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Well, ladies and gentlemen, wouldn’t you know. It looks like we’ve got our first ever Second Generation Featured Article stealing the spotlight this month… in 2017!

Born of a collaboration between invader39 and Ahpolki Inika, Duran Duran was a Protector of Earth several generations prior after the Battle of the Mask Makers. Tasked with defending the regions of Okoto in a time before Toa and in the midst of Ekimu's downfall, he became Notorious amongst his people. During his early career, Duran also adopted a young orphan and developed passionate feelings towards Hura, the Protector of Jungle.

Divided as his generation of Protectors were, Duran often found himself fighting alongside Abbi and Hura, with their other cohorts electing to pursue other ventures or unwilling to travel between the island’s various regions. Fending off a number of Skull Raiders, Duran was involved in one ill-fated battle with Okoto’s disgruntled skeletal-themed populace that cost Hura her life and moved the Protector of Earth to take decisive action. Pushing the invader off a cliff edge and into the lava flow beneath him, Duran managed to avenge his cohort whilst earning the contempt of Abbi for so costly a View to a Kill.

Twisted with grief, Duran renounced his title and exiled himself to a lonely existence in the Region of Ice. Happening upon a pool of a mysterious liquid with mutagenic properties, the former Protector began conducting experiments, hopeful that the substance might restore his beloved Hura to life. However, he would soon come to be himself changed by the liquid, his featured growing stunted and warped. Keen to return to the site of his final battle, Duran became Hungry like the Wolf and returned to the Fire Region, where his abominable new appearance scared many of the local villagers and prompted Abbi to fend him off. Although mortally wounding his former cohort, Duran was eventually felled by the Protector of Fire’s daughter, marking a decisive end to his rampage.

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