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Dark Shed
Status Active
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation N/A

"Dark Shed" is the name given to a parasitic alien species characterized by its changing shape. The natural species lives freely in water and earth, while those of other related genera parasitize other creatures.


The Dark Shed is a species native to distant space. It arrived on Spherus Magna when a meteorite collided on the planet, and adapted to the environment. When the Great Beings created Mata Nui and the Matoran Universe, the Dark Shed also spread within the robot.

The first to discover the Dark Shed was Makuta Nutrex, who recorded diverse information about it. The organism was used by Makuta Spiriah on the Skakdi to give them powers. However, the experiment also resulted in them becoming irrationally aggressive. Fearing the spread of the virus, the island of Zakaz was quarantined.

The Dark Shed has also been the subject of experimentation by the Order of Mata Nui, being used by Morvax to create the mutant Kraata Vilrohk.


The Dark Shed is a parasitic amoeba that has the typical structure of a eukaryotic cell, presenting cytoplasm, nucleus and various organelles. In its life cycle, before reaching the parasitic phase, the Dark Shed is latent in a cyst. When the cyst is introduced into any organic creature (plant or animal), it reproduces rapidly through the nervous system of its victim and expands throughout their body.

The organism mutates its host to make it more powerful, but at a high price. The host in question tends to suffer adverse effects such as irritability, low intelligence, emotional instability, and others. There is also the possibility that the host does not survive the infection and that the Dark Shed consumes it completely. However, there are exceptions, and there have been cases of affected beings who do not suffer adverse effects.

Contrary to what the Makuta initially believed, the Dark Shed does not spread in the air and interaction with the infected does not pose any risk.


Depending on the infected species, the effects of the Dark Shed may vary. For these species the results of an infection are known:

  • Alpha Beings become corrupted if exposed.
  • Kraata have a low survival rate, but those that survive benefit greatly from the Dark Shed, gaining free will and improved powers. Shadow Kraata are more likely to survive the infection.
  • Matoran do not survive under any circumstances to a Dark Shed infection.
  • Makuta, lacking any organic structure in their bodies, are immune.
  • Skakdi gain multiple powers from exposure to the virus, including latent Elemental Powers and vision powers, but they tend to become more irritable.

Affected by Dark Shed


  • The Dark Shed has an official name that was not revealed.

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