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Featured Image

I39 Wiara Nature1

This month it seems we have another rather scenic piece of outdoor photography, featuring Turaga Wiara in what can only be the wilderness of the Northern Continent. Love it or hate it, photography such as this never ceases to romanticize the great outdoors and provide truly staggering eye-candy (not the senior citizen here).

Situated at the base of a tree trunk, this image captures quite the backdrop, with its subject standing as tall as a Turaga can amidst splintered bark and undergrowth nowhere near as old as her. With her Red Crystal Staff planted firmly in the ground, Wiara appears almost reminiscent of a fantasy wizard, commanding the frame and offering a fresh perspective of the Turaga so entrenched within BIONICLE lore.

But the composition of this shot is arguably the most striking feature, entitling it to a well-deserved position in this spotlight. While the photographer should have total control over the contents of his frame, it seems there is little that Invader39 could have done to command the elements thusly to offer so singular and spontaneous a ray of sunlight. Wiara appears to glimmer and glow with ethereal splendor in this truly extraordinary snapshot.

Will Wiara be embarking upon an unexpected journey? Be sure to find out in Fallen Heroes later this year!

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