about BIONICLE. Conceived by Ahpolki Inika, Dark Elemental Energy traces its origins back to the Core War, where it was discovered in an uninhabited region of Spherus Magna and brought to the attention of the Great Beings. Recognizing the potential of the substance, the Great Beings were known to have programmed Dark Elemental Energy into the Marendar Unit, as well as stashing a supply inside the Great Spirit Robot as an added precaution should the Toa population ever become disenfranchised with the will of Mata Nui.

Later discovered by The Shadowed One, Dark Elemental Energy crystals were soon harvested by Dark Hunters and used for their intended purpose of counteracting the Elemental Powers of Toa. Sharing this resource with the Brotherhood of Makuta, both organizations came to use force-fields constructed from Dark Elemental Energy to imprison Turaga and Matoran.

Existing also in the Second Generation continuum, Dark Elemental Energy occurs naturally in the Shadow Realm, making it nigh impossible to harness Elemental Powers in such an environment. On Okoto, Dark Elemental Energy crystals can be found sparingly, with most of the crystals believed to have been exhausted when conjuring this Elemental Beasts.

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Featured Image


So, let's just be honest: Featured Image this month is a gorgeous (guys can say that now) piece of art of Kaede. But who do we credit? Darkblade, the artist; ChineseLegolas, the owner of the character; ME, YOUR HANDSOME AND CHARISMATIC OVERLORD PERSON-GUY?! Maybe not that last one, but you get the point.

So, let's pick this apart. This is a pretty great representation of Kaede. If you aren't familiar, Kaede is basically the opposite of a Toa of Shadow. You can tell from the cookies (that's right, guys, she can cook!), the obviously cheery expression (happy Toa of Shadow, happy… Life of Shadow?), and some other third thing. She even has Mr. Wiggles (HE'S SO CUTE… guys can say that now too) on her shoulder. And that's not to mention the brilliant work in converting a plastic moc into artwork: all the parts look just perfect. Also, he doesn't get credit for the background. CL is to blame for that.

Overall, another brilliant piece of artwork by Darkblade. Now, normally I'd tell you to give him a cookie. But Kaede has that covered. So… I dunno. Give him empty words a pat on the back or something. No srsly, good work, mayne

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Featured Creation

Khelek (Chalkaverse-1)

man gosh darn finally that chalk gets back on the main page like seriously.

This month features the grand return of Chalk33 to the Main Page. About time too, amiright? This time with his MOC, Khelek.

Well, first off, this is a very interestingly colored MOC. Usually I would think that yellow and white wouldn’t go together very well, but Chalk pulls it off wonderfully and it looks fantastic. It is a very unique color scheme and I love it.

Next is the lovely integration of CCBS and TECHNIC into the build, with the legs and arms being completely CCBS (except for the hands and feet) and the torso being fully custom and completely TECHNIC.

Chalk has also given this particular creation the Akaku, Mask of X-Ray vision, which personally looks good and works very well with the overall creation.

Although not a complex weapon, the Gresh Stars blade Khelek wields is a good-looking weapon indeed. A bold choice for Chalk to make with this weapon, but an effective one.

Make sure to give Chalk a cookie the next time you see him.

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Featured Story


The Custom BIONICLE Wiki sure loves its grittier G2 stories. This month we have Wandering, by BionicleChicken, taking the spotlight. Typically celebrated for his Pirates Universe comics and mass-production of stylized images, Wandering is a stark reminder the our resident rollback is capable of a great many creative feats. In this instance he tries his hand and prose writing and delivers a remarkable introspective into the life of a Skull Warrior.

Structured in two parts, Wandering first endears its reader to a platoon of Skull Warriors as they awake from an ancient slumber. Under the sway of Kulta the Skull Grinder and revived by dark magic, an individual foot soldier contemplates the nature of his existence as a Freeze Bow and Ice Spear are thrust into his withered hands and marching orders are given. Falling in line behind his kin, the Skull Warrior mulls his purpose over in his head, thinking upon the ways of his people and his long-forgotten tribal homeland. United against the Toa, his platoon advances, ready to defend the ancient City of the Mask Makers from the foreign invaders.

But things are rarely as simple as they appear. With the Toa ultimately completing their quest an defeating Kulta the Skull Grinder, the Skull Army is left scattered and without leadership. Taking to the wilderness, the Skull Warrior feels his memories return to him and celebrates the sensation of feeling his own thoughts in his head once more, a victory marred by the continued hostility that the villagers and Toa torment his kind with. With his purpose revoked, the Skull Warrior comes to terms with his cruel fate to wander the waking world.

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Featured User

Pits FI

It’s a pit. It’s a cat. it’s a… Pitcat?

Pitcat is a user from the CBW of yesteryear, having joined in March of 2011, but went inactive a month after and was not seen again until the Summer of 2015, when he made his grand return and is still active to this day.

Pitcat is a well-natured individual and a very friendly person. Also willing to offer his assistance whenever he can, such as with my series Nothing to Lose, he is a very helpful user.

He is also a very good MOCist and creative person, most of his creations having complex builds. Pit also has an eye for art, exampled in the picture used for this spotlight.

One of his notable pages is his Long War Alternate Universe, the page for his main Universe. I highly recommend that you give it a thorough read, as it is a good one.

In the beginning of 2016, Pitcat joined the ranking of Rollback in the CBW Staff, where he has been patrolling the mainspace and moderating chat ever since like a good Rollback.

Overall Pit is a really cool dude to hang out with and you should give him a cookie for all his hard work!

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"So, what can I expect on dimensional travels?"
"Natives looking for fights, inter-dimensional abominations, alien environments, and the occasional alternate counterpart of yourself."
"Oh joy.''"
Zifalok learning the wonders and horrors of dimension-hopping from Velobla.

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