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Featured Article

  1. So well-written. The perfect balance of blood and sweat and tears. One of the Sleeman bois - It's notoriously good.
  2. Not another Mask of Death, but it will do. --HAIL DENMARK 19:48, February 17, 2018 (UTC)
  3. Lots to write on here. Very canon-compliant. This page is a credit to our wiki! -- BobTheDoctor27
  4. --The Invasion Has Begun
  5. Nerds  ~~Chalk33 
  6. Aye.-- Ahpolki Inika

Featured Image

  1. Fight me - BeastlyIrritatingContent (or something or other)
  2. Choke me -- BobTheDoctor27
  3. --The Invasion Has Begun
  4. Fite  ~~Chalk33 
  5. Shadowmaster arrives on a tide of blood! ...oh hello,Thode.-- Ahpolki Inika

Featured Creation

  1.  Hopefully a legit entry this time around. Dat Oni 16:59, February 10, 2018 (UTC)
  2. No contest. -- BobTheDoctor27
  3. --The Invasion Has Begun
  4. Ye  ~~Chalk33 
  1. Behold the God of Chaos! Liukang_dance.gif Find me here. Chameleonchange.gif Talk to me. Shangtsung_friendship.gif Follow me. Kitana_wave.gif

Featured Story

  1. --The Invasion Has Begun
  2. One elemental beast of a story--HAIL DENMARK 19:48, February 17, 2018 (UTC)
  3. Get a torch already. It's 2018. -- BobTheDoctor27

Featured Quote

"Magnificent brother? You want something truly magnificent? Look at me! I’ve ended empires before they’ve begun. Listen to me! I’ve raised peasants to royalty and condemned the self-righteous to ashes. Your power has been permitted and permeated by me, and me alone. There is no Great Spirit in this universe, but if there is, let him too bow before me! To think you call me “brother”. I have a legacy; he is clad in iron, he bears my mask, he wields my sword, and I control him. When the time comes, I will be reborn through him and through my High Commanders. Your legacy, like that of some fool will be blown away like the ashes of a commoner’s cremated corpse, your secrets forever forgotten like a lost breath."
―Late Emperor Kragator to Secret Emperor Sheriem, The Wake
  1. Kragator loses his temper with once-fellow Archcommander, Sheriem. --HAIL DENMARK 23:05, February 13, 2018 (UTC)
  2. "you want to see smth amazing boi? something harder than hard? then clap eyes on ya boi. i've smoked trees before they were even trees. ok lissen. i made poor bois gucci gang and gucci gang poor bois. you are my slave so make me a sandwich. this is no big boi upstairs, but if there was, i'd be a bigger boi. u dumb boi, dont call me ya boi. i done did it and made a little boi of me. he's all emo and stuff so he wears lots of metal covers his face has an extremely sharp edge and he lissens to me. ok? when we get older and become pensioners, my little boi will become the real boi, and i will be named head honcho. you are an old boi already, like some dingus who eats tide pods cuz he think he is lit."
    ―boss boi
    One of the Sleeman bois - It's notoriously good.
  3.  ~~Chalk33 
  4. Yo, instead of waving that ham around, why not try to actually cook it?-- Ahpolki Inika

Featured User

  1. A good lad. Someone who is somehow active in chat and on the wiki. That could mean he’s a witch, but I won’t be racist.  ~~Chalk33 
  2. a good boi -- BobTheDoctor27
  3. --The Invasion Has Begun
  4. Funny, I thought he was a witcher.-- Ahpolki Inika