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Group Onu-Matoran
Element Earth
Kanohi Pakari
Tools Crossbow
Status Alive
Location Kowa Mountains
Pronunciation N/A
"Die, idiots!"
―Dvd's warcry

DVD is a Matoran who was involved in the fight against the Brotherhood of Makuta. He was also a PGS on Toatapio Nuva's Comics and adventured in Quest for the Four Great Lands as well.


Dvd used to be a peaceful Matoran who's Island was destroyed by the Makuta. In a effort to stop the Makuta, Dvd was badly injured and had to flee. Blaming himself, he set out on a mission to start a new life. Dvd does not like to talk about his past, as he blames him for his islands destruction.

Toatapio Nuva's Comics and the Quest for the Four Great Lands


Dvd in the comics

Sometime during Tapios life in comic land, he guest starred Dvd. Dvd wanted to be a PGS (Permanent Guest Star) really bad after this experience and Tapio took him into the studio.

Dvd became famous for slaying idiots in the comic studio. He often attacked Matoran Hordika, who he hated. He was maybe a bit of a loonatic in the studio but became very close friends with Tapio.

When the Quest for the Four Great Lands begun, almost all of Tapio's crew got captured by Grandeg. But not Dvd. He followed the Grandeg's Robots secretly as they took the band into Grandeg's hideout. Soon after, Dvd was caught spying by a group of robots and a battle followed. Dvd was joined by Aino who had escaped Grandeg's custody and they defeated the robots.


Dvd controlling Grandeg's Airship

Then they went into one of Grandeg's Airships, since their friends were held in there. They hijacked the airship and freed their friends. They fled to Firehead's Island, where they found Wind Rider, Kohena and Bz Guard. They joined, and the group left for comic land.

The group saw the battle in comic land, Grandeg's Robots against the group of Tapio. Dvd used the ship to fire blasts at the robots but the ship was destroyed by the robots balsts. Dvd and the others left with parachutes and a group of Kahu. Only the Bz Guard didn't make it and died.

Dvd later went to Gruissiono with Tapio and a few of his friends. There, Dvd got a chance to shoot arrows at Bruhodag, who had attacked the group, and wounded him, while Vahkoro knocked the mask off him.

Dvd then helped in the battle for Gruissiono and witnessed the saving of the Four Great Lands.

After the adventure, Tapio and his friends moved back to Bio-Land. Dvd stood behind in Comic Land.

The Rising and Melding

After The Rising, Dvd moved to the Kowa Mountains of Bio-Land in the Great Migration where he resided until The Melding occured. Whether he remained on Kowa or moved somewhere else on Spherus Magna is unknown.

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