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To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Windfall the wanderer is on the main page once more, this time claiming the Featured Article spotlight, again proving that there is more than one person entering Featured Creation every month.

With a staggeringly faithful and studiously researched opening about the character’s early life as a Matoran, the Tusval article stands as a shining testament to how any aspiring writer should pen a comprehensive and broad history for their creation – and there are few characters more deserving of this treatment than the great Tusval. As CBW’s second Toa of Gravity to rock his own narrative, the character’s abridged personal biography is here proven to be expansive and intriguing.

Acting as the earliest Chronicler of his village on Ora Nui, Tusval would relocate to a village in the Southern Continent after many centuries of service, notably weathering the League of Six Kingdoms and several Rahi invasions. However, gifted the Toa Power of Calorrid, Tusval’s mundane life would take an unexpected turn when he was transformed into a Toa of Gravity. Guided by Toa Zasere in the neighboring village, Tusval soon traveled to the Toa Fortress, where he received training from a fraternity of experienced warriors.

Taking quickly to the use of his Kanohi and mastering his elemental Gravity powers under the tutelage of Toa Theac, Tusval would continue his adventures under the instruction of his contemporaries, forming working relationships with figures such as Mareela, Oto, and Vahna before joining the Toa Aonalgin in an honoray capacity.

To hear more about the adventures of Tusval and his cohorts, be sure to check out the Sentinels Storyline!

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