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Having recently celebrated his first year anniversary, let’s give up a big round of applause for our newest Featured User: CaptainLandr0ver!

As I mentioned, CaptainLandr0ver is a relatively new user to the Custom BIONICLE community, but he has already made a name for himself in our little corner of the internet.

Currently, El Captain’s story project is The Feral Plains, a novel/comic that originally began its life on under the Gallery section. When he joined the wiki he began uploading it to our site, sharing his saga with the community.

He is also quite a capable MOCist, evidenced by the dozens of pictures he’s posted to the wiki. Another very cool thing he does is he takes these creations and uses them to make scenes representing parts of his story and uses them to provide visual context for his writings. Man that kind of thing takes me back to the good ol’ days.

You can also see that he makes at least one contribution nearly every day, which you don’t see a lot anymore from users, and is something I hope can be taken back up again in the future.

Outside of his stories and MOCs, you’ll find that CaptainLandr0ver is a very pleasant and friendly individual to hang out and chat with. He is extremely kind and lighthearted and personally a joy to talk to.

So, the next time you see CaptainLandr0ver give him a pat on the back and a cookie if you have one, because he definitely deserves it and deserves being this month’s Featured User.

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