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Cities of Spherus Universe
Pozico LekrosuDeath
Timing can be a very tricky thing at times, and for a great example of this, look no further than the Cities of Spherus Universe. Despite his brilliantly comprehensive Plan, it seems even Teridax cannot account for every variable. The postponing of the Battle of Bara Magna by about a day sets off a domino effect resulting in a handful of significant alterations from the Core Universe.

Ever the slightest changes in the course of the battle following the delay resulted in the very literal fall of Teridax. The Great Spirit Robot landed in a different position this time, and the five pivotal cities could be erected thanks to this. To protect the cities, a rule of five teams of Toa were established over time to protect the cities’ citizens. But evil was rising once again, this time in the form of rogue Vortixx and Toa, as well as the mysterious Cult of Teridax.

Toa Pozico and Karov Kurad have balanced well thought-out lore with realism in their joint universe, and this page is evidence for this. Their characters, Pozic and Kurad, (getting the weirdest sense of déjà vu as I type this, but can’t put my finger on it) stand on the eve of what is clearly a monumental struggle to come, and I honestly can’t wait to see more come of this universe. Two stories, Mastery's End and Deception of Honor have already been released in the universe, and I look forward to seeing time shed light on the next stories of the Cities of Spherus Universe.

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