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Robby The Redshirt
Young Fire Villager Animation

At long last. The fabled Featured User spotlight of Robby The Redshirt has finally come to light. Well, Robby is a fun and innovative person and seems to have been more attached to the second generation of BIONICLE as opposed to the first, seeing as most of his pages and edits relate the Okoto storyline.

Robby has written a couple of stories set in the second generation continuity, such as the The Labyrinth, a story focusing on the exploration of the Labyrinth of Control and The Great Sea, a story/guide drawing much inspiration from BionicleChicken’s The World of An Endless Ocean. The young lad also brought it upon himself to create a page for the Mask Maker Guild, a headcanon developed by our very own senior Bureaucrat BobTheDoctor27 and added his own host of members, among whom are characters from the first generation of BIONICLE brought into the second.

Sadly, however, it seems that Robby’s time in the community has come to an quick end, as he hasn’t been seen in nearly two months. Much like so many other users over the course of our history, Robby came, left his mark, and then vanished. As a community, we are grateful for those edits and the short time we have had with such diverse and unique individuals, and it is sad to see such enthusiastic people disappear. Their edits add incalculable measures to making our wiki the largest devoted BIONICLE fanfiction site on the web, and we could not be the site we are today without them.

So whether or not he decides to come back, he, like so many other users, has indeed left an impression on our community. Here’s to them all.

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