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Floating Island
Position Daxian Valley
Size N/A
Population N/A
Status In existence
Pronunciation N/A

Danaral is a mysterious floating piece of land.


Danaral arrived in the Daxian Valley after the opening of the Ascension, a portal that linked directly to the forests of the great city. It has lasted for several ten thousands of years, opening its sanctuary doors to both the Order of Mata Nui and the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Different parts of the hovering city favor one of the two factions, with portals to each major faction's city. Because Danaral is a sanctuary, the two opposing factions end up having to be peaceful and allies there.


With each faction, the Deathwheel Cycle, Defiler's Society, the Makuta and the Order all having a hold in Danaral, several things are available from emissaries and inns all over Danaral. Many of the beings in Danaral have mutual friendships, and opposing factions' emissaries can be seen speaking to each other now and then. Places such as banks are shared in the central terrace of Danaral.

Conflict in Danaral

With all the factions competing in Danaral, their primary target at the moment is focused on the Summerholde Basin in the Northeastern Daxian Valley. Deathwheel Cycle aids the Order, while the Defiler's Society sides with the Makuta as they clash in the large hole with a city inside.

Danaral is tossed up between this, but with the Kiril Tor ruling over Danaral and their own isle, they can make wise and just decisions. The subject of the Summerholde Basin has been enforced, so much talk of it is not tolerated.


  • The island is named for Dalaran from WoW, from which the image is taken.

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