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Comic Vastus

Well our senior Bureaucrat has successfully managed to get one of his many overhauled canon pages onto the Main Page, and to be honest I’m happy the first of probably many is our man Vastus.

While the majority of the page is grounded in canon, Bob has gone through the effort of sprinkling in various headcanons, either ones he created or ones shared amongst the community. He has also fleshed out the Glatorian’s backstory and has given him a much more meaningful history.

And having brought the page up to date from it’s previous form dating back to 2012, Bob has also added several images of our favorite Glatorian of the Jungle Tribe from various mediums as well as adding pictures of his own revamp and Stars version as alternate forms.

A fun and engaging read, Bob has surely outdone himself with this overhaul and has given deep insight into the life and history of Vastus, I highly recommend it and suggest reading the other pages he’s brought up to date and give him a pat on the back for a job well done.

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