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Ahh, good old reliable BC – one of the wiki’s foremost artists, most over-achieving Rollbacks, and just about everyone’s friend. We love him to pieces and this month it shows especially.

To think of BC is to remember his achievements on this site, because they truly are quite remarkable. Having joined the Custom BIONICLE community in early 2012, BC has contributed much to the ever-evolving landscape of this humble wiki, remaining one of our most popular and recognizable content producers to this day. From his art we have seen alternate depictions of the G2 storyline where the Protectors are the champions of Ekimu’s prophecy, the Toa Mata becoming vampires in yet another gritty reboot, and his efforts to continue Echo 1’s Quest for the Masks story arc with City of Legends and Creeping in Our Souls. But, above all, BC is celebrated for his Pirates Universe storyline, a continuum in which the Great Cataclysm flooded the Great Spirit Robot and the Toa Metru were forced to take to the Silver Seas to defend the world against the growing Skakdi Empire.

Told through bi-weekly updates of one or two panels at a time, Pirates of the Karzahnibbean sets the recent changes in uproar, with just about every active user clamoring to the page of the most current update to see how the story has advanced today. BC’s brand of humor alone has made him quite the comedian and a more than worthy addition to any chatroom. He is knowledgeable about a range of other franchises outside of the BIONICLE mythos and proves himself a true intellectual. Honestly, this writer struggles to think of anybody on this site who wouldn’t get a little grin at the memory of [an original BC wisecrack or one of his loving sarcastic jabs]. So here’s to BC, our wonderful resident comedian and long-suffering artist. May the future bring him prosperity and may we each one day crash in his apartment because hot-damn is this guy gonna make it big one day.

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