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Dekar infobox1
Occupation Aqua Hunter (formerly)
Element Stone
Kanohi Kiril (formerly)
Tools Electro-Blades (formerly)
Status Transformed, Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation DAY-car

Dekar was a former Po-Matoran and Aqua Hunter. He is currently transformed and known as Hydraxon.


Dekar was one of the many Matoran who were sent to Karzahni by a mad Turaga following an attack by a tribe of Zyglak. After being altered by the mad being, Dekar was one of the Matoran to migrated to the Southern Continent. He was on the landmass that was broken off later known as Voya Nui.

Years later, Dekar was on a part of the island that broke off and sank into the ocean. This was later known as Mahri Nui. Dekar and the other Matoran in Mahri Nui survived thanks to the Air Bubble that surrounded the village and the nearby Airweed fields.

After the Kanohi Ignika fell into the sea, Dekar was in Mahri Nui when Kyrehx was attacked by the growing plants around her. He saved her, and then both Matoran hid in a nearby building. There, Kyrehx gave Dekar the mask she had found outside the village, not knowing it was the Mask of Life. Dekar tried to take it to the Matoran Council, but on his way, he was attacked by a Venom Eel. He soon discovered that anything he tried to kill instantly recovered from its wounds. Dekar decided that the mask needed to be destroyed because he felt it was too powerful. When he attempted to do so, the mask retaliated, creating a giant Venom Eel. After recovering, the Kanohi "spoke" to him, revealing its history and vital purpose. Four of the Barraki and Brutaka attempted to persuade him to hand over the mask, but Dekar refused to surrender it.

Dekar was attacked and the Mask was taken from him. The Mask then emitted a blinding light that knocked out the Barraki and the Po-Matoran. Regaining consciousness first but dying, Dekar swam back to Mahri Nui to warn the village about the Barraki, but was transformed by the Ignika into a new version of Hydraxon, the late jailer of the Pit, as he did so. Dekar, transformed, no longer had any recollection of his life as a Matoran.

Abilities and traits

Dekar was a skilled waterhunter. He liked solitude and enjoyed hunting. He was brave, but practical enough to flee if he was losing a fight. He always wanted what was best for Mahri Nui, to the point of attempting to destroy the Ignika.

Alternate versions


Moc tests 1- 029

DekarForever's version.

In the Afterverse, Dekar is the commander of the Mahri Nui sentinels, the defenders of the sunken city.


Instead of remaining Hydraxon and losing his memory, Dekar reverted back into a Matoran. He was then given a Toa Stone on orders of Toa Helryx and transformed into Toa. He later returned to Voya Nui, where a strange storm transformed him from a Toa of Stone to a Toa of Lightning.

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