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Toa norik
Of all the Toa Hagah, Norik is easily one of the most well-explored, having had an entire short story dedicated to exploring his background, at least in part. To some it may seem like there isn't much more to tell, or the other stories are worth exploring. However, as with all his canon-complicent articles, user Bob not only thoroughly details Norik's actions in established lore but heavily expands upon them, filling in the gaps before his arrival in Metru Nui, during the Reign of Shadows, and following his arrival on Spherus Magna, even going so far as to explain the reasoning behind such actions. Throughout all of this, Bob injects a thorough amount of fascinating headcanon and mythos into everything we already know (or think we know).

It is quite an hefty endeavor, and yet an examination of the other Hagah pages on the wiki have also had heavy, if not complete contributions from Bob. I must say, it's a commendable task to undertake, but we can only hope Bob will continue to reexamine Bionicle's lore and continue to expand and flesh out everything we know.

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