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Up this month for Featured Image is the cover for FireStar97's Paradise: A Serious Place on the Serious World.

At surface level alone, this image may strike you as be a neurotic, bizarre image pulled out of someone’s worst nightmare. However, as FireStar will be quick to point out, one cannot judge art--be it writings or drawings or music or whatever else--at surface level alone. The biomechanical man at the fore of the image hearkens back to Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man, arguably the most fundamental depiction of a human (or humanoid’s) most basic form. Doubtless this is intentional on the part of FireStar, as he directs our attention to this; indicating that his story will strip its characters down to their most basic forms as he attempts to imagine how Toa would react in a world where Makuta’s Plan has gone horribly wrong.

Furthermore, FireStar has styled much of the background to be abstract in nature and possibly indicative of brains, veins, and other such inner workings. This is further indicative of the notion FireStar wants Paradise be similarly abstract, and for the readers to put greater thought into reading and interpreting his piece than they normally would. I’m sure all of us would love for readers to notice the finer details and complex themes of our work, but FS certainly brings their attention to such matters with cover pieces like this.

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