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BTD27 Aartok 03

BobTheDoctor27 has taken quite the interest in the Bara Magna arc. As such, he has mashed up quite a bit of juicy headcanon on this subject, and Aartok is the latest fruit in this endeavor.

This Fire Agori has quite the resume. Back in the day, when Great Beings roamed the earth and Elemental Lords bashed it out for mastery of Energized Protodermis, Aartok had the prestigious role of cooking up hot plans for the Elemental Lord of Fire. For some time, this Agori served as one of the Fire Lord’s foremost strategic advisors. However, spicy rumors bobbed to the surface that Artok’s inferior tactical skill was responsible for many of the Fire Tribes early losses in the war, and Artok was demoted. The Fire Agori was not bitter, however, and continued to loyally serve the Fire Tribe.

Then came the Shattering. Chunks of the planet were torn out like pieces of a pumpkin, and the innards so viciously fought over were lost. So Aartok traded his mantle as a chief tactician for that of a chef tactician. Indeed, after a brief stint as a vendor of Core War memorabilia, The Agori took on the role of the Fire Tribe’s head cook in the local inn.

Over the course of his tenure in this role, Aartok had a run-in with Strakk. Long story short, the frosty Glatorian wanted food, the Fire Agori had the guts to say no, Strakk tried to gut him, Kiina got mixed in, Strakk tried to cut her down to size, Kiina’s temper boiled over… Ultimately, all did well to let out a little steam before the Chicken Bone Hunters returned. This incident was so infamous in Bara Magna’s history, Greg Farshtey saw fit to detail it in Raid on Vulcanus.

This left Aartok a little sour. Thankfully, the eventual arrival of Mata Nui and the restoration of Spherus Magna would sweeten his salty mood. Interestingly, in spite of the Agori’s tendency to be present wherever the action happened, he wasn’t around for the showdown between Mata Nui and Tuna—I mean Tuma.

Aartok’s story continues well past this point, but you’ll have to read the page (since I’m out of cooking puns). All I’ll say is that since becoming acquainted with Toa Gaaki and Turaga Whenua, the Agori has been spotted dusting off some of his old piscine recipes.

All in all, this page has every ingredient of a Featured Article and deserves its place on the front page. Normally I would ask you to give Bobdo a cookie for Aartok, but if the MOC catches sight of your inferior cooking, well, let’s just say it’s a recipe for disaster.

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