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Here he is. Lord of Demons, Ruler of the Fallen Empire, King of the Bringers of Destruction, Founder of the Soulshredders, and devastator of all who oppose him. This week’s featured image is Shadowmaster’s Shadowmaster.

It should come as no surprise that this is one of those many famous works of BionicleChicken. Raw evil energy emanates from the rogue Netorrian whose Corrupted Conceptions would result inexorably in a multiversal warpath. Shadows wrap themselves around him like a cloak that no light, no matter how strong, can penetrate. Most striking of all, the burning red eyes that stare out at the viewer, daring them to defy him, for such an act would surely be their last.

Of course, to top it all off BC selected a pure white background to juxtapose the villainous Shadowmaster. I personally find it quite fitting that BC should choose this to contrast the black and dark grey strokes of black silhouetting our favorite demon lord made of Legos (lest we forget this sight is for kids XD).

All in all, it’s yet another stroke (or many strokes) of brilliance from BC, and I look forward to all forthcoming work he may contribute. And if you have the good fortune of sharing a Discord server with him, give him a… cupcake.

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