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Pit Stop
Pit Stop

One of the first stories entered into the tenth anniversary contest, ArchonHutere01’s Pit Stop serves as a sorely-needed slice of life story, supplementing the long and jargonic storyline of Tollubo in the days before he became a Toa.

Having traveled much of the Matoran Universe in the years after the Time Slip, Pit Stop depicts a version of Tollubo so vehemently opposed to the prospect of settling down that it seems he has stepped straight out from the pages of a Fractures story. Bereft of purpose and without an allegiance, Tollubo comes to learn a valuable lesson.

Almost parabolic in structure, Pit Stop depicts its protagonist in a much younger and more opinionated stage of his life, eager to prove the local Turaga wrong and forsaking the pleasures of a well-adjusted life in favor of exploring more of the rich and abundant universe he inhabits. Rounded, well-researched and full of refreshingly quick-paced descriptions, this story found itself indoctrinated into Tollubo’s official backstory just days after release.

With unanimous approval but surprisingly low readership for Hutere’s first story, Pit Stop is surely deserving of its place on the main page this month, capturing a quintessential part of the character in the form of a short story, something the character’s creator has never managed to do.

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