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It isn’t everyday we have a page on an entire species being featured here. But this article is certainly worthy of it.

Having roots in the Rock and Earth Tribes, the Fractal are a race of gemstone beings that formerly resided on Bota Magna. These beings, while having come from Agori, are completely made of gems, except for sockets and gears at their joints. They also lack the ability to reproduce, much unlike their Agori counterparts.

Before they became gemstone beings, the Fractal were a blend of the Earth and Rock Agori, called Cave Agori. After the Shattering, they were left stranded on the jungle world of Bota Magna. Living was harsh and brutal. However, one day, an underground repository of Energized Protodermis was found.

Seeing no other choice than submitting to death, they decided to touch the substance which had harmed so many of their kind on Spherus Magna and caused the war that broke their planet apart. The result was their transformation into the original Fractal: Agori made from both rock and metal.

As time went on, they moved deeper underground, mastering their new forms and abilities. One lost one of their limbs and found that they could replace it with crystal, along with the rest of their body. This Agori became the first true Fractal.

But that’s just part of this incredibly rich article, and I highly recommend giving it a full read. It includes a full look at their society, such as their philosophy and even a complete language. It also details their abilities, traits and their subspecies.

All in all, a grand read and more than fit to be our Featured Article.

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