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Lies in the Light banner

Well, well, well. What have we here?

Looks like Gonel has another win with his Featured Image, the cover for his newest work, Lies in the Light. Otherwise known as “Seizing Control”, the image, featuring the two masks of G2, yet positioned in a strange alignment, as Gonel explained to me, depicts a hand reaching out and, well, seizing control of the mask. The title, split like a domino, takes cues from Invader’s Dark Trilogy, while the shadow under the Mask of Control hints at a darker undertone that we’ve yet to see.

I’d go into more detail into what it’s all summed up to be, but I’ll save that for you to find out by reading Lies in the Light. (It’s awesome. Once you’re done, read the story’s talk page for more information and some things that may need explaining. Both are worth the read.)

All of that said, Gonel’s done a very good job, as simple as an image this is, but still managing to tell a powerful story. Celebrate his accomplishment by checking out Lies in the Light.

(Seriously. Go read it.)

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