Demi-Nui was created by the Great Beings 10000 years after the success of Mata Nui. Demi Nui was made as to be a second Mata Nui with a similar design plan, along with a few modifications. The process was never completed. This was because of a virus that was killing off most of the life forms created for the planet.

The Great Beings then abandoned Demi Nui for more favourable projects. It was then taken over by Olcara, a makuta who came from Mata Nui after being exiled. With his help the matoran survived and were modified, along with the other Rahi into vicious beasts, such as the Mator-Rahi.

The modifications gave Olcara a grand army, although he couldn't use them. These monsters populated all of the northern islands with a few stretched further out.

The modifications also denied the ability for Toa to be created in Demi Nui for another 80000 years. The first last and only Toa to have been created in Demi Nui was Tika. Tika had been modified into one of the more powerful Mator-Rahi subspecies, the Contraks. Masks were not needed to survive so they were only used as trophies by the Contraks.

Tika had earned many masks, among which, was an Ignika. At one time Tika wore the mask and it's power altered, repaired and turned him into a toa.

He was exiled and sent into the wilds. The mask was not removable as any attempt began to painfully reverse the transformation.

Tika however was by no means the only Toa to ever be there and Olcara wasn't the only one who was warped from Mata Nui as Mazeka (Demi-Nui), Vican and Norik came 10000 years later.

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Demi Nui consists of around thirteen small continents, seperated by oceans and vortexes of uncompleted nothing.

The continents

  • Horaka: Home of Tika and Olcara along with large numbers of members of most species
  • Trenkom: Unpopulated because of vortex making access impossible
  • Demaka: INFORMATION CLASSIFIED by order of Olcara
  • Falrak: Home of the Ice beasts
  • Santora: INFORMATION CLASSIFIED by order of Olcara
  • Vortexa: Home of the star vortex and the Vortexians
  • Barakavain: Unpopulated because of vortex making access impossible
  • Oontabaen: Home of the Stalmanears
  • Quebarac: INFORMATION CLASSIFIED by order of Olcara
  • Pontay: Home to the Hornters
  • Icora: Home of the Fire Beasts
  • Gatura: INFORMATION CLASSIFIED by order of Olraca
  • Raxico: Home of Screechers and Skakdas

Due to the vortex covering up most of the sky, few are aware that there are other planets.


Mator-Rahi subspecies:

Demi Nui Rahi:

Sapient Species:




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