CBW Halloween Contest 2016 2

Sharpen your stakes, and polish your silver. Welcome to the official contest page for Custom BIONICLE Wiki's second official Halloween writing contest!

The contest ends on OCTOBER 28TH!



While the prompt covers the broad stimulus of Halloween, the only limit is your imagination. It can be about whatever horror you can dream up, but in order to win the contest, it must be scary and intriguing.

The story can be any length, as long as it is completed before the deadline.

How To Enter

Write up your story, submit it in the entries section on the talk page, and that's it!

===[[Story Name]]===
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  1. Once a story is submitted it cannot be significantly altered, though minor syntax fixes are allowed.
  2. Must be an original story, not an already written one.
  3. A reasonable degree of canon-compliance is expected of all entrants. If a story is deemed to deviate too far from established BIONICLE lore then it may be subject to disqualification.
  4. Comics are permitted.
  5. The story can be set in your own fictional universe.
  6. Keep the story consistent and have it make sense.
  7. No swearing, for obvious reasons.
  8. The story should not be a cliché blood and gore horror story. Make it original.
  9. Only enter your own story, and no one else's.
  10. Voting for your own entry is not permitted.

In the story, we would prefer canon characters to be the central focus of the story. If you wish to include your own fanon characters, please expand upon them and make sure the audience will actually care about what happens to them.


First Place

  • A banner on your page saying that you won the contest.
  • A purple Olmak.
  • Your story will be the Featured Story of November 2016.

Second Place

  • You will get a banner on your page saying that you won second place.

Halloween is a fun time of year and we're likewise holding this contest completely in a spirit of fun. The results will hopefully be entertaining to all. Send us your entry today, and good luck!

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