Featured User

Toa Pozico

It’s been some time coming, but after about three and a half years of activity on the wiki, the time has come for Pozico to claim a position on the main page.

Pozico joined in early 2014 within days of his real-life friend and partner-in-crime, Karov Kurad. The two have since worked together on a handful of collaborations in moccing and writing, the largest of which being Deception of Honor, a story revolving around namely their self-mocs, as well as other prominent characters.

However, this is not to say Pozico limits himself to this. The industrious user also embarks on his own works, developing industrious projects of his own such as the recent Mastery's End and two other stories which are now considered noncanon. Nonetheless, they serve to highlight just how far Pozico has come in his time on the wiki.

So even if we might not see him as often as we would like, we very much appreciate the time that he does spend here. Be sure to congratulate Pozico the next time he pops in, as he has earned a position on this main page and in CBW annals.

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