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Tapio is a character who has had a long and adventurous past. He first got an enemy, Inwirn. Many years Tapio tried to defeat her but failed. In the end he possibly succeeded. He then moved to Comic Land to start comics. Toatapio Nuva's Comics ended when Zuxan asked Tapio and his friends on the Quest for the Four Great Lands. After that, Tapio and his little sister Aino moved back to Bio-Land and now live a peaceful life there.

Order of the Great Creators

The Order of the Great Creators is a sacred organization, lead originally by Vavakx. But after his attempt to get the Ignika, Veuy has become the leader. Read more about this mysterious organization in the article itself.

Retyk (being)

Toa Laksuj Retyk
As a Toa Laksuj, Retyk faced many difficulties. His fiery power often turned into anger that would suddenly thrash out at his fellow Toa. But Toa Teremeary was the only one who understood. Retyk went on many double-missions, but none of them were with Teremeary. The only times they ever saw each other were at meetings and group missions.

Toa Xaraki

The Toa Xaraki were protectors of the alternate realm Xaka Nui. They battled for the Mask of Angels and the Mask of Darkness. Their enemy was Xeminesx, an evil tyrant king who was imprisoned in protodermis by his enemies.



Firehead's and Ziggo's relations are unknown, but they are surely related to each other. They have been together for as long as anybody can remember. Firehead is a strict Matoran with lots of rules. He has wanted to be the leader of the Matoran for a long time, because he thought he could do it better than any of the past leaders.

BIONICLE: Heroes of Mata Nui

Heroes of Mata Nui

BIONICLE: Heroes of Mata Nui was the first RPG of any LEGO product and the first RPG for Bionicle . It was developed by Imaginix and was planned to be released through ATOMco. The game follows a game play similar to that of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in both fighting sequences and interaction between characters. The game allowed the player to collect party members as they journeyed the island of Mata Nui.



Morphy is a shapeshifter. He doesn't have his own form, but instead he can shapeshift into absolutely anything. He can also copy the being's powers and masks, but not tools. Morphy has another weakness too, he can't change his red eye color. This can be bad, for somebody can identify him from his eyes.


Vahki Krazazar

This Vahki is a part of a specialized two-unit Vahki Search Force. This Vahki was created when the Toa Nuva left in search for the Mask of Life on Voya Nui. It was programmed to find the Mask of Life if the Toa failed on their quest. When the two Vahki were deployed to search for the mask, the team split up in two areas of Karda Nui. Krazazar went to the stalactites in the clouds, the other Vahki went to the Swamp of Secrets. Krazazar is currently in a stalactite at the south of the core of the universe.

Ancient staff


The Ancient staff was a tool used by an unknown Toa long ago. This Toa was killed by Tonga, who needed a new body, at some point. The Ancient Staff, as well as parts from the Toa, were then used by Tonga to create himself a new body.

Centuries later, when Tapio, Henkka and Aino defeated Tonga, his energies went through them, transforming them. Henkka obtained the Ancient Staff that had been a part of Tonga's body. Henkka used it as a Mega Matoran, not knowing it's powers, only channeling his other powers through it. The Staff was wiped out of existence by the Tapio's Mistakes.



Kitras was a Matoran of Musterdia. He was Kikka's best friend. He died in his own hut when Grandeg's Elite Robot killed him in a battle.

Tapio, Ura, Zuxan, Vahkoro and Turaga Matthew had arrived on Musterdia in search for the stone of that land in Quest for the Four Great Lands. Kitras was with Kikka at the time. He knew where the stone was, he had found it a couple of days ago. He showed it to the group and then Grandeg's Robots attacked. Kikka's Friend was killed in the battle, by Grandeg's Elite Robot. Kikka, who was really sad, vowed to avenge him.

Kah and Kah


Kah and Kah are twins and robbers. They were never succesful and when Tapio moved to Comic Land and started Toatapio Nuva's Comics, nothing changed. The twin robbers decided to aim for the studio on Kahu Street 3 and made many unsuccesful attempts to rob the studio during the Time in Comic Land.


Phantoka Vavakx 3

Since Vavakx won the Best Page of the Year award, it's obvious that he's the Featured Article this week!

Vavakx is a giant bounty hunter with a colored past, best known for being the leader of the Order of the Great Creators. Vavakx was banished to The Pit for betraying his Order, due to Dark Shed corruption. He was later cured and accepted back into his Order.

Mata Nui (being)

Mata Nui

Mata Nui is a Great Spirit who acts as the guardian and host for the Matoran Universe. Mata Nui is an omnipotent being, and is far more powerful then his creators, the Great Beings. He has a true brother (unlike the Makuta, who weren't really his brothers) who is one the same power level as he is, Makaatu, along with various other Great Spirits.

He was recently banished from his own body by Teridax and is currently on Bara Magna.


Toa Taram

Taram became a Toa about a thousand years ago. Kodix, his best friend, also became a Toa at the same time. When he and Kodix purchased some weapons from Xia, they were attacked and almost killed by Makuta Xidok. He was about to finish them off when Ihly, Darjal, Rokkan and Ohlor came to help them. Knowing that he could not take on the Toa alone, Xidok retreated. The six Toa later formed a Toa Team, and called themselves the "Toa Backa".

Verahk and Sagus

Bionicle20 260
Picture 22

Okay, there was a tie in the vote, so there are two featured articles this week!

Verahk and Sagus are very different, both story- and page-wise. You see, Verahk is a Makuta, who once belonged to the Brotherhood of Makuta and later founded his own league. His page is currently the longest character page on this wiki and has some great storyline. Sagus, on the other hand, is a Toa of Stone. His article is not so long, but it's clear and the character is interesting.


Tapio was born on Feritanaya as a hybrid of a Ko- and Po-Matoran. He was orphaned by a Giant Monster and was taken care of by his aunt, who sent him to school. He was, unfortunately, driven off of the island by his enemy Inwirn, and came to Bio-Land, where he encountered another Matoran Henkka. Inwirn pursued him even there, and attempted to kill him multiple times until her death when she created a parallel reality, which she ruled.

Tapio had many adventures after, including the legendary Quest for the Four Great Lands. When Mata Nui awoke and had his body stolen by Teridax, he attempted to recapture the Mask of Life, with Mata Nui's spirit inside, by following it into space. However, the plan backfired, and he would have drifted in space for eternity had he not been discovered by the Great Beings, who offered to make him a Great Spirit. Sadly saying good-bye to his old friends forever, he underwent the transformation and created Tapio Nui.


Bionicle20 274
n. Immersion. [Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co.]


Because I was lazy, I'm not going to bother to read this lengthy article. I'm not even going to glance at its wonderfully structured content, its twelve thousand bytes of information, its complex and detailed location information.

There. I managed to tell you how awesome this page is without even giving any story info away. Now go read it, or else <startrekreference>the Borg</startrekreference> will assimilate you, and we all know how much we want that...


Bionicle19 006
This is an awesome article, make no mistake. It's one of the 50 longest pages on the site, one of the five biggest character pages, and almost without doubt one of the best ones.

Here we have the Toa of Fire (and Air, and Earth) who had the wish that every BIONICLE character has granted: He was the main character in an immensely popular YouTube series. It's over now, but he still stars in Society of Guardians, and even if, for some reason, his creator stopped making those stop-motion videos, his legacy would live on forever.

So let us give a tribute to Toa Hydros, the Toa the other Toa could never be!


"Supply the coordinates or I will find you myself and relieve you of the troublesome burden you call a head. Now get on with it."
―Nightwatcher to Shadrus [src]
Makuta Nightwatcher 2
Not only is this one of the wiki's longest articles, but this is a seriously cool character. I should know. I made him up.

So, not only is he a treacherous, deceiving, cunning, manipulating, perfectly honest, witty guy, but he's also a Bounty Hunter. And we all know how awesome bounty hunters are. You can just about sum him up in this paragraph from The Darkness Returns:

"If all the bounty hunters failed, then Nightwatcher would be sent out. However, since Nightwatcher's method took a long time and usually involved a large and complicated plan to bring down one or more interplanetary organizations, the Guild leaders found it best to keep Nightwatcher as far away as possible from the rest of the Guild. He was never paired with anyone else, as the last time that had happened, the other bounty hunter had ended up permanently fused to the bounty."

Yeah. He's awesome.


New Gairon 3
So, to those of you who haven't been keeping track of some of the latest canon updates, Greg Farshtey has introduced a couple new kinds of Matoran. One of the new kinds is called the Ba-Matoran, Matoran of Gravity. This little guy is one of them.

His name, as you should probably know by know from reading the section heading, is Gairon. But...

Hey, I just realized something. I'm in charge of the Main Page! I have an awesome job, and nobody even cares because they don't read this! I can spam all I want!

*begins to spam*


Ganon machine
Ah. I suppose you're all tired of all my Borg references by now, so be glad that there's another awesome thing to talk about. Namely, the Toa of Plasma known as Ganon.

Once upon a time, he was a little Matoran dude. Then he got selected to fight in this war thing, even though for some reason no one seems to know what it's about, and then joined a bunch of cool people. Later, a bunch of the cool people died, and things got bad when he accidentally got stuck on this weird planet. Then this weird guy got inside him, he suddenly turned into Wolverine. Now he's a Borg, and EET'S AWESUM!

Matoran Vehicular Transport

Now that I know that I can't make limericks, I won't even try. Instead, I found this on another website and merely changed "Mustang" to "MVT:"

I buried my foot to the floor
my MVT took off with a roar
the corner was tight
my speed out of sight
the funeral's tomorrow, at four.

Mechanical Rahkshi

Mechanical rahkshi of heat vision
OK, for once I'm going to write a serious review. No limericks, corny jokes, or anything. Just an actual review.

So basically, Mechanical Rahkshi are Rahkshi that don't run on Kraata, which feature in both the Tehktra Nui saga and the Gigas Magna Storyline. Both storylines have pretty detailed and well-written history sections, and there are plenty of links to other pages. Also, this page has a large gallery, covering all the known types of Mechanical Rahkshi *which are many). Plus, there are a ton of cool MOCs here (OK, maybe not a totally serious review), and even the list of appearances is extensive.

So... yeah. It's a cool article.


SJ-46 001
Yet again, Toa Hydros has made another article worthy of this position of this week's Featured Article. This time, we've got the ex-Dark Hunter Proto-Beast. Since his page is so long (which I helped write) I'll put his biography in very simple words.

So there's this guy, who joins a group of killers, who send him to Metru Nui, where he gets beaten by another guy who appeared out of nowhere who sends him to a nasty place. He eventually breaks out of the nasty place, and gets beaten again by the other guy again, and is sent to this big cave place where he has to battle this evil guy. After the evil guy is defeated, Proto-Beast becomes a bounty hunter, and starts reeking havoc. So there you go! Another great article worth reading, go check it out!


This week on our Featured Article, we have a hybrid of a Toa and an Elemental Prince named Shardak. Yes, this guy wearing a Kanohi that resembles the Mask of Life is a guy who's been through a lot in his bizzarly crazy life. First of, he was created by this evil guy who decided to turn good, who got killed by this this young girl and made Shardak angry. He then joined this band of epically awesome heroes in a series of wars to defeat these evil guys with a this very evil woman who doesn't like having friends. Later on, he was banished to this dimension with his best friend and forced to kill eighty or more people in this big scary and spooky game where players must kill each other to win! Sadly, he doesn't win the game, this other guy did that for him, though he wasn't killed, and he was instead thrown into some void and may still be alive!

Yeah, that sounds like an epic character who's done a lot of crazy stuff in his life, and on this wiki we love crazy people! Go check his page out now!


OK, then; this week, we have the fearful Makuta of Versuva, Dredzek, as our Featured Article. Considered one of the most powerful members of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Dredzek is feared not only for his character, but for his vile personality. Most of the early aspects of his biography follow that of a typical Makuta. He was created, he was assigned a region, he sided with Teridax, he got a wierd bunch of Toa as bodyguards who he eventually killed. The turning point in his life, is when he joined with Millennium, leader of the Shadow of Ages, who convinces him to join his armies. Dredzek would barter secret info to Millennium until Teridax took over, and he was then teleported to this lovely little garden spot of an island, and eventually migrated to Spherus Magna.


Alrighty then, this week as our featured article, we have the one that puts scare in scary, the guy appropriatly called the "Blood Summoner": Makuta Serrakaan! It's only fitting that I do this, since, besides his creator, Serrakaan1407, I know the most about him. So, let's get down to it, shall we?

His biography is way too long to describe in detail, so I shall sumarize it in a nutshell:Serrakaan was created with the other Makuta by this epic guy (or so he says) and became a member of the this faction. Serrakaan was assigned to the southernmost island in the MU, after the Matoran Civil War, and joined Teridax when he rebeled. He later captured this Toa dude and made him his prime servant. Many years passed that would take too long for me to describe. When the O.O.M.N attacked Destral, he PWNed the Order forces, and eventualy left, after almost killing this guy, left. He later fought my secondary Self MOC, and after almost killing him, left him.

Well, that's Serrakaan for you, and that's this week's featured article, so look at his page ,or be blood summoned!



Yes, I was lazy, so instead of actually putting up useful information about the article, I put up a picture of a BLAST. Now hurry up and read the BLAST article or... or something. I've run out of useful threats.

Or this.


Alright, this time around our featured article is Makuta Benjarmin! I spent a lot of time developing this character, his backstory, his personality, and especially his MOC (even though that's not what this is about). Thanks to my friends/fellow admins TheSlicer and Chicken Bond for fixing his page, it now rocks (or as Collector1 would say: ROOKS).

Now, I'll describe his bio in a nutshell (which might still be pretty long XD): He says he ws created by this epic guy (even though he wasn't), and he became a member of this awesome faction, and was assigned to this island, and did a lot of terrible things. When my self-MOC became a Toa, Benjarmin became his greatest enemy, clashing with him on more than one occasion. A lot of his life was described in this canceled story.

When this war happened, Benjarmin fought in this huge battle, then went to this place, and had a few fights with these people, then went to a secret place where he could hide from this guy who had taken over the universe. Oh yeah, he also had an EPIC fight with this awesomely-epic-creepy dude (and lost).

The end.

So, yeah, this is a awesome page, so go check it out, NOAW or you will face eternal shame!


OK, so this week's FA is my my good friend's epic MOC, the deadly Bounty Hunter known as Skorr.

His history? Well, he fought a lot of wars for his species'* military, before deciding to strike out on his own and become an epic bounty hunter of epicness. (Well, that's not entirely true. He was exiled 'cuz he tried to kill a big Zeverek leader). He joined a group of bounty hunters, but didn't like them, so he left, and met a Rotaxian, who taught him the combat forms unique to that universe. He also plays a large role in an alternate storyline, and even took up jobs for the Veiled One Empire while he was on one of his dimensional voyages. **

*Yes,I ripped this off the "This guy, this organization" thing.

**This is my subtle attempt to get you to read the article, so read it now or... something.

Gigas Magna storyline

GMS logo
Instead of doing what the other sysops/Main Page article writers have recently been doing (this guy is a member of this species, and worked for this organization until this happened, and it's this guy's MOC) I'm going to go into another direction entirely. You should be glad.

This time, the Featured Article is one that I created myself: the Gigas Magna storyline. Now, that's all well and good, but there's one problem: it's very, very, very incomplete. And it doesn't help that the stories are not in chronological order at all.

First were The Fairon Chronicles (currently being rewritten), the apparently completely unrelated The Dimension Chronicles (to be rewritten afterward), The Last Apocalypse (to be undeleted and rewritten), which introduced us to several new characters. The stories were first unified about halfway through their writing, which set in motion a whole chain of chaos and confusion.

From there began The Darkness Returns (which is finished, but will not be uploaded yet, as I want to finish the rewrite of TFC first), which showed that there was a whole world beyond the MU. The creators set about expanding this world with The Collection Chronicles (which I think will be rewritten), War with the Kodax (to be rewritten), Revenge of the Rogue (to be rewritten as a short story), Gigas Magna: Underworld (to be restarted), The Hunt for Antidax (to be very, very, heavily rewritten) and The Bounty Hunter Wars, which are absolutely not in chronological order here at all. Further complicating things were the (currently deleted) stories Planet of Shadows, Dark Forces, and Shadowlands, which were begun and then canceled. (Hopefully, these, too, will be rewritten.)

To add to the confusion, the Leviathos saga was inducted into the universe, which very nearly messed up the whole timeline when Nightwatcher made an appearance, but it was all sorted out. The incident in question became a popular story, which was around when the GMS first started to get noticed. Now we have one finished novel (The Darkness Returns), three in-progress ones (The Bounty Hunter Wars, Nightfall, The Fairon Chronicles, and Shadows of the Great Beings), but perhaps more importantly, an article to make sense of this all.

Wow, that was quite a mouthful...

Shadow of Ages

Am I the only admin left alive other than TheSlicer? Jareroden97's been gone for three days now, and Chicken Bond has departed on a long trip. Anyway, I've realized the Main Page hasn't been updated in...three weeks, so I've taken it upon myself to write this.

So what do we have here? The legendary organization, known as the Shadow of Ages, who has apparently been around since the creation of the cult's leader, Millennium. After their plans were delayed for many, many years due to a massive battle between Millennium and Mersery, they began to re-emerge during the war between the Makuta and the Order of Mata Nui. Now, they plot to rule Spherus Magna. And if that's not enough, they also plan to- No, I'm not giving away their true plot, a secret that is known to only two other beings in the multiverse besides me. *cue maniacal laugh*

But enough said on the organization's background. Like all of Chicken Bond's articles, which I consider the paragons of all articles on CBW, this is an awesomely written page. Despite the fanon storyline, it follows the plot of the main BIONICLE storyline faithfully, only adding and not rewriting. This article looks as good as those on BS01. Seriously, it's that well-written.

Unlike all of my own articles, which I must now depart to fix. Good-bye.


Ihu in Snow
Ah, Ihu. A Matoran, Toa, and Turaga. The protagonist of the Legacy Chronicles saga.

By the time I joined this wiki, Ihu's stories some of the most popular on the site. And even I sometimes feel overrated compared to Ihu (the user, not the MOC). But enough said on writing, etc... There will be enough time to discuss that in the FS. Recently, Ihu's page went through an update by his creator. Now it actually covers his history very, very well. Much better then many pages on this wiki, it mostly, if not completely, meets the MoS requirements. On a wiki like this, where hundreds of users create a single page and then vanish forever, this is a rare accomplishment. (Well, hopefully one day all our pages will meet the MoS requirements). Not to mention that the character is epic. (He actually cheated death. Kinda like Silencer. </subtleadvertsing>).

*Begins to advertise.*


Alpha was originally a Ta-Matoran living in Techno-Nui, who was at one point forced to flee to Metric Nui with his friends. Seven of these friends later became the Toa Elementals, of which he was the eighth member.

During the Metric Nui War, Alpha was almost killed in a vehicle crash. He was found and nursed back to health by a pair of beings, but the trauma of abandonment by his team made him go insane and begin a maniacal rampage throughout the island.

The Order of Mata Nui later invited him to join them. However, the death of his mentor Antharix shell-shocked Alpha into losing control again, and he killed a Matoran. In doing so, he drew the attention of the Shadowed One, who recognized his potential as the Order had and brought him to join the Dark Hunters. It was then that he took the name "Shadowplayer."

To earn his trust, Shadowplayer allowed the Shadowed One to infect him with demon blood, causing his inner shadow to mutate him. Over time, the Shadowed One began to trust him as the best of his servants and promoted him to right-hand man, though he secretly continued working for the Order of Mata Nui.

Shadowplayer later traveled on a three-year journey to outer space in search of the lost Kanohi Kranix, only for him to be betrayed and murdered by X1.


A Mersion, Mersery was once a scientist on Versuva, one of the greatest in the island's history. However, his species was enslaved by the warlord Alxor, and Mersery was forced to serve him as an engineer. He later escaped to join the Hand of Artakha, and managed to convince them to overthrow the tyrant.

When the Hand was disbanded, Mersery returned to Versuva to serve in the Council of Eight until it, too, was disbanded. Some time later, he was approached by Helryx and offered membership in the Order of Mata Nui, which he accepted. Over time, he made a name for himself as a top scientist and eventually became one of Helryx's advisors, participating in major events such as the Time Slip.

At one point, Mersery became the subject of an experiment to create an operative similar to Voporak who could track down the Kanohi Vahi should it ever be created. He gained time-based powers, though was unable to control them properly. During an investigation of a time-based project on the island of Chrone, he defeated the being known as Millennium, leader of the Shadow of Ages, who vowed revenge on him.

During the Destiny War, Mersery supported the Order's efforts mostly off of the front lines, later surviving Makuta Teridax's takeover of the Matoran universe, helping Versuva fend off Rahkshi attacks until the island eventually fell. After Teridax's eventual defeat, he and the rest of the universe's inhabitants evacuated to Spherus Magna, where he witnessed the founding of a new civilization.

His continuing adventures can be seen in the story serial Journeys of Darkness.


Bionicle20 003
Native to the world of Spherus Magna, Verex was a nameless Skrall who fought in the Core War as the second-in-command of Stronius' legion. After the Shattering, his kind was stranded on Bara Magna's Black Spike Mountains, where he came into confrontation with the shapeshifting Baterra. Tuma named him after he alerted him to the danger they posed, and when the Baterra overpowered them, they fled south to Roxtus, where Tuma began devising a plan to dominate the local villages.

Verex objected to Tuma's plan, which resulted in him being left for dead in the wastelands, where he was mutated into a bizarre, reptilian form. He was then picked up by Ranzesk and Drex, who together began traveling to Roxtus as part of Verex's quest for vengeance, only to be captured by Inzek and taken to the Endolise Tribe. After learning of the disappearance of several of their villagers, Verex agreed to help find them.

Much later, he joined the Bara Magna social system as a freelance Glatorian, offering his services to whoever could pay him or help him damage the Skrall's plans. Declining an invitation from the Society of Guardians, he and his companions continued their investigations into the abductions until they allowed themselves to be captured and taken to the hideout of Skirvex. He attempted to use Antidermis to force Verex to join his organization, but he was rescued by his friends and a number of Society agents, who cured him of his Antidermis infection at the Sanctuary. After being convinced to aid the Society, Verex was put into a team intent on finding Skirvex.

His adventures across Bara Magna continue in the ongoing stop-motion series Sands of Change and Society of Guardians.

Dark Empire War

The Dark Empire War, also known as the Spherus Magna Civil War, was a massive conflict between the legions of the Shadow of Ages, the Empire of Shadows, and the Shadowy Ones (Which had united to form the Dark Empire), and a band of resistance fighters, which occurred between 1101 AGC - 1107 AGC. The conflict's histories can be traced back to the years immediately following the battle with Teridax, when the Dark Empire seized power over the scattered villages and mega-cities in several major battles. By the time of 1101 AGC, most of the rebellion had been crushed, with many of the remaining champions of light and their allies hidden in Atero, where they believed no one would find them.

At first, the resistance's attacks barely affected the Empire at all, and many of the general populace simply believed they were having "heated political discussions" with the rebels. Behind the scenes, however, the Empire's generals, Dredzek, Skorpix, and Sovnoron were actively sending their forces out to terminate the resistance under the guise they carrying out "further law enforcement." For many years, the resistance would oppose the Empire, and many skirmishes occurred during this time, including a battle that resulted in the destruction of Tesara and the occupation of Vulcanus. However, tensions snapped when Jareroden and Benjarmin clashed in the Black Spike Mountains. Soon after, the Empire acquired the Kanohi Ignika, and, breaking all pretense of "law enforcement", sanctioned active raids on Atero and massive battles in the Northern Frost, Great Jungle, and Iron Canyon.

Slowly, the rebellion gained more and more success, and finally met the Imperial army and the dreaded emperors, Millennium, Eostra, and the Dark Lord. In the contemporaneous battles of Bota Magna and Creep Canyon, the resistance captured the Emperors, exiling them into the Confusion Dimension, and forced the Imperial Army to retreat. Soon after, the rebels destroyed the Imperial Army outside Roxtus, and the Empire crumbled in on itself as ambitious warlords and despots seized power over sections of land. The war would drag on for six more years as the resistance, eventually reorganized into the Collectives of Light, combated warlords in Aqua Magna, violent insurrections in the Valley of the Maze, and several larger battles against powerful warlords Xaxis and Kulant. These battles prompted the Collectives to send war hero Toa Jareroden to hunt down and wipe out the remnants of the Empire. While he was initially successful, his most recent challenges against the Dark Empire have led him to believe, as the Emperors themselves did, that something far darker is playing with the destiny of Spherus Magna.


SJ-111 010
The Zarak known as Conqueror was once a high-ranking general in the Xevthian Empire. After the Empire's collapse, he worked as a guard on the island of Marzak until he was captured and forced to work as a gladiator. However, he eventually managed to escape to his homeland, only to find it in ruins.

Swearing revenge on the League of Six Kingdoms, he joined forces with Toa Akatark to form an army to fight back against the League, while secretly forming the Society of Guardians behind the scenes. Unfortunately, before his efforts could come to fruition, his armies were obliterated by the Brotherhood of Makuta. He survived, later joining the Dark Hunters, only to be killed during an assassination attempt on the Shadowed One.

He was later revived through unknown means, creating the Dark Brotherhood, which later joined the Order of Mata Nui in the Destiny War. He is currently involved in efforts to usurp Makuta Teridax as ruler of the universe, the details of which are chronicled in the stop-motion series Society of Guardians.


Once a Matoran of iron and magnetism living on the island of Tersvranem. When Benjarmin was assigned to monitor the island and eventually took it over, Jarodin led a resistance against him, fighting Benjarmin's numerous robotic creations.

Years later, Jarodin was given a Toa stone by Taro, the ex-leader of Benjarmin's former Toa Hagah team, which transformed him into a Toa of magnetism and iron. He was later recruited into the Order of Mata Nui, and spent several years undergoing grueling training. He eventually became one of its most elite servants, and was placed in charge of an Order Toa team, the Toa Rhama.

During the Destiny War, Jarodin became a field commander, and went on several key missions for the Order. Due to the nature of the war with the Brotherhood, Helryx allowed Jarodin to become a full-time member of the Order. He later participated in the Battle of Destral, where he engaged his nemesis Benjarmin, but the Makuta was able to escape.

Jarodin was able to attach a homing beacon to Makuta Gorak, allowing the Toa Rhama to track them to Karda Nui. After several battles there, Jareroden and his allies escaped to the Southern Continent shortly before the energy storms erupted, where they decided that they needed to continue their hunt for Benjarmin and his remaining allies.

After Makuta Teridax successfully took over the Matoran universe, the Rhama took up residence in an abandoned Dark Hunter fortress. Upon news of Toa Hipory's capture, Jarodin set out to one of the Southern Islands on a mission to rescue him. His ongoing adventures are chronicled in The Jarodin Saga.


Tollubo 02
An Av-Matoran in the Matoran universe, Tollubo was relocated to the island of Krennato-Nui during the Time Slip, only to be forced to leave due to a Visorak invasion. After a series of adventures, he wound up on Destral, where he was made into Makuta Blazrox's aide.

He later managed to escape the island upon discovering the nature of Teridax's plan to conquer the world, and hid for a number of years until the Order of Mata Nui recruited him. One of his missions as part of the group was to help reawaken Mata Nui, though the issue was rendered moot when Makuta Rotam destroyed the Great Spirit's mind. c Tollubo and his companions were forced to evacuate the Matoran universe for Bara Magna, only to quickly realize that Rotam had set himself up as a conqueror on the desert world. With the aid of Betak's Order of Tollubo, they began a campaign to stop him, which ultimately culminated in all-out war. Tollubo was killed in the final battle, only to be resurrected by mysterious forces.

Along with Rotam, Tollubo and his companions were pulled into the underworld of Tethys, where he helped lead the remaining members of the Order of Tollubo to war against Makuta Karabak's army. In the process, Tollubo was transformed into a Toa of light.

His ongoing adventures are chronicled in the story serial Whispers in the Dark by BobTheDoctor27.


The daughter of the legendary Water Tribe warrior Ankum on Spherus Magna, Inzek was trained for many years by her father in the ways of combat, becoming one of his greatest pupils. Eventually, Inzek and her father signed up into the army of the Element Lord of Water when the great Core War was ignited over the discovery of Energized Protodermis. Towards the end of the war, she was sent to capture a second Energized Protodermis spring in the Black Spike Mountains with her father, though before they could claim it in a mighty battle with several other tribes, the Shattering occurred, stranding them on the newly formed world of Bara Magna. Not long after, Inzek and Ankum united several other survivors and veterans of the war into forming the Endolise Tribe, and even after enduring a long and harsh winter, the tribe decided to remain banded together in their village of Endolise.

During this time, Inzek was intentionally exposed to a mutagenic substance that transformed her into bizarre, winged form. Despite her new appearance, she was still accepted by her tribe, and they soon moved to a new village they named New Endolise. She later journeyed with a similarly mutated Skrall named Verex and his companions to hunt down a missing villager named Gaqual, sharing many adventures in the wastelands of Bara Magna. Eventually, she began investigating the mysterious Glatorian Abductions with Rojek and Drukzen on behalf of their tribe, eventually joining up with the group behind it all, the Gatherers. More recently, she went to visit Verex and his allies in the Sanctuary, and instead stumbled across the mysterious Society of Guardians, who enlisted her help in their struggles with the Gatherers. They then infiltrated their fortress and rescued Verex and his allies and his captives, and returned to the Sanctuary, where they broke off into two teams to hunt down the Gatherers and its master, Skirvex.

Her adventures can be seen in the ongoing series Sands of Change and Society of Guardians...

Combat forms

Makuta Nightwatcher 2
This week's featured article is not a Toa. Nor is it a being. But it is something all characters will use - combat forms! Yes, all characters will use a variety of combat forms, ranging from the classic forms, Lihte, Napad (the form our friend Nightwatcher here uses), Vauhti, Guokte, Kracht, Sila and Tera, the unorthodox forms, Aquaros, Dag, Ruch, Tanavi, Texiten, Unorthodox Tera, Ushiroken, Zenatari, Iaijutsu, Sileno, and other weapons. The most famous combat form, being that of Makuta and Nightwatcher, is called Napad. It consists of moves to fight against a sword bearer, and is mostly offensive. Another popular character, Skorr, uses the combat form of Dag, which is a combination of sword skills and firearm use.

Now I'll run out of space if I list the details of all glorious these combat forms, so that's it for now.

Dark Empire

Dark Empire Logo
It seems CBW's dictators staff, including myself, have been quite lazy in updating the main page, eh? But the incompetence of your overlords admins does not fit into the context of this.

This time, our FA is the Dark Empire, the primary antagonistic faction of Dark Realities (which I helped write! :D). The structure of this page is quite well put together, with a detailed analysis of the Empire's dark history, it's eventual fall, it's members, and it's infrastructor and armies.

As well, it gives an exceptionally well written quote to summarize the Empire's goals.

That is all for now, so get back to editing, you get cookies for it!

Vorox (Echo 1)

Originally, the Vorox were proud Glatorian and Agori of the Sand Tribe. At some point in time, the Great Being known as Terronce began performing experiments on the species. These experiments caused the Vorox to gain a more bestial appearance, including claws and a stinger tail. During the Core War, the Vorox fought with their Sand Glatorian counterparts under the banner of the Element Lord of Sand. Many of the "pure" Glatorian of the Sand Tribe were wiped out, leaving only the Vorox (and their Agori subspecies, the Zesk) to fight for the tribe.

During the Shattering, in which Spherus Magna broke apart, most Vorox were stranded on the Bara Magna fragment, where they soon became isolated from normal Glatorian and Agori society. This led to the Vorox being excommunicated by the usual social system, and having a more bestial appearance, the Vorox eventually evolved into their own culture and race. They developed their own language, and also began a nomadic style of life, as to keep from being raided by the Bone Hunters.

Although most Agori considered the Vorox to have devolved into a bestial form, most Vorox maintained their intelligence. The belief that they were primitive circulated because most Vorox that were encountered were either hunters, who would do anything to get their clan food; or exiles, who just wanted to be left alone.

The Vorox have a complex rank system, divided into clans, known to the other Glatorian as "packs" Although each clan has their own idea of how their area should live, they mostly function similarly. The clans are lead by a single chieftain, who has the power to declare war on other clans and move the clan from its current location if needed. The chieftain is then kept in check by a council, which is formed of the higher-ranking families in the clan. A chieftain can also be vacated if he is defeated by another member of the clan.

The Vorox have multiple rites, such as the Pilgramage Hunt, the Rite of the Soldier, and the Alpha Rite, and have a complex naming system as well. The Vorox have also been known to domesticate a few species of animals that aid them on hunts. The most commonly used are the Vorhounds and Ebon Hawks, which are both excellent hunting animals. The Rock Steed is also known to be used by a few Vorox clans.

Fortress of Ages

The Fortress of Ages is a large stronghold that floats through the Black Void pocket dimension. It was created when, after being flung back in time by the Kanohi Vahi, Toa Akatark and his allies came across the Black Void pocket dimension and decided to create his fortress in it. After constructing it, Akatark began using it as the Society of Guardians' headquarters.

Several members of the Society of Guardians later arrived here for a meeting with their leader, Akatark. Akatark later used the fortress to monitor Toa Hydros and Makuta Verahk' activities in Karda Nui. Once they left Karda Nui, Akatark left Mersery in charge of the fortress while he returned to Karda Nui. Later on, Akatark teleported Hydros' allies into the fortress and sent many of them to the main chamber while Akatark and a few others dealt with Verahk on the isle of Mata Nui.

After Mata Nui awoke, Akatark and the others returned to the fortress and offered Hydros and his allies along with several other inhabitants of Bara Magna membership into the Society of Guardians.

The Fortress of Ages is remarkably well-made. It is created from some of the toughest rock and metals in existence, and is protected at all times by a large energy field that surrounds the fortress and the rock that is its foundation.

The main gate of the fortress is shaped like a giant Kanohi Hau. On either side of the main gate are large catapult-like weapons, as well as energy cannons. Atop the fortress is a large tower equipped with a catapult, an energy cannon, and a larger version of a Cordak Blaster. The Fortress of Ages remains the headquarters of the Society of Guardians today.


Magnon Epic
Magnon was a good-natured Toa of Magnetism from Primordius Magna. He began his life as a Matoran inventor from Metru Minor.

Before the Civil War, Magnon worked as an inventor in his home Metru. Although he enjoyed his work, and had numerous brilliant ideas, many of his inventions were flawed. However, as time went by, Magnon grew in experience, and thus, he was recognized for his talent. Most notable among his early works was the Exo-Suit, a manually piloted robotic frame.

Despite the fact Magnon had numerous employees, whom carried out research and development, under his direction, Magnon received a majority of the legal attribution to his inventions. However, his employees did not take kindly to this, and went on strike. Nearly all Magnon's employees were fired, and Marltax & Krikk Ltd. ended up filing for bankruptcy.

Searching in vain for new employees, Magnon traveled to around several islands, showcasing his inventions. During an exhibition on the island of Odinax, Magnon met a Ta-Matoran named Shanohn, and in the following days, the two of them grew to become best friends. Shanohn was a practiced smelter, as metalwork was a hobby of his, and therefore, was hired by the inventor.

As inseparable as the two friends may have been, when Kronaxx took over, and cilvil war was declared, each chose to fight for their homeland. Whilst Shanohn went off to aid the Fellowship of Kentis Nui in their defense of Odinax, Magnon enlisted in the Metru Minor Army, thus as a whole, became a member of the Confederate Empire of Shadows' army. Although Magnon may have been recognized as a talented inventor back home, in the army, he received no such recognition, and therefore was made a spy for the army.

78 years after the Primordius Magna Civil War, whist he, Shanohn, and Romulus were practicing their swordplay, they were kidnapped by two vortixx, and taken to Camp Arcajax. Once there, he, Shanohn, and Romulus were given a tour by the resident camper Ferrum.

On his first night at the camp, Magnon had a vision, although, at the time, he thought it was a regular nightmare. In this vision, magnon found himself in the Primordius Magna Underworld, walking through a dark cavern. Whilst walking through the cavern, Magnon heard a voice, that cut into his head like a knife. Although he did not know it, the voice was that of Narcisca, Lord of the Dead, demanding to know the location of the Great Toa Stone. When Magnon awoke, his mind was constantly raked with flashbacks from his "dream."

Glon (Fractures Alternate Universe)

M1 Fractures Glon 01
In the Fractures Alternate Universe, the Av-Matoran known as Glon initially lived out his life like his alternate counterpart in the prime reality did, having been created by the Great Beings to help in the construction of the Matoran Universe before colonizing Karda Nui. Eventually, he was one of the Av-Matoran who was scattered by the Order of Mata Nui during the Time Slip, and was placed on the Northern Continent, disguised as a Ta-Matoran, where his memories of his previous life were erased.

The timelines between the Glon of the prime reality and the Glon of the Fractures reality differentiated when they volunteered to support the Toa defending Metru Nui during the Toa/Dark Hunter War. Unlike his other self, who survived the war, the Glon of this universe and a Toa of Earth named Varna were killed by a mysterious being whilst delivering a Toa Stone to Po-Metru. Glon died from blunt trauma after being shot by the killer's harpoon.

Despite his death, Glon still played an important role in the web of things. Approximately 2,000 years later, Makuta Karabak discovered Glon's body, and chose to hide the Kanohi Vahi in his pack before reburying him again. Much later, 3,002 years after his death, Glon's body was discovered by a number Matoran archeologists in the Canyon of Unending Whispers, who excavated him and discovered the Vahi in his pack. His body has since been moved to a pathology lab under the supervision of the Po-Matoran Danza.


Zallirix's past is largely unknown, but it is known that he has been a bounty hunter for a long time. He, at one point, was hired by Makuta Burtok to aid in the Avenging Alliance's destruction. He ended up killing Kanahka, but was defeated by Levuku and thought to be dead.

He later was encountered on Altronia, but since no one had known his name when he attacked the first time, no one knew who he was. Later, he was captured in an attempt to break out, but he escaped, and his actions reminded Levuku of Kanahka's murderer, thus revealing that Zallirix was Levuku's sworn enemy. Levuku tried to kill him, but Faxhuun restrained them both, with Zallirix being recaptured, much more permanently this time. After this, Zallirix was reduced to running errands for Altronia operatives and doing menial labor whenever it was needed, or just wanted.

He soon found out that a pair of rocket pack prototypes were being perfected, and decided to steal one. He managed to steal the one with stabilizers and went for a joyride. He surprised Rajal, Nytrix, and other who tried to detain him with his skill, and almost escaped. He tried to make Levuku back down by demoralizing him, but instead Levuku promised Zallirix the fight of his life. This Levuku did, and they eventually wound up fighting on the walkway on top of Altronia Fortress's walls, and, once they locked weapons, Zallirix began pushing Levuku back. Levuku managed to defeat Zallirix using his Mask of Quick Travel, and Zallirix was wrapped up in and burned by Nytrix's tentacles as punishment.


Freztrak was originally a thief on his home island of Zakaz. Freztrak was later part of Makuta Spiriah's failed experiments 75,000 years ago on the Skakdi in an attempt to create an army. As a result of the Makuta's tampering, Freztrak and the other Skakdi were altered into a violent, destructive race. Some time after this, Freztrak was elected leader of a large Skakdi tribe. He then proceeded to establish his territory within the northern regions of Zakaz, and eventually designated a Skakdi warrior named Serhaktem as his right-hand man. Eventually he was brought into contact with the Order of Mata Nui, which he joined, carrying out many missions with them during his time as a member.

Freztrak was later ordered by Helryx to assemble his forces and follow Brutaka and Axonn to an island in one of the southern chains of the universe. Upon arriving, the group discovered large contingents of Rahkshi. While Axonn and Brutaka busied themselves searching for a mysterious location on the island, Freztrak and the other warlords led their forces into battle with the Rahkshi. Though the Rahkshi retaliated fiercely, and managed to cut down a number of the opposing forces, the Skakdi eventually mustered up enough rage to fight back, and quickly smashed through the Rahkshi's ranks.

Later, Makuta Teridax took control of Mata Nui's body, and subsequently the entire Matoran Universe as a result. Fearing he would be targeted due to his association with the Order, Freztrak severed his ties with his former allies and retreated to his hideout on Zakaz. Eventually he was forced to surrender, and he was pressed into Teridax's army, which was then released onto the surface of the planet Bara Magna.

Now unable to turn back, Freztrak was left with no choice but to aid Teridax in his fight against Mata Nui and the inhabitants of Bara Magna. In the subsequent battle, Teridax and his allies were defeated, and Freztrak fled. Eventually, after seeing a mysterious ghost-like figure among the remnants of the Rock Tribe, he he and a Glatorian named Soalaz encountered the Mersery, prompting Flardrek to reveal his tale.

His adventures are chronicled in the ongoing story serial Journeys of Darkness.


Murdo 01 M1
Like all other Glatorian, Mudro came into being on Spherus Magna, where he spent his early life in the army of the Element Lord of Water.Mudro would later participate in the Core War following the discovery of Energized Protodermis in the Planet's Core. However, the Energized Protodermis substance was highly unstable and led to The Shattering occurring as a result of increased mining activity. Mudro took shelter during this Cataclysm and ended up being kept on Bara Magna - unlike a number of unfortunate other warriors who were trapped on Bota Magna.

Following the Shattering, Mudro returned to Tajun to find it in turmoil. The warrior did what he could to help his village to rebuild itself. Even in the days following the Core War, Mudro was regarded as an outcast due to his lonely, somber nature.

However, Mudro began to feel disengaged and had frequent problems with his own spiritual emptiness. It soon became apparent to him that he did not perceive emotions in the same way as others. Wanting to put this theory to the test, the male Glatorian took his neighbor's pet to one of Tajun's orchards and strangled it, just to see how it felt. It hadn't bothered him at all. When the Sand Fox did not return to its owner that night she became worried, asking Mudro if he had seen it, noticing the scratches on his arms but foolishly accepting his explanation that he had brushed against a wild Spikit. His neighbor had been an intelligent Glatorian but she had not wanted to think the worst of him. Instead she had simply replaced the Sand Fox the very next day and the problem was put behind them, allowing Mudro to walk away from his first murder.

Mudro opposed Glatorian Certavus' Social System as he felt it took away his few rights by forcing him to join the Water Tribe with the majority of his fellow Core War allies. The other members of the tribe despised him at first sight but had known better than to annoy him. However, the village elder developed a deep dislike for the Glatorian.

Shortly after his integration into the tribe, Mudro had been handed a spear and a crudely-made Thornax Launcher then been told to fight for his puny tribe, as if it were a matter of nobility or some moral obligation to pummel a fellow member of his species in front of hundreds of cheering, "blood-thirsty" spectators. At the first chance he got Mudro had tried to rebel, only to end up stabbing one of his Glatorian colleagues outside Tajun's arena. Seeking only the slightest reason to kick him out of the tribe and exile him, the village's leader had exploded in rage and banished Mudro to the wastelands.

Metru Nui (Echo 1)

For once, I'm not going to write a long summary of the article. Or discuss the quality and content of the page, which surpasses most on site. Or talk about the astounding 29,875 bytes of incredible information about the city of Metru Nui in the Echoverse. Or rave about how the creator, Echo 1, is an amazingly good author to have constructed such a page.

Come to think of it, I'm not going to even go into detail about the article itself, which discusses not only the city's long history, but the species inhabiting the city, the society, military, districts, transportation, sports, social interactions, religions, and much, much more. I won't say anything more, except go read the page!. This is a comprehensive, well constructed article, the standards expected by the Manual of Style met and exceeded, a rarity on this wiki these days. The information is well structured and presented, especially the detailed later sections of the page.

There, I managed to tell you everything about the page, without even giving anything everything away.

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SM Reborn
The dark entity known as Shadowmaster is a mysterious and powerful creature born from darkness. With his nature and character based around the concept of evil, Shadowmaster views himself as the true embodiment of people's inner darkness. Originally a powerful deity who fell from grace and into exile, Shadowmaster chose to reconsolidate his power as he waited in the shadows of the multiverse, waiting for his opportunity to come. As he schemed to return to the core universe and claim dominance, Shadowmaster initiated an experiment which ended with the creation of the five creatures he named the Deities, powerful beings who he originally planned would rule alongside him. Eventually, he was forced to turn on his creations when they rebelled, with all but one leaving his side.

Centuries passed, and Shadowmaster eventually became the supreme ruler of a shadowy force known as the Fallen Empire, a group created to aid him in his pursuit of universal domination. From there, he initiated a number of schemes to bring him closer to his goal, such as establishing the Chaos Arena and breaking down the barriers that divided the parallel universes and timelines that made up the multiverse. Both of these attempts did not succeed as Shadowmaster had hoped. Due to events played out in the war against Shadowmaster, the dark puppeteer was betrayed and fell from power again after his mortal form was destroyed. Since then, Shadowmaster has been drifting in the darkness, though it is believed he eventually regained his corporeality. He is now said to be enacting a personal vendetta to avenge his second fall.


Crucedus Regular Pose

Winds blow and blasts of Thunder sear trough the sky. All that is found in the path of this force is wiped away. With a fresh blow, Toa Crucedus makes his way to the Main Page as our new Featured Article.

Once a young Matoran on the island of Storms, Deloxia, he was a local chronicler and salesman on the island. His popularity was enourmous, but Crucedus loved to sit on the rim of his island's volcono to think about heroes of times long gone.

One day, a mysterious Toa appeared before Crucedus and handed him a stone. Curious as he was about this stone, he took it to the local Turaga. He was taken to a temple and there he was turned into the one and only Toa of Storms.

This Article is indeed very worthy of being the Featured Article for this month. It's well written and constructed. The writer should be very proud of his work!



Flardrek originally resided on Spherus Magna in a small valley in between the regions of the Black Spike Mountains and the Great Volcano. Prior to the Core War, Flardrek served as a caravan guide, helping navigate convoys across the plains of Spherus Magna. Flardrek was later recruited into the army of the Element Lord of Fire and fought in the Core War, but the Shattering put an end to Spherus Magna. Flardrek ended up on the largest fragment of the planet, Bara Magna. Flardrek participated in many arena matches under the new Glatorian system, before eventually retiring partially, becoming a caravan escort.

Sometime afterwards, Flardrek was assigned to accompany a caravan bound for Tesara. After arriving, and successfully delivering the convoy's goods to the village's Agori, Flardrek made his way to Tesara's arena in order to watch an arena match between Vastus and Tarix. Ackar, Mata Nui, Kiina, and Gresh arrived soon after, and informed the assembled Agori and Glatorian of Tajun's destruction at the hands of the Skrall and Bone Hunters. After having Mata Nui transform Tarix's weapon as proof of his trust, Ackar then announced the end of the Arena Match system, and urged that the villagers unite. Flardrek's support of Mata Nui was enough to convince the Agori to believe in his plan. Following this, Mata Nui used the Kanohi Ignika to transform Flardrek's tool and imbue him with Elemental Fire powers.

Flardrek later participated in the final battle at Roxtus, and aided Mata Nui and his allies in defeating the army of Skrall and Bone Hunters. Flardrek then assisted in the construction of the single, unified city. After the villages united, he joined the defense force under the leadership of Ackar.

Mata Nui soon departed, in order to find a method of powering the Mega-Village, which was actually a robot crafted by the Great Beings. He was successful, and brought the robot under his control. Teridax eventually arrived on Bara Magna, and challenged Mata Nui to a duel. As the two robots fought, Flardrek assisted the inhabitants of Bara Magna in attempting to bring the tyrant down, attacking Teridax directly and fighting against his Rahkshi. During the conflict that followed, Flardrek was brought into conflict with a Skakdi warlord named Freztrak. He was almost killed by the barbarian before a Toa of Ice named Soalaz drove him off.

The Glatorian were then relieved from battle with the Rahkshi with aid from Tahu using the Golden Armor, which defeated the Rahkshi. Mata Nui was then able to complete his mission of reforming Spherus Magna from Bara Magna, Bota Magna and Aqua Magna, allowing the Glatorian and Agori to live with fewer troubles as he revitalized the planet, creating a paradisaical world.

Following this, Flardrek rushed to the site of the destroyed Prototype Robot to see Mata Nui, who wished the population of Spherus Magna and the Matoran Universe immigrants peace with their new life.

His ongoing adventures are chronicled in the story serial Journeys of Darkness...



Narcisca, the Guardian of the Dead Souls, was an entity of shadow and death, and the ruler of the Primordius Magna Underworld. Originally created by the Great Being Murtaavak as an assistant, Narcisca became too powerful and rebelled against his creator. After a furious battle, Murtaavak tore Narcisca's spirit from his body, and banished him to the deepest reaches of Primordius Magna.

There Narcsica took began to collect the souls of the dead into one massive kingdom, that later became known as the Primordius Magna Underworld. As time went by, Narcisca learned to control the dead, to summon the dead, and even to steal the life of one, and plant it in another. Narcisca gained elemental control over death. Later, Narcisca encountered the Makuta Kronaxx, and learned of the existence of the Great Toa Stone, an artifact which he could use to gain control of a mighty new robot body, the Kraahkatoa.

With this new knowledge, Narcisca set out to find the Great Toa Stone.Fueled by this new knowledge that he could once more reign supreme, Narcisca began to plot his rise to power. However, his activity did not go unnoticed, for a Matoran named Magnon had visions of his activities. Narcisca instructed an enslaved Matoran named Ferrum to retrieve the Toa Stone and bring it to him.

As he had no physical body, Narcisca found it necessary to possess the body of Toa Nahliki, a Toa whom happened to be in Narcisca's domain at the time. Utilizing his newly possessed Toa body, Narcisca summoned a Bathgohl demon from the fiery depths of the Primordius Magna underworld. he instructed the demon to find the Great Toa Stone, and kill all whom impeded it. In order to give it a taste for flesh, Narcisca then released Toa Nahliki from his possession, and left him to be devoured. The Bathgohl then proceeded to wreak havoc in outskirts of the nearby mining city, Ergastulum.

Fleeing the Bathgohl's rampage, seven Matoran, including Ferrum, and Magnon stumbled upon the spot where Narcisca was lying in wait. Magnon had found the Great Toa Stone, but Ferrum stole it from him, and promptly presented it to Narcisca. The lord of the dead then used the Stone's power to activate the Kraahkatoa robot Kronaxx had mentioned. Once the robot was activated, Narcisca proceeded to inhabit it, modifying it to suit his needs. Unfortunately for Narcisca, the Great Toa Stone, acting of its own accord, released a bolt of energy that turned the six Matoran (excepting Ferrum) into Toa. Narcisca proceeded to destroy these new foe, for he viewed them as a threat, jeopardizing his rise to power. After a brief but furious fight, the six Toa, Magnon, Shanohn, Linelva, Imperalux, Sadran, and Romulus, combining their elemental powers, sealed Narcisca in a cage of crystalline protodermis.

However, utilizing his abilities of telekinetic manipulation, Narcisca pulled Toa Magnon into a vision, and tortured him mentally until Magnon was forced to shatter the Protodermis cage encapsulating Narcisca.

The Lord of Death's rise to power continues in Guardian of the Dead Souls...


M1 Toa Santis FitB 01

Santis was a mysterious, dimensionally-displaced Toa of Fire who currently resides in the Fractures Universe.

While large areas of Santis' past remain unclear given the nature of his amnesia, he presumably came into being on Spherus Magna, where he was likely to have aided in the construction of the Matoran Universe. If this was the case, then he would later be placed within the Matoran Universe on an unknown island, possibly with a population of other Matoran.

Under unclear circumstances, Santis was transformed into a Toa of Fire.

At some point though, he managed to gain the knowledge of interdimensional travel, and he transported himself to a number of pocket dimensions.

In a period after this one, He encountered a Toa Kaita and too it's mask as a victory prize. The Toa Kaita itself has still to be somewhere, deep in stasis, for his mask would otherwise cease to exist.

This article is really well made, and filled with lots of awesome images and great pieces of story-telling. The creator should be proud!



Zeverek are a tough and aggressive race native to the island Mevock.

The Zeverek were created by Mata Nui as one of the species meant to inhabit the Matoran Universe. After colonizing the island of Mevock, the residents formed a monarchy-based community. Not long after the Zeverek established their rule over Mevock, they were brought into a civil war with a neighboring species named the Forgern over who deserved to control the island. However, the Xevthian Empire eventually invaded Mevock, catching the Zeverek unaware, and forcing their remaining forces to retreat to the northernmost parts of Mevock. There, they formed a temporary truce with the Forgern, though even this alliance was unable to prevent the conquest of Mevock.

When the Empire collapsed, the Zeverek resumed their war with the Forgern. During the war, one of their enemies' leaders approached a Zeverek named Skorr, an assistant of the Zeverek's ruler. After bribing him with a vast array of riches, the opposing leader asked Skorr to execute his master. Unfortunately, Skorr was caught doing so, and was subsequently banished from Mevock. Not long after, the war ended when the Zeverek pushed the Forgern to the brink of extinction and forced them to surrender.

Tetra Nui

Tetra Nui City

Tetra Nui is a large city located in the Mata Nui Construct, and is also has the largest population in the construct. The city is home to multiple species and serves as a go-to point for refugees. The city is dominated by several Vortixx and Vortixx-run companies. Weyland Corporation is currently the largest corporation in the city.

reated long before any sentients inhabited the Construct, Tetra Nui was built by the Great Beings to serve as the center of culture and politics within their Grand Experiment. Nearly all the buildings, districts, and systems in the city are of Great Being design. The city was then quickly colonized by the Vortixx, the first race to leave their homeland and colonize the rest of the universe. They reversed-engineered the Great Being technology, and used it to quickly spread further across the Construct. They named the city “Xerxes”, after one of the oldest known Vortixx.


000 3384

Cailleax (once known by the name of Tanuvak) was a dark spirit originally created by the Great Beings. Created as part of an experiment to the perfect the Toa and form a physical representation of moral justice, Cailleax's spirit was then bound in a sustainable body and placed among the Matoran. The Matoran themselves found Cailleax fascinating, subsequently giving him the name Tanuvak, meaning, "Power of the Gods." However, after fighting in the Core War, Cailleax's personality began to change as he realized the true extent of his powers, resulting in him developing more prideful and self-motivated characteristics. This change culminated with the completion of Mata Nui's body and the Matoran Universe, where the Great Beings tasked him with protecting the Matoran as their strongest guardians.

Angered by the thought of serving those weaker than himself, Cailleax rebelled and rejected his mission. In response, the Great Beings took away Cailleax's physical beauty and stripped him of his original name, though also unintentionally destroyed his inner light, leaving him a being of pure darkness. Realizing their mistake, the Great Beings imprisoned Cailleax in a cage of crystalized Protodermis and sealed him away deep in the Onu-Metru Archives. Cailleax would then remain imprisoned for thousands of years until the Great Cataclysm struck, which shattered his prison. He then travelled to the island of Mata Nui and created the Kanohi Hatara, before leaving to infiltrate the Order of Mata Nui under the alias of Terranex. Eventually, he was discovered by the Order member Axonn, and his first sinister scheme was thwarted shortly thereafter.

Finally, Cailleax initiated one last plan to corrupt all life in the Matoran Universe, with the widespread belief that he was dead allowing him to conduct his plan without being hunted by the Order. However, his plan then encountered a complication when Axonn and a group of Order operatives arrived, who had been informed of Cailleax's survival and plans by his captured Matoran servant. Cailleax then partook in a long and deadly battle with the Order, and soon gained the upper hand, though before he could kill Axonn, Cailleax's body was permanently destroyed by a contrasting wave of light energy caused by a sabotaged Toa Suva of his design, which he had planned to use as a transmitter to spread darkness across the universe. His Kanohi Hatara, the only piece of Cailleax's body that had survived, was then taken to Daxia and safely destroyed.



Vlakro is the eighth member of the Toa Nuva. Like Takanuva, he is an honorary member of the team.

The Great Beings had sensed the return of the Makuta and something far greater than them, though a temporary peace had returned to the universe. So, they sent a message to Toa Tahu Nuva in his dreams, explaining that he and the rest of the Toa travel to a land on Spherus Magna, home to the Re-Matoran (Matoran of Time). When the Toa Nuva got there, they had met with Vlakro, who was a Re-Matoran at that time. The Toa Nuva told him their tale and Vlakro told them that he had several dreams where a mysterious figure told him that his destiny was with Toa. Thus, Vlakro and the Toa Nuva left the home of the Re-Matoran, Re-Koro. The group then journeyed back to the Toa Nuva's home, a large island named Mata Nui in honor of the Great Spirit himself. Unfortunately, Vlakro was kidnapped by Bone Hunters after they ambushed the traveling party. What happened to Vlakro next was unclear.

Vlakro awoke on a beach after re-esembling himself. However, he noticed that he was stronger and taller. He also realized that his armor was similar to the Toa Nuva. He then looked at a reflection of himself in a pond and saw that his Kanohi was the Kanohi Rode, the Mask of Truth. He then journeyed to the new Ta-Koro of Spherus Magna, where he met Tahu. Vlakro and Tahu recognized each other, and Tahu showed Vlakro to the other Toa Nuva, the Turaga (Vakama, Nokama, Nuju, Matau, Whenua, and Onewa), Takanuva, and Gresh. Vlakro also saw his old friend Krivos and both were pleased to see each other again. Krivos even gave Vlakro a Scorpion Claw he had made for Vlakro long ago.



Sakarix, a powerful Makuta created by Teridax himself, is the second-in-command of the Brotherhood of Makuta. A frequent opponent of Toa Vlakro, Sakarix has frequently hatched a number of varied plans to defeat the Toa Nuva and their eighth member. His most notable scheme at this point has involved capturing Vlarkro and the rest of the Toa Nuva, whilst also creating a clone of Vlarko for enigmatic purposes.

Though Vlarko eventually managed to escape Sakarix's custody and destroy his original body with his Time powers, Sakarix himself possessed the body of a Rahkshi and had a number of imprisoned smiths create a new set of armor for him. Sakarix is then reunited with his Mask of Psychics, which survived the destruction of his original armor. He was last seen at a meeting between Durost, Prizik, Zeneriah, and Teridax, wearing a new set of armor created by Zeneriah.



Feex is a Turaga of Iron, who currently leads a village of Matoran and Agori on Spherus Manga. Formerly a Fe-Matoran who became one of the first Toa of Iron, Feex led his own Toa team, and wandered around the Matoran Universe assisting others in need before becoming a Turaga.

Little to nothing is known about Feex's life as a Matoran, other than he originated from the island of Nynrah where he worked as an astronomer. However, it is known that he was transformed into a Toa, and was amongst the very first generations of Matoran to be transformed into a Toa.

(I think we can all agree that Jman98 was lazy when he wrote this. So, I have stepped in to insert filler text so the image of this section doesn't merge with the following section. Better luck next time, old chap.)



The community has spoken, voicing their displeasure at the amount of time between updates to this wonderful page, so here we are. This time around, we welcome Merall to the Featured Article section. Merall began her life as a Po-Matoran who helped in the construction of the Matoran Universe before coming to live in a small Po-Matoran village in the Southern Islands. What makes her stand out is her gender; Po-Matoran are naturally male, and Merall's gender was actually the outcome of an experiment by the Great Beings, making her one of the few female Po-Matoran in existence.

The harsh environment of her homeland shaped Merall into a fierce individual, and rigorous training allowed her to reach the pinnacle of health for a Matoran. After leaving her homeland, Merall was dragged into a number of conflicts over the years (including one with the League of Six Kingdoms) before she became a Toa under unclear circumstances. Eventually, she joined a Toa team on the Southern Continent, which included To a Theran, Dorvan and Range.

Since then, the battle-hardened Toa has been embroiled in a number of different adventures, which are chronicled in the comic series, Uprising and Patriots.


BtD27 Toa Sontious 01

Sonitous is a wandering Toa of Sonics, who originated from a De-Matoran settlement on the Northern Continent. Originally a sentinel, Sontious was transformed into a Toa by Toa Feex after he fought off a group of Dark Hunters who were harassing the village. He eventually joined a Toa team as its sixth, though eventually became its deputy leader. His team eventually parted ways after a disastrous battle with a mutant Tunnel Stalker, which resulted in the deaths of two of the group's members.

On his own, Sonitous travelled aimlessly around the universe, usually hitchhiking on Matoran sea vessels to get from place to place, and righting whatever wrongs he could find. Although the majority of his adventures are not known, some stories have spread, with a few even reaching the Southern Islands. Some of his most notable exploits include clashes with Zyglak, Visorak and Makuta Antroz. More recently, Sonitous fought alongside the Order of Mata Nui during their war with the Makuta, fighting on the front lines at Nynrah, and was later part of several rag-tag resistances after Teridax's takeover of the Matoran Universe. Following the Battle of Bara Magna, Sontious migrated to Spherus Magna.

Thode (Fractures Alternate Universe)

Thode 14

Thode is a Toa of Plasma who is renowned as a freelance bounty hunter and assassin. Thode became a Toa approximately 79,100 years ago, at the hands of a wandering Toa of Magnetism named Jovan. Though details of this time remain largely unclear, it is also known that he was part of Toa Kualus and Gorta's original Toa Team. After leaving his native village, Thode situated himself on Stelt, and briefly protected the land before growing bored with the morals of the Toa Code. He then struck out and became an assassin, though not before developing his signature sniper rifle on Xia.

After an extensive career in the business, Thode was eventually recognised as one of the universe's elite assassins. Even during the Brotherhood of Makuta's invasion, Thode continued to survive and thrive, and was later recruited by the Order of Mata Nui when they emerged from secrecy to declare war on the Brotherhood. Upon catching wind of a new Toa Metru team forming in Metru Nui, he traveled to the island city and learned of team's new leader, Toa Tollubo, concluding to keep an eye on him. After being swept up in a disastrous political conspiracy prevented by the Xian Secret Service, Thode made his interest in Tollubo known. Though he revealed that it was in his interests for him to succeed in defeating the Cult of Darkness, he emphasised he had no desire to directly support him.

Six months later, Thode executed one of the Cult's agents, Vunto, after he attempted to assassinate him because of his involvement with the Toa Metru task force.



One of CBW's most acclaimed golden oldies. Millennium has stood there, with his giant Axe of Eternity, inspiring a unique combination of intimidation, respect and admiration in the pits of all of our stomachs since his creation way back in January 2010. That's quite an achievement.

Millennium began his life on Spherus Magna as a creation of the Great Being known as Parikon. Able to manipulate the immensely unstable elemental discipline of Time itself due to an anomaly in his genetic structure, the Great Beings confined him on Spherus Magna, only for the Core War to destroy his prison and release our century-old antagonist unto the world. Needless to say, he was less than impressed by the whole experience and chose the path of darkness, establishing the Shadow of Ages within the Matoran Universe.

Launching numerous universal-domination plots, Millennium is said to have had a hand in the abetment of the Xevthian Empire. His plans were, however, foiled by the intervention of everybody's favorite Mersion scientist-turned hero, Mersery. Embittered by this disruption in his grand plan, Millennium made it his own personal ambition to counter the young scientist, who also appeared to have manifested time-sensitive abilities, an intense rivalry that continues to this day.

Chicken Bond has done well to create a unique and long-lasting villain, one who is further complimented by his continued evolution, dynamic protagonist/antagonist rivalry, and giant axe of doom. Keep up the good work!

Tourik (Fractures Alternate Universe)

M1 Tourik 02

Tourik stands as one of the best and most interesting Toa characters this wiki has to offer (as well as being one of my personal favourites). And you know what? The Elda moustache is entirely justifiable because he's a male character. How great is that?

A borderline anti-social, Tourik was originally a Bo-Matoran residing in a swampland on the Southern Continent. Under unclear circumstances, Tourik was transformed into a Toa of Plant Life and worked with his local team until around 79,100 years ago. By this point, the Matoran Civil War in Metru Nui had imperilled the health of the Great Spirit Mata Nui. This prompted a Toa of Magnetism named Jovan to join Tourik's team and lead them to the Chamber of Life to retrieve the Kanohi Ignika. Thanks to his Elda, Tourik proved invaluable in their search. After a member of their team sacrificed himself to restore the health of Mata Nui, Tourik parted ways with his team, and as such, did not become a Turaga like his comrades.

For approximately 76,000 years, Tourik would wander the Matoran Universe, searching for purpose. During his travels, he saved Gribrak and attempted to track down Makuta Kojol, which resulted in him discovering Artakha. By the time the Brotherhood of Mkauta launched their full-scale invasion of the universe, Tourik had pledged himself to the defence of Artakha, allowing him to survive the brunt of the war.

Following the end of the war, Tourik travelled to Stelt and was reunited with Gribrak. Exhilarated by the fact they had both survived the conflict, they began to visit some of Stelt's seedier establishments. However, by request of Toa Tollubo, the pair grudgingly agreed to travel to Metru Nui to help protect the city from a rogue faction called the Cult of Darkness. Upon arriving on Metru Nui, Tourik was hailed as one of the island's Toa Metru, much to his annoyance. In the midst of his service, Tourik was commissioned to write a guidebook for the dimensionally-displaced Tollubo, so as to ease his assimilation into the Fractures Universe.


Vorred Theran1

A resident of Voya Nui, Theran came to nurture a surprisingly anti-sociable and cryptic attitude in contrast with the typical openness expected of his fellow Ta-Matoran. For the first 18,000 years of his life, Theran lived peacefully until Barraki Mantax and the League of Six Kingdoms invaded his village and took him captive. Following the League's defeat, Theran remained a slave on Stelt, where he was frequently tormented both physically and psychologically. This ultimately resulted in him hardening into a tougher character.

After the Brotherhood of Makuta slaughtered many of the slave drivers on Stelt following an anonymous tip from the Order of Mata Nui, Theran was able to escape in the chaos as a refugee. Under unclear circumstances, Theran became a Toa and became acquainted with Range, Merall, Dorvan, Brorag and Chaeus, all whom would later serve in his Toa team.

After many years spent training, Theran and his team found themselves in a field on Balfe Nui. However, for unclear reasons, neither Theran or his colleagues retained any solid memory of their previous adventures. Soon after, Theran became deeply embroiled in the conflicts between the locals and and a mysterious, shadowy figure named Nuva and his Forgotten Warriors. After a brief but intense brush with death at the hands of Nuva, Theran and his allies joined Toa Solunus and the Patriots, a group of elite Toa dedicated to defeating Nuva.


Vorred Inrye250px

One would assume that a Ta-Matoran that worked as a monitor of the Metru Nui Chute Station would be a rather typical Ta-Matoran. This couldn't be much further from the truth. With hobbies such as collecting scrap from the Protodermis Reclamation Yard and disk surfing down the Chute Systems he monitors, it's no wonder why Inrye is regarded as a very eccentric character. Often late for work, Inrye was disciplined by the Vahki on numerous occasions. Inrye frequently visited the Onu Metru Archives as he was intrigued by the technology displayed at exhibitions. But somehow his interest lead the Ta Matoran into becoming a subject in an experiment which involved the forceful plantation of a Krana onto his face. Despite being liberated shortly afterwards, Inrye developed a mental link with the Bohrok hive mind.

Shortly before the Great Cataclysm Inrye was placed into a Matoran Sphere by the orders of Makuta Teridax under the guise of Turaga Dume. This lead to a decrease in his power and resulted in the form shown in the image to the left.

On Mata Nui, Inrye lived on the border between Ta-Wahi and Le-Wahi, and worked as a trader. Making frequent visits to Le-Koro to gather supplies for his store resulted in him picking up the local dialect of Treespeak—perhaps one of Inrye's most outstanding features as a character. Inrye lived through many hardships in his life on Mata Nui: the Great War, the Nui-Rama swarms, the invasion of the Bohrok and even the arrival of the Rahkshi. During all of this time Inrye still manage to confuse fellow Matoran with his strange mannerisms.

As described by Turaga Vakama himself, "Inrye is a Le-Matoran trapped in the body of a Ta-Matoran".



Unlike so many of the creations Custom BIONICLE Wiki plays host to, Niha is a character who has truly stood the test of time. Indeed LoganWoerner has seen to it that his Tryna-wearing automaton of a creation has existed in a wide and diverse variety of forms ever since her introduction way back in 2010, making her one of the oldest modern characters to still be inhabiting in the spotlight.

Recently reinvented as a fully-mechanical automaton in the Artificial Toa Project, Niha was constructed by Xian engineers and based off of blueprints drawn up by veteran Order of Mata Nui member, Mersery. She was born into the Matoran Universe in a starkly unconventional manner, making her one of its youngest inhabitants and introduced to the world during an era of tyranny, corruption, and injustice. However, in spite of her less than savory origins as a living weapon at the disposal of a secretive espionage organization, Niha eventually tired of her life in service to the Order of Mata Nui and began to forge her own way in the world. These days, Niha spends her time on a series of cross-dimensional journeys in order to define her own identity.

Jam-packed with tasty references to the popular shipping movement between Mersery and Niha, a full and professional outline of her entire storyline history, and further complimented with an impressive description of her weapon arsenal, Niha's page is a true delight from start to finish.



Tracing her murky origins back to the dark ages of 2005, it goes without saying that Whera is a creation steeped in a rich heritage as one of the wiki’s hallmark figures.

Undoubtedly one of the oldest characters Custom BIONICLE Wiki has to offer, Whera came to fruition in an age when little to no information had been revealed about Toa of Lightning. As a result, her article has gone through numerous revisions to make her the swash-buckling, sword-swinging free spirit she is today.

Starting her life as a Vo-Matoran, Whera spent her early years on Skya Nui, reverse engineering a number of electrical systems put in place by the Great Beings. Over time she amassing considerable knowledge in the field and was at one point approached to excavate an ancient mountainside ruin, an experience that caused the Vo-Matoran to be both imbued her with Toa Power and vexed with the fusion of the Kanohi Ultima to her mask. Fortunately, since this event occurred during the Time Slip, the Order of Mata Nui was swift to cover her transformation up, spiriting her away to Tren Krom Peninsula.

With no memory of her past life, Whera was promptly approached by Toa Nidhiki, who trained her in the art of swordplay, molding her into a self-sufficient and agile warrior before leaving the island to become a Toa Mangai. For many years, Whera stayed to defend the Tren Krom Peninsula, witnessing the Great Cataclysm and aiding in the rebuilding process that followed it.

Roughly 100 years ago, Whera was contacted by a mysterious messenger, who prompted her to return to Skya Nui once more. Acting upon the summons, Whera returned to her home island and was soon introduced to five other Toa, one of whom admitted to having issued the bid for assistance in hopes of reforming the Toa Skya to defend the island.

The World of An Endless Ocean


This update's Featured Article goes to BionicleChicken's The World of An Endless Ocean! As described in the page's summary at the top of the page, the article is a "compendium of the Pirates version of the Matoran Universe".

Written by the famous Onu-Matoran author, Gile (who shall be referred to as Farce throughout his spotlight), the article itself is a lengthy and very in-depth guide to BionicleChicken's famed Pirates Universe. Farce covers, in detail, the universe's history. From the many theories of how the universe came to be, the first Toa, the construction of Metru Nui, the League of Six Kingdoms, right though to "The End". But no, Farce does not stop his detailed document there. Thorough sections are also provided for the species that reside in the universe itself, such as Skakdi and the Lykos Kinsmen. There's even an Afterword section, which I won't be spoiling for you.

As you can see, BionicleChicken deservedly wins this update's Featured Article. With such thorough, detailed explanations, it's clear he worked hard on this article, and it's even more impressive when you consider that the majority of the article is written through the perspective of Farce.


"And now for something completely different."

Well, this is certainly something new. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the watermelon. The first piece of fruit ever to step into the limelight of the Main Page (and hopefully not the last). There does not appear to be a wiki category for fruit, so I encourage somebody to be a good sport and make one. It will bring us all closer together as a community. Curiously, this watermelon has arguably lead a life that is perhaps far more exciting than the lives of the majority of users on this very wiki (much to our shame). After enduring the soul-crushing loneliness so atypical of too many watermelons in modern society, this watermelon was liberated from the bleak future of consumption by a Toa of Sonics named Amea, who cared for this particular watermelon as if it were the child she never had (canon be damned, there are children out there! Millions of them! Think of the children!).


Together they ruled a rather lovely kingdom of fruit, as king and queen (I hear their kingdom is a tax-free haven. The wife says I shouldn't get my hopes up), and were beloved by various people of a rather plebian disposition. Very little is known about the melon's stance on a range of political topics, from marriage equality to the economy. His most notorious political opponent, a Mr Peter Stinkend Furz of Rump Lane, is on record saying that the melon's policies, particularly his approach to foreign policy, were "rather fruity." However, our happiness was not to last, for Mata Nui's brother, the Makuta, was jealous of these honors and betrayed him, casting a spell over Mata Nui, who fell into a deep slumber. The Makuta was free to unleash his shadows... and unleash them, he did this melon went a little senile and rotted away; allegedly this occurred during a heated discussion involving a cricket ball and a comedy vegetable. The now widowed Amea, in a desperate bid to preserve her husband's legacy, pried him open and spread his seeds. Soon after, the melon's children were born. If he could see them now, their father would be immensely disappointed.

This particular watermelon would also appear to directly inspired by the work of Kierkegaard and his notable work on the philosophy of existentialism and the importance of material human existence over the ideals of abstract thought as depicted in his various 19th century works.

You can learn more about this Watermelon in his ongoing comedy gameshow Madness: Watermelon. I know I'll be tuning in.

Divided Alternate Universe

Divided AU
The setting of easily recognized stories such as the infamous To Ascend and Felony, the Divided Alternate Universe seems relatively similar to any other generic BIONICLE reality. Of course, the differences soon become apparent when one begins to read.

In this universe, the Great Beings discovered the planet Zypvera and began their experimentation there instead of Spherus Magna. Their initial experiments proved disastrous, and they abandoned the planet in order to give the biosphere time to normalize. A group of Great Beings later returned to Zypvera and created a similar society to that found in the Matoran Universe around the time The Shattering occurred on Spherus Magna.

History progressed very similarly to the Prime Reality in the Matoran Universe, until the Order of Mata Nui created a machine that would function similarly to the Olmak and accidentally let three hoards of specially bred Visorak travel to Zypvera and devastate the city of Oryna. After getting the machine to function properly, Helryx opened diplomacy between the two societies. The peace did not last long, and soon the Order found itself at war with the Coh'lhran species.

Rando07 has written a detailed and intriguing overview of his universe, yet has kept everything concise so to be easily accessible to new readers. The differences from the canon are explained as explicitly as the history. This is exactly what an Alternate Universe article should be, and is definitely deserving of the main page spotlight.

Wiara (Fragmented)

I39 Wiara1

Well, it's not every day we see a character that travels the Matoran Universe (well, whenever the Admins decide to update the Main Page). Wiara is one of the “loners” we have on the wiki. Her early life started bumpy. It seems the only “normal” part of her life was when she aided in the construction of the Matoran Universe, and then settled in a village. She became a healer and then everything tumbled down from there. Her village was raided by Dark Hunters, who killed most of the population. She escaped to another village, but when the Great Cataclysm occurred, she was stuck on the Voya Nui side.

The village was then hit again by Dark Hunters a little while later. Fortunately, Toa arrived and slayed the Dark Hunters. The leader of the team even gave her a Toa Stone, transforming her into a Toa. But this was not an improvement in her already hectic life. The other Toa transformed Matoran into Toa and they became the Toa Victorious (I know, a lame name. GG 2013 me). They traveled the island and found a village being attacked by even more Dark Hunters, but they defeated them. They settled down in a village on the Northern Continent and became the protectors there. But no threats faced them and they became very bored, beginning to turn on each other until only Wiara and a Toa of Plant Life were left.

But hey, you'll have to read the whole article yourself. Wiara will make her first appearance in the short story A Step Out of Darkness and in the major installment Fallen Heroes.


2011 Glonor Metru Nui 02 It seems a rather iconic figure of the wiki has graced us with his presence on the main page this month. Standing up for truth, justice, and underrepresented Matoran everywhere, Glonor has become a universal problem solver and remains immensely popular amongst fans, second only to The Mighty Thode.

He has more alternate universe iterations than you can count on one Glatorian hand, and has starred in his own critically-acclaimed story serial. Quite the résumé for a four-and-a-half foot tall otherwise obscure former military official. One would obviously expect such a character to have an article as glorious as he is, and as usual (except for that one time) BobTheDoctor27 does not fail to deliver. We are provided with a reasonably long, carefully thought-out, and informative article that tells you everything you could possibly want to know about our dapper friend Glonor other than when he’ll find that Toa stone alreay.

For anyone (if such a person exists) who is unfamiliar with his backstory, I will provide a brief summary. Glonor’s idyllic life in Karda Nui was brought to an abrupt end by the Time Slip organized by the Order of Mata Nui, when he was relocated to the military capital of the Matoran Universe, Vacca Nui. There he made a name for himself in ranks of the Vacca Nui military, though after a long and relatively successful career he left the island, feeling he no longer belonged after a critical injury on the field of battle during the brutal civil war. He wandered the universe for years, eventually meeting up and joining a group of other Av-Matoran during the Reign of Shadows. The group would later emigrate to Spherus Magna, where they stumbled across a dimensional portal projector once used by the Great Beings. The unspoken leader of the group, the now-Toa Tollubo, feeling his talents were unappreciated in his home universe, chose to use the device to travel to a universe where he could make himself useful. Glonor and the others would reluctantly follow him through.

His story would continue in the immensely popular Fractures Universe storyline as he made his place in this strange new world. Glonor’s article is a model example of what one should aim for when making an article: it’s enjoyable to read; complies with our Manual of Style and Layout Guide; and to top it all off, it’s packed with quality content and sufficient amounts of fluff. Read it and weep.



Well, this is certainly unique.

Coming from the great and humorous mind of BionicleChicken, a sentient virus that has infected various key characters from the canon BIONICLE storyline, such as Tuyet, Ahkmou, the Skakdi, the Barraki, and Brutaka, and was responsible for the Sand Tribe devolving.

This virus can apparently alter someone's destiny, which is pretty darn awesome. It's an interesting way to explain the actions of the various villains that I listed previously.

It was originally from Spherus Magna, where it affected the natives and altered their fate. After finding out that the Matoran were building the Great Spirit Robot and that Spherus Magna was going to split in three, it hitched a ride on the robot and traveled with it.

It eventually found Velika, now in the body of a Matoran and infected him, its first victim aboard the Matoran Universe. It went around infecting various members of various species, which formed the species known as “Beasts”. It soon went into hibernation, however... waiting to be awoken.

That's just part of the history. You can read it for yourself in the link listed above. It's a very interesting read and hopefully we'll see more like in from BC in the future.



It's not everyday you see a Toa of Shadow on the Main Page... well... every month, or whenever the MP gets updated.

Nephthys is MAZEKA's secondary Self-MOC and a female one too. Kind of interesting, actually. Interesting for a male MOCist to have a female self-MOC.

Nephthys started her life like any other Matoran and aided in the construction of the MU. She was placed on a island north of Odina where she worked to keep Mata Nui in good health, but then went to Metru Nu to become a healer but came back a few years later.

Then the Dark War started and her island was invaded the Dark Hunters. Even though several Matoran on the island fled to Metru Nui, she stayed back and helped the Matoran who were fighting off the Dark Hunters, like a hero. But soon they fled to Stelt and purchased a new boat with the intent to go to Metru Nui, but heard that it was crowded.

They then went to the Northern Continent where they were captured by Dark Hunters and thrown in prison, making her think that their journey was pointless.

And that's just some of the history of this gal. If you want to find out what happened to her after that I highly recommend reading it for yourself and congratulating Mazeka on a job well-done.

Peace out.

Final Push (Fractures Alternate Universe)

Fractures Takua3
Worldbuilding is an area of fanfiction generally left to the canon, alternate universe pages and one-off expository paragraphs in stories on the CBW, but perhaps this trend is coming to an end. BobTheDoctor27’s Final Push describes the specific history of a campaign led by Toa Takanuva in his famous Fractures Universe, summarizing the context and battles with sufficient detail that’s informative but not painstaking. He explains a pivotal period of time for his story expertly with just a few more than a dozen reasonable lengthed paragraphs.

The article goes over what led to the Final Push, how Takanuva refused to give up hope and leads his forces into Makuta-controlled territory to strike at the bulk of their armies. It details each of the three critical victories of the Order of Mata Nui’s forces: The Battle of Artidax, the Battle of the Southern Island Chain, and the Battle of Altronia. The basics of what occurred in each battle and the effects are summarized quite nicely, and I highly suggest you go give the whole thing a read. It won’t take you more than a few minutes.

Personally, I think we need more article like this one. Unique, well thought out, and not just another cookie-cutter character article. So give it a read, then go out there and show us what surprises you have up your sleeves.

Infinite Improbability Energy


Looky what we got here. A thing written by an older user who's been inactive for years and written by someone who joined in the year that the other user went inactive. Odd. Probably has something to do with our new adoption policy.

Well, time to get your math caps on. This is a mysterious energy that can increase the probability of something or lower it. For example if you're in a dry desert, the odds of a water spring increase, and vice-versa.

It seems to have been around since the creation of the Matoran Universe, being a byproduct of its creation. This energy does not seem to have a pattern to its movement, freely roaming around the Universe. No one knows if its sentient or not.

The Great Beings try to encase it within the Matoran Universe. Mata Nui then found out about it after they launched and created the Makuta to investigate it. But the close exposure corrupted the species and made them into the Makuta we know and love. An interesting spin on the creation of the Makuta and their corruption, indeed.

The energy moves randomly across the Universe and no one can detect it until it manifests itself.

A very odd phenomena, indeed.

Lhikan (Pirates)


Ahoy. Look I’m using the picture I wrote a spotlight for back in January. #callback.

BC makes his return to the Main Page again with another article from his infamous Pirates Universe, this time the old BIONICLE classic, Lhikan.

So I guess the only trait Ta-Matoran on Metru Nui had in any Universe is the ability to craft Masks, even if they’re bad or whatever. So Lhikan crafted Masks in Ta-Metru where he wasn’t very well known, but that didn’t stop him from winning a crafting contest and getting him his signature golden Hau which we all know and love (I think?).

One of these days too he ran into Toa Dume who took an interest in the Matoran (no you weirdo) and kept him in mind for later (good gosh stop it). Lhikan eventually moved to the Northern Continent and made a life for himself there.

Toa Dume then came back (they always do) and gave him a Toa Stone. Lhikan was then transformed into the Toa we all know and love. He went to join the other Toa Mangai at a Toa Fortress to protect the Makoki Stone. You know, that one thing that Greg told us about?

Anyway fast forwarding through this we can see that a lot of the history is similar to his Core Universe counterpart (at least he didn’t get some polybag as his Turaga set form), but BC has also integrated several bits of fanon into it that add onto the already fan-loved character. His Turaga Mask is also a Mask of Fire, which is very clever.

Give this page a full read-through to get the full story here.

Do not rely on your memory. Look beyond your history and see what is.



Our resident Chinese elf bub (make up your mind) returns to the Main Page, this time with Featured Template Article!

Joking aside, all this wikitext really is quite lovely. Not to mention bub did it all himself. Man, wish I could do that. And while we're on that topic, let's point out the layout. Everything you need to know is on the page, like any other page, but tucked away in nice little tabs. Personally, I think it looks quite snazz.

Then there's bub's signature page writing style: written from the point of view of the owner of the page, interview-style. It really adds depth to the page, because instead of listening to some narrator you're getting you're info straight from the horse's (or Toa's?) mouth.

But let's get to the actual content. Xaedan, unlike your stereotypical Ta-Matoran, was not a mask-maker. He "worked" in the Ta-Metru furnace (though he actually says he didn't really do any work). Being shunned by his classmates fellow Ta-Matoran led him to become what he refers to as the "Anti-Ta-Matoran:" introverted (Like me! :D).

Then, one day, he was visited by The Doctor Infernum himself, who offered him a companion if he would one day play a game (think Dungeons & Dragons meets Jumanji, and then stop thinking that because it's nothing like that). And if you've read the Madness Series, you know what comes next.

Of course, there's more to the article than that. There's the spoiler bit at the bottom of the history, Xaedan's equipment, his moveset (snazz), and even a relationships bit (more of us should do that, those are fun to write). I could babble on (heh) about those too, but I doubt my drivel would do his work (or Xaedan's?) justice. Go read the article, and give bub a pat on the back (or a cookie, as tradition dictates).

Dark Elemental Energy


Well, it's certainly not often that an Elemental Power-themed article makes gets itself nominated onto the Main Page spotlight, and rarer still that it proves successful. In any case, it looks as though Dark Energon Dark Elemental Energy has snatched up the attention this time around, so let us celebrate this unique and innovative article.

Posing a threat to Toa everywhere, Dark Elemental Energy is the antithesis of Elemental Powers. Able to nullify a target's Elemental potential, Dark Elemental Energy is diametrically opposed to everything we know and love about BIONICLE. Conceived by Ahpolki Inika, Dark Elemental Energy traces its origins back to the Core War, where it was discovered in an uninhabited region of Spherus Magna and brought to the attention of the Great Beings. Recognizing the potential of the substance, the Great Beings were known to have programmed Dark Elemental Energy into the Marendar Unit, as well as stashing a supply inside the Great Spirit Robot as an added precaution should the Toa population ever become disenfranchised with the will of Mata Nui.

Later discovered by The Shadowed One, Dark Elemental Energy crystals were soon harvested by Dark Hunters and used for their intended purpose of counteracting the Elemental Powers of Toa. Sharing this resource with the Brotherhood of Makuta, both organizations came to use force-fields constructed from Dark Elemental Energy to imprison Turaga and Matoran.

Existing also in the Second Generation continuum, Dark Elemental Energy occurs naturally in the Shadow Realm, making it nigh impossible to harness Elemental Powers in such an environment. On Okoto, Dark Elemental Energy crystals can be found sparingly, with most of the crystals believed to have been exhausted when conjuring this Elemental Beasts.

Paracelsus (Chalkaverse-1)


Looks like it has finally been done, folks. Chalk33 has given us our first Featured Article dedicated to a Kanohi.

The Kanohi Paracelsus, the Mask of Poison, is classified as an Immoral Kanohi. The mask itself traces its origins back to some of the earliest mask-making techniques adopted on Spherus Magna, where an unclear number of Paracelsus masks were created for the Matoran populace. At this point in the history of the Matoran Universe, the Paracelsus bore no association to any particular elemental discipline and was swiftly rejected from regular circulation among Matoran.

Over the 100,000 year span of the Matoran Universe's functionality, Paracelsus became a somewhat rare Kanohi. Requiring a complex combination of six Weaken, four Freeze, and five Poison Removal Kanoka disks, the mask was somewhat hard to craft. Indeed, more than one Ta-Matoran smelter has been known to throw a tablescrap Paracelsus across the grilled platforms of the Ta-Metru Foundries in frustration.

Relying fundamentally upon the bearer’s knowledge of toxicology and chemical attributes, the mask enables its user to conjure and manipulate any corrosive or toxic substance. While it offers little in the way of resistance to the noxious materials it produces other than minor facial protection, the mask is a powerful resource for any combatants unbound by the rigid morality of the Toa Code. Presently, the Dark Hunter known as Venom is the only known bearer of a Paracelsus, using it to finally take down Spider-Man coat his Protosteel Tri-Talon with poison, increasing its deadliness in close-quarters combat.

Sporting a rather nifty and unique background and a custom-made Infobox, the article sets a shining new standard for the quality that Kanohi-themed pages should aspire towards.

Northern Continent

MU Northern Continent

Ah, the Northern Continent. You know what I love about the Northern Continent? It's north of the Southern Continent. Isn't that cool?

Alright, enough of that mindless drivel. Let's hop to it, shall we? First off, what makes this page so special? It's just a crummy canon page, right? Nyet, you fool. First off, Bob wrote it. And since he's head-admin, we have to like it. It's the rule help me, he's holding me captive and forcing me to write it.

But seriously, I read over this page and it's pretty well-written. I learned more about the continent than I expected. This article is far more informative than the BS01 equivalent, including such information as the forests potentially denoting it as Mata Nui’s “lungs,” and that Bo-Matoran were placed there to maintain it. It also goes into detail about the landscape of the island, something the BS01 article merely brushes against.

I mean, there's more to it than that, and it's a good read. Go read it, give Bob a cookie (only one, he needs to cut back), and then… I dunno. Whatever it is people with lives do.

Flardrek (Toa Hydros)

Bionicle20 417

Surely not? How can Flardrek be winner of Featured Article? Didn't he already win? Ah, but this isn't Flardrek, this is Flardrek. Subtle difference, isn't it? More specifically, this is Flardrek as interpreted by famous BIONICLE storytelling aficionado Toa Hydros. So where do we start?

A resident of Spherus Magna, Flardrek was drafted to fight in the Core War on behalf of the Element Lord of Fire and was trained by the legendary Fire warrior Magmus. Although he fought in many of the War's most famous conflicts, Flardrek perhaps most famously led his battalion to conquer a Rock Tribe outpost defend by an elite Skrall warrior later named Tervok. When Spherus Magna was devastated in the Shattering, Flardrek served the Fire Tribe as its Second Glatorian faithfully, even winning the Great Tournament, until he was left badly injured following a controversial match with Strakk. By the time he recovered, he opted to become a village guard and later a caravan guard for Vulcanus.

More recently, Flardrek was abducted by the rogue Skrall Drakzu and taken to the hidden base of another Skrall named Skirvex, leader of a group called the Gatherers. He was then placed in a cell with the bandit Frehsk whilst awaiting the process that would turn him into a mindless slave of Skirvex and his mysterious master. After staging a failed breakout attempt with Frehsk, Ranzesk, Drex, Flardrek and his comrades were rescued by agents of the Society of Guardians led by Ignika Nui, who gave Flardrek elemental fire powers in the process. Regrouping with dozens of the Society's agents at the Sanctuary, Flardrek agreed to aid the Society in stopping the Gatherers and their villainous experiments.


BTD27 Aartok 03

BobTheDoctor27 has taken quite the interest in the Bara Magna arc. As such, he has mashed up quite a bit of juicy headcanon on this subject, and Aartok is the latest fruit in this endeavor.

This Fire Agori has quite the resume. Back in the day, when Great Beings roamed the earth and Elemental Lords bashed it out for mastery of Energized Protodermis, Aartok had the prestigious role of cooking up hot plans for the Elemental Lord of Fire. For some time, this Agori served as one of the Fire Lord’s foremost strategic advisors. However, spicy rumors bobbed to the surface that Artok’s inferior tactical skill was responsible for many of the Fire Tribes early losses in the war, and Artok was demoted. The Fire Agori was not bitter, however, and continued to loyally serve the Fire Tribe.

Then came the Shattering. Chunks of the planet were torn out like pieces of a pumpkin, and the innards so viciously fought over were lost. So Aartok traded his mantle as a chief tactician for that of a chef tactician. Indeed, after a brief stint as a vendor of Core War memorabilia, The Agori took on the role of the Fire Tribe’s head cook in the local inn.

Over the course of his tenure in this role, Aartok had a run-in with Strakk. Long story short, the frosty Glatorian wanted food, the Fire Agori had the guts to say no, Strakk tried to gut him, Kiina got mixed in, Strakk tried to cut her down to size, Kiina’s temper boiled over… Ultimately, all did well to let out a little steam before the Chicken Bone Hunters returned. This incident was so infamous in Bara Magna’s history, Greg Farshtey saw fit to detail it in Raid on Vulcanus.

This left Aartok a little sour. Thankfully, the eventual arrival of Mata Nui and the restoration of Spherus Magna would sweeten his salty mood. Interestingly, in spite of the Agori’s tendency to be present wherever the action happened, he wasn’t around for the showdown between Mata Nui and Tuna—I mean Tuma.

Aartok’s story continues well past this point, but you’ll have to read the page (since I’m out of cooking puns). All I’ll say is that since becoming acquainted with Toa Gaaki and Turaga Whenua, the Agori has been spotted dusting off some of his old piscine recipes.

All in all, this page has every ingredient of a Featured Article and deserves its place on the front page. Normally I would ask you to give Bobdo a cookie for Aartok, but if the MOC catches sight of your inferior cooking, well, let’s just say it’s a recipe for disaster.



Well, ladies and gentlemen, wouldn’t you know. It looks like we’ve got our first ever Second Generation Featured Article stealing the spotlight this month… in 2017!

Born of a collaboration between invader39 and Ahpolki Inika, Duran Duran was a Protector of Earth several generations prior after the Battle of the Mask Makers. Tasked with defending the regions of Okoto in a time before Toa and in the midst of Ekimu's downfall, he became Notorious amongst his people. During his early career, Duran also adopted a young orphan and developed passionate feelings towards Hura, the Protector of Jungle.

Divided as his generation of Protectors were, Duran often found himself fighting alongside Abbi and Hura, with their other cohorts electing to pursue other ventures or unwilling to travel between the island’s various regions. Fending off a number of Skull Raiders, Duran was involved in one ill-fated battle with Okoto’s disgruntled skeletal-themed populace that cost Hura her life and moved the Protector of Earth to take decisive action. Pushing the invader off a cliff edge and into the lava flow beneath him, Duran managed to avenge his cohort whilst earning the contempt of Abbi for so costly a View to a Kill.

Twisted with grief, Duran renounced his title and exiled himself to a lonely existence in the Region of Ice. Happening upon a pool of a mysterious liquid with mutagenic properties, the former Protector began conducting experiments, hopeful that the substance might restore his beloved Hura to life. However, he would soon come to be himself changed by the liquid, his featured growing stunted and warped. Keen to return to the site of his final battle, Duran became Hungry like the Wolf and returned to the Fire Region, where his abominable new appearance scared many of the local villagers and prompted Abbi to fend him off. Although mortally wounding his former cohort, Duran was eventually felled by the Protector of Fire’s daughter, marking a decisive end to his rampage.


Comic Vastus

Well our senior Bureaucrat has successfully managed to get one of his many overhauled canon pages onto the Main Page, and to be honest I’m happy the first of probably many is our man Vastus.

While the majority of the page is grounded in canon, Bob has gone through the effort of sprinkling in various headcanons, either ones he created or ones shared amongst the community. He has also fleshed out the Glatorian’s backstory and has given him a much more meaningful history.

And having brought the page up to date from it’s previous form dating back to 2012, Bob has also added several images of our favorite Glatorian of the Jungle Tribe from various mediums as well as adding pictures of his own revamp and Stars version as alternate forms.

A fun and engaging read, Bob has surely outdone himself with this overhaul and has given deep insight into the life and history of Vastus, I highly recommend it and suggest reading the other pages he’s brought up to date and give him a pat on the back for a job well done.

Cities of Spherus Universe

Pozico LekrosuDeath

Timing can be a very tricky thing at times, and for a great example of this, look no further than the Cities of Spherus Universe. Despite his brilliantly comprehensive Plan, it seems even Teridax cannot account for every variable. The postponing of the Battle of Bara Magna by about a day sets off a domino effect resulting in a handful of significant alterations from the Core Universe.

Ever the slightest changes in the course of the battle following the delay resulted in the very literal fall of Teridax. The Great Spirit Robot landed in a different position this time, and the five pivotal cities could be erected thanks to this. To protect the cities, a rule of five teams of Toa were established over time to protect the cities’ citizens. But evil was rising once again, this time in the form of rogue Vortixx and Toa, as well as the mysterious Cult of Teridax.

Toa Pozico and Karov Kurad have balanced well thought-out lore with realism in their joint universe, and this page is evidence for this. Their characters, Pozic and Kurad, (getting the weirdest sense of déjà vu as I type this, but can’t put my finger on it) stand on the eve of what is clearly a monumental struggle to come, and I honestly can’t wait to see more come of this universe. Two stories, Mastery's End and Deception of Honor have already been released in the universe, and I look forward to seeing time shed light on the next stories of the Cities of Spherus Universe.


Toa norik
Of all the Toa Hagah, Norik is easily one of the most well-explored, having had an entire short story dedicated to exploring his background, at least in part. To some it may seem like there isn't much more to tell, or the other stories are worth exploring. However, as with all his canon-complicent articles, user Bob not only thoroughly details Norik's actions in established lore but heavily expands upon them, filling in the gaps before his arrival in Metru Nui, during the Reign of Shadows, and following his arrival on Spherus Magna, even going so far as to explain the reasoning behind such actions. Throughout all of this, Bob injects a thorough amount of fascinating headcanon and mythos into everything we already know (or think we know).

It is quite an hefty endeavor, and yet an examination of the other Hagah pages on the wiki have also had heavy, if not complete contributions from Bob. I must say, it's a commendable task to undertake, but we can only hope Bob will continue to reexamine Bionicle's lore and continue to expand and flesh out everything we know.


To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Windfall the wanderer is on the main page once more, this time claiming the Featured Article spotlight, again proving that there is more than one person entering Featured Creation every month.

With a staggeringly faithful and studiously researched opening about the character’s early life as a Matoran, the Tusval article stands as a shining testament to how any aspiring writer should pen a comprehensive and broad history for their creation – and there are few characters more deserving of this treatment than the great Tusval. As CBW’s second Toa of Gravity to rock his own narrative, the character’s abridged personal biography is here proven to be expansive and intriguing.

Acting as the earliest Chronicler of his village on Ora Nui, Tusval would relocate to a village in the Southern Continent after many centuries of service, notably weathering the League of Six Kingdoms and several Rahi invasions. However, gifted the Toa Power of Calorrid, Tusval’s mundane life would take an unexpected turn when he was transformed into a Toa of Gravity. Guided by Toa Zasere in the neighboring village, Tusval soon traveled to the Toa Fortress, where he received training from a fraternity of experienced warriors.

Taking quickly to the use of his Kanohi and mastering his elemental Gravity powers under the tutelage of Toa Theac, Tusval would continue his adventures under the instruction of his contemporaries, forming working relationships with figures such as Mareela, Oto, and Vahna before joining the Toa Aonalgin in an honoray capacity.

To hear more about the adventures of Tusval and his cohorts, be sure to check out the Sentinels Storyline!



Well, like so many other fanon endeavors, what started as a joke in an internet chatroom has become an elaborate project worthy of our main page...(take that as you will). Created by our very own ChineseLegolas, character Namoka has seen her backstory completely expanded upon and fleshed out.

Namoka is a Toa Vayu of Fire, but do not be confused; she did not start other as a Toa. She did not begin as a biomechanical creature in fact; Namoka is a Spherus Magna native and a Glatorian fighter born as recent as 3000 years ago. Namoka's natural fighting prowess allowed her to rise quickly in the ranks of the Glatorian system and, much like Gresh, it wasn't long before she was taking on the cream of the crop. Such skills would serve her well in the Skrall invasion and later in the Battle of Spherus Magna. However, Namoka would be smart enough to employ the correct toolset, a diplomatic nature, when working with the Toa and Spherus Magnans to join the two societies.

This isn't to say the Glatorian (given Elemental powers by Mata Nui) has sustained a complete overhaul. Namoka remains true to her roots as a Toa of Color Fire when she works to teach the Matoran the nature of love and romance, and she does so by acting naive and trying to use this to educate both societies the nature of their differences. All the while the "Toa" of Hot Fire outgrows her combative nature.

Of course, as with all CL's pages, he includes such dine detail as to even designate the character's special moveset. All in all, I can assure you this is but a sampling of CL's work and an excellent entry point into the Canto Universe particularly do to its canon compliance. It is a page well worth the read and a fine building block for his new series.



For anyone who has not been paying attention to the Recent Changes page for the past… (uh) ... (*counts on fingers*)... well, since mid-November, you might notice that the Kanohi page has sustained extensive additions. I don’t know much about math, but addition equals a lot.

You see, it was late last fall/early last winter that both users Bob and Bub suddenly took a vested interest in Kanohi and their functions. Bub, for his part, added a few certain headcanons of his, but arguably his biggest focus was on the complete and total overhaul of the fanon Kanohi section. At one point, he enlisted my services and furiously typed out the thorough graph you see today as I prattled off the details from Category:Kanohi over voice chat. Once his graph was complete--complete with Kanoka formulae, brief descriptions of powers, and marks denoting special attributes--the diagram was posted online. No doubt someone will come along in a year and ruin the alphabetical order, but at least we can enjoy it while it lasts.

Once Bub wrapped up his edits, Bob moved in, sprucing up the page even further with his own detail. In case you haven’t noticed, common themes running throughout several of the Featured Articles over the past one or two years is their canon-compliance coupled with Bob’s influence. Now Kanohi is no exception, and it saw tremendous influence from him and his multitude of headcanons.

Between the two of them, as well as the contributions of other similarly-minded editors during this time, the Kanohi page has experienced quite the transformation from a page where editors had to haphazardly add their brainchildren to one that we can show off as one of the standing legacies of our wiki--the overlong list of overpowered or farfetched Kanohi. Indeed, now it is a sparkling, clean, fresh page trimmed nicely down to size. Of course, worth noting is that we still have more than enough Legendary Kanohi for an Infinity Gauntlet. Just saying.

So, as we round out our March/April/whoevenknowsanymore updates, let this Kanohi page remain fresh at the front of our minds and on the top of our heads lest we ever need to research but fear to crawl through the labyrinth of our wiki. Please do be sure to commend Bub and Bob on their work.