"It is time I and the other Rahaga let the other communities know about Nikita's betrayal... For, perhaps, you must know...that the Great Cystie is currently dead..."
Great Spirit
Occupation Ruler of the Rahkshi
Powers N/A
Status Deceased
Location N/A
Pronunciation N/A

Cystie is a Great Spirit.


When Cystie was a young Spirit, she had watched many horrible things happen in the spirit world. However, since this world is separate, we have absolutely no idea what these things are. Whatever happened, it gave her and her sister much wisdom.

She created the land of Metru Nui, and taught all the Rahkshi, her people, how to build a city and live as a society.

Cystie ruled in a way much different than her older, wiser friend, Mata Nui. He gave her much advice, but it was Cystie who ruled her people, while Mata Nui tended to help them with their troubles. Oftentimes the Rahkshi would have council with Cystie.

She and her sister, Nikita, did these things hand-in-hand. Their relationship was known as the Sisterhood. She was very kind and smart, and very up-to-date with other lands. It was her idea to have ten warriors and ten hunters to ensure the well-being of the community.


Cystie's private life and such are not well known, but we do know that Mata Nui was attracted to her, but it never worked out.

Cystie had many friends, but Makuta Teridax was not one of them. However, Mata Nui was a friend, and her Rahaga were friends. She had many, and when they died, she welcomed them with open hands.

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