The Dentrax 590 was a combat vehicle created by Delarium Vehicles Inc..

The Invention

The Dentrax 590 was designed by Calibrax, an inventor on Destral Nui. The inventor had created it during the Vral War, a time when powerful vehicles were needed. Among these new vehicles were Inerlax 78, Rindran U7, and the Kremlar T70.

Early Years

The Dentrax 590 had an equal share of its failures and successes. It took lots of experimenting to finally get it right. During its first testing stages, many of the DVI's workers lost their lives over accidents. It was soon realized, though, that it lacked stabilization, the common factor in all of the deaths.

The Vehicle

The vehicle itself was capable of reaching two kio per hour, and could hold up to two Toa at once, depending on the size. It was designed to have extreme protection against heat, cold, and debris. Unlike its predicesors that failed, it contained turbonic engines and stabilizers, which proved to be a great asset in the latter design.


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