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Dark Shed
Status Active
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation N/A

"Dark Shed" is the name given to an intradimensional parasitic species.


The Dark Shed is a native organism of the Spiritual Dimension. It arrived at Spherus Magna when a meteorite collided on the surface of the planet, and integrated itself into the environment. When the Great Beings created Mata-Nui and the Matoran Universe, the Shed also spread within the robot.

Mata Nui was the first to discover the Dark Shed, and used it for the creation of the Tamani species.

Much later the Dark Shed was investigated by Makuta Nutrex, who recorded information about it. The organism was used by Makuta Spiriah on the Skakdi species to give them unnatural powers. However, the experiment also resulted in them becoming irrationally aggressive. Fearing the spread of the Dark Shed, the island of Zakaz was quarantined.

The Shed has also been the object of experimentation by the Order of Mata Nui; Morvax used it to create the mutant Kraata Vilrohk.


The Dark Shed is a species coming from the Spiritual Dimension and, therefore, it is a spirit. It manifests itself in the physical world as a parasitic amoeba, and desperately seeks to reconnect to the Spiritual Dimension.

When the Shed is introduced into a living creature, it reproduces rapidly in the nervous system of its victim and expands throughout their body. The infection is irreversible, and has the potential to corrupt both the body and spirit of the victim. If corrupted, the host becomes a Dark Shed mutant that will seek to infect more beings, and eventually the Shed will consume them completely and kill them.

It is possible to survive a Dark Shed infection without being corrupted, but only if the host does not resist. The result can be beneficial, giving the host new powers and strengthening them. In very rare cases, the infection can restore the parasite's connection to the Spiritual Dimension, and the host can take advantage of this connection.

Contrary to what the Makuta believed at first, the Dark Shed does not spread in the air and interaction with those affected does not represent any risk.

Affected by Dark Shed


  • The Dark Shed has an official name that was not revealed.