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Personally, I would never think to take a picture of my creations outside, and in water no less, as I can't bear to see them covered with dirt and grime. That being said, to those who have the gumption and don't mind going the extra mile, all the best. And this picture is no different. Vorred has managed to convey a little story just by using a single, well thought-out image.

Nuparu and one of his inventions, a Boxor, is seen wading through a grassy pond, no doubt on his way to deliver a beating to some nasty Gahlok. It could be something altogether less noble, as the inventor has had his fair share of mishaps. It could very well be this particular Boxor malfunctioned and took a nosedive into the muddy waters. Or, perhaps, he is simply travelling and is using the Boxor to navigate through a particularly difficult patch of terrain. While it is not clear what exactly is going on in the picture, that is in fact the biggest advantage a picture has. It allows room for interpretation and imagination, a department the most well-written narrative can sometimes fall short in.

In short, Vorred's latest nature scene is the latest of many other high quality images taken by him. Its ability to tell a tale all by itself certainly earns its spot on the front page.

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