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Deriahk Gallery
Group Order of the Great Creators
Powers Shrink vision
Kanohi Garai
Tools Electric weaponry
Status Alive, comatose
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation De-RIAK

Deriahk is a Skakdi. He was, at various stages of his life, a warlord in Zakaz, a mercenary allied to the Order of the Great Creators, and member of the Spherus Magna Council.

Accumulating an excellent reputation in the Matoran Universe for his heroic deeds, Deriahk spearheaded the creation of the Skakdi Alliance in Spherus Magna to restore his people. For a brief period he represented the Alliance as Senator in the Spherus Magna Council, and was formally styled as His Excellency, Senator Deriahk of the Skakdi Alliance of Spherus Magna.


Deriahk originally resided on his homeland of Zakaz with the rest of his kind. There, he served as personal assistant to Riaxix, the ruler of the island.

Like the other members of his species, Deriahk was part of Makuta Spiriah's failed experiments. With their newfound powers, the Skakdi entered in civil war, and Deriahk became a warlord.

After a while serving as a legion leader, Nektann, one of his soldiers and closest friends confronted him for the command of the group and defeated him. Deriahk, seriously wounded, was left in the forest to die, but Riaxix rescued him and took him to the coast. Riaxix handed him a boat full of weapons, and Deriahk sailed off the island.

Bounty Hunter

After three days of shipwreck, Deriahk reached the Takiw Nui Beach, when he was in critical condition. The island staff rescued him and took him to get medical care. He underwent several reconstructions, including the complete removal of his organic spine. After recovery, Deriahk decided to start a career as a mercenary for the Order of the Great Creators, in gratitude for saving his life.

Deriahk was once addressed to expel the Makuta of Takiw Nui, Zakkond, when the Brotherhood of Makuta revealed its treason against Mata-Nui.

After several successful works, Deriahk became Vavakx's bodyguard. He participated in several missions, including one in which he faced against another Makuta, Bedurox, and reduced his size permanently with his vision power.

Takiw-Nui War

Several centuries later, the Brotherhood of Makuta launched a massive attack against Takiw-Nui as part of its campaign for universal conquest. Deriahk fought several enemy forces during the war that lasted five years.

At the height of the war, Toa Guhjii became a traitor by joining the leader of the invading forces, Makuta Nutrex. This treachery was revealed when Guhjii led Vavakx into a trap in which Nutrex almost succeeded in killing him. Deriahk arrested the Toa and led the Takiw-Nui forces in a massive attack against the invaders, winning the Takiw-Nui War.

Spherus Magna

After Teridax's death, Deriahk migrated to Spherus Magna along with everyone in the Matoran Universe to start a new life.

Because of their poor reputation as a species, the Skakdi had several difficulties while integrating into the unified society, but Deriahk took the opportunity to try to restore his people. He joined with several prominent figures and formed the Skakdi Alliance to be the ruling body of his species. Although Deriahk was offered the opportunity to take over the leadership of the Alliance as its first Prefect, he refused and another Skakdi was elected to the post.

The Invasion

When the Chorak invaded Spherus Magna, Deriahk was grouped with the Dark Hunters Frustrator to rescue the Agori Gryk, who had disappeared. They both found Gryk and escorted him to a refuge, where he proposed a solution to end the invasion: the legendary Kanohi Gebuk, Mask of Desires. Deriahk and Frustrator were grouped with Vilrohk to get the mask.

In their search for the last owner of the mask, Glatorian Ganiaz, the three went into the forest and burst into the cave of Makuta Zakkond. Later, they crossed with an endangered Matoran and rescued him. This Matoran guided them towards Ganiaz, who offered to have someone to battle her for the mask. Vilrohk accepted the challenge and beat Ganiaz, winning the Kanohi Gebuk.

Deriahk ordered the mask to be sent to Vavakx immediately, but the Matoran they had rescued revealed their true identity: Makuta Nutrex. Makuta, after killing Ganiaz and defeating the rest of the team, escaped with the mask.

Upon awakening, Frustrator decided to reveal his true identity as Makuta Pakark, and teleported Deriahk and Vilrohk back to the refuge. When they arrived, Nutrex had already carried out his plan, reviving the mythical Hantrek.

To stop Hantrek, Vavakx sent Deriahk and Vilrohk in search of the Mask of Desires' destined user in the Dark Hunters' camp. Upon arrival, they were attacked by the Dark Hunter Airwatcher and a Hordika Dragon. They defeated the Hunters and The Shadowed One appeared to negotiate with them. With nothing else to offer, Deriahk revealed the identity of "Frustrator" as Makuta Pakark, and offered his life in exchange for Kapokhed, the destined user. The Shadowed One accepted the deal and sent Kapokhed to the Refuge.

Deriahk then returned with Vilrohk to the ruins of the refuge, and later Kapokhed arrived just as they had agreed. Deriahk fought Kapokhed, who was furious that the guards at the refuge had attacked him when he arrived. At the end of the battle, Kanohi Gebuk placed itself on the face of Kapokhed and he transmitted a vision about Vavakx, who was imprisoned in Metru Magna by the Chorak, now allied with Hantrek.

Deriahk then led the group to the Spherus Magna Council Headquarters in Metru Magna to rescue Vavakx. After a few minutes of battle, Hantrek appeared before him disguised as Vavakx and convinced him to go with her to discuss important matters. Hantrek and Deriahk teleported to the Metru Magna security room, and then she was unable to reprogram the building's security system and start a self-destruct protocol. Within minutes the real Vavakx appeared on the scene, and Deriahk woke up and helped defeat Hantrek.

On the outskirts of the city, Deriahk and Vavakx met again with their friends, who had managed to escape with the help of the Chorak. When Vavakx confirmed that Hantrek had died, Kapokhed began to manifest the power of the Gebuk to ensure an era of peace for the survivors. However, Hantrek had not died in the blast and killed Kapokhed in front of everyone.

To revive Kapokhed and fulfill the wish, Toa Kryehk sacrificed her Toa power, becoming a Turaga, and the Mask of Desires reactivated, ending with Hantrek in the process.

Finally Pakark, knowing that Deriahk had betrayed him by revealing his true identity to The Shadowed One, stole the Gebuk and assured that he had great plans for it.

At the end of the war, Deriahk assisted in the rebuilding of Metru Magna.


Several years after The Invasion there were elections for new representatives in the Council of Spherus Magna. Deriahk postulated in the elections and gained a position as representative of the Skakdi Alliance in replacement to the previous Senator.

Later, he was selected to accompany Vavakx and Turaga Tahu to the southern kingdom of Xianori to resolve a conflict between the nobles and vassals. They left Metru Magna in charge of Veuy. While they were away, Makuta Pakark reappeared with the intention of destroying the world, but Veuy and his allies managed to stop him.

Deriahk finally gave up his position on the Council, dissatisfied with leading the life of a politician.

Old Grievances

A year later, the city of Metru Magna came under attack of the Alpha Being Mersny, who made his appearance from the Red Star, causing it to impact against the city.

With an army of monstrosities at his disposal, Mersny began to make his way to assassinate Vavakx, who was sheltered in an underground bunker. Deriahk attempted to confront the enemy army, but was seriously injured and was forced to hide in the dungeons of Metru Magna, where he met Manauhk.

After being healed, Deriahk took Manauhk to the cell of Makuta Pakark and witnessed as the Makuta was purged of all darkness and transformed into a Makuta of Light.

Then Deriahk, Manauhk and Pakark went to the bunker and rescued Vavakx, teleporting him away from the city and into a camp, while Pakark and Veuy stayed behind to help the survivors of the attack.

After his escape, Vavakx was disillusioned but Deriahk tried to give him encouragement. Pakark soon arrived with the survivors, announcing that Veuy had been captured by Mersny during his mission. Vavakx, determined to confront Mersny once and for all, left the camp and went alone to rescue Veuy, while Deriahk and the others were forced to confront Mersny's army once more, that was on the way to camp.

The resulting battle was fierce and Deriahk was unable to resist for long. After being rescued by Manauhk, he healed them and then exercised his purifying powers, giving Deriahk Elemental powers of Light. With their new abilities, Deriahk and the others managed to defeat the horde.

Later Deriahk learned that Vavakx had died in his final battle against Mersny. He participated in the event where Vavakx's memory was celebrated.

Eventually, the effects of Manauhk's purification power disappeared with time and Deriahk recovered his original element.

The Glare of Chaos

One day, the Prefect Eukar of the Skakdi Alliance shared sensitive information with Deriahk: the Spherus Magna Council was corrupt. Worse yet, Turaga Koved was planning to use the scandal to become President of the Council.

Deriahk went into action, allying with Koved to keep a close watch on him and discover the truth.

With Pakark's help, they found all the evidence about the corruption in the Spherus Magna Refuge database. It turned out that the Refuge had been used for illegal operations in Xianori, with several Senators taking advantage of the misery of the lower class of the kingdom and accumulating great fortunes.


Eukar, fearing for Deriahk's safety, tried to convince him to abandon his plan to watch over Koved, but Deriahk decided and continued with the lie. Meanwhile, Xianori began to suffer a Rebellion from its lower class, which organized the theft of the Kanohi Ignika from Metru Magna.

Shortly after, Deriahk was contacted by the Senator of Xianori, Isale. The Senator offered to arrange a meeting between Deriahk and Toa Nugru so that Deriahk could expose his discoveries, which he accepted.

Isale sent Nugru to the Refuge, and Deriahk received him. After revealing his discoveries about the corruption in the Council and his suspicions about the Ignika robbery from the Bukgu Rebellion, Koved gave Nugru a crystal with all the information. They recommended the Toa to investigate the slums of Xianori.

Meanwhile, Deriahk went with Pakark to the Chorak Hive, Tatrirh, to get in touch with the Chorak and gain their help. Queen Chorak Lixis, having at her disposal an armada powerful enough to contain the Rebellion, saw this as an opportunity to redeem her people and accepted.

The Chorak captured Veuy in the Magistrate of Xianori and Deriahk appeared. He apologized for ordering his abduction, and revlealed that President Tahu and Archon Canrum were in grave danger.

Deriahk explained to Veuy all about the Rebellion, and also revealed Isale's role as one of its leaders, ready to use the Kanohi Ignika to kill the Archon and the President.

Veuy immediately contacted the crew of the Vakama I so they would be ready to evacuate them from Xianori. However, it turned out to be too late; Isale had already returned to the Magistrate and murdered Zirnitra, beginning the Rebellion.

The Rebellion marched to the streets and began massacring the nobles, so Deriahk entered the fight to stop them. However Kapokhed, revealing himself as the true leader of the Rebellion, fought him and defeated him, apologizing to his former friend for his actions.

Moments later Tahu, Veuy and Canrum arrived accompanied by Nugru and a new ally, Diguxx, to stop the massacre. Deriahk then tried to reason with Kapokhed, but he refused to stop his plans and prepared to fight. While Diguxx created a protective field to keep the leaders safe, Nugru confronted Kapokhed and lost.

With the Toa at his feet, Kapokhed prepared his petrifaction power to finish him off. However, Deriahk called his Chorak allies to stop the chaos, and they managed to quickly contain the Rebellion.

In the middle of the fight, Queen Chorak Lixis made her appearance. She convinced Kapokhed that what he was doing was wrong and that if he continued with the Rebellion, the Bukgu would be remembered as villains just like the Chorak. However, before he could give in to his captors, the essence of Kanohi Gebuk manifested itself in Kapokhed and threatened to kill Lixis. Deriahk stepped between him and the Queen, prepared to receive the fatal blow.

Pakark, however, used his powers to move at the speed of light, save Deriahk, and place a complex illusion of him dying. Deriahk survived, but he received part of Kapokhed's attack, which left him in a coma.

Pakark escaped from Xianori with Deriahk in his arms, preparing to operate from the shadows to stop Koved.


Despite not having died, Eukar decided to keep Deriahk's survival a secret and ordered a period of mourning for all the Skakdi.

Being an important figure in the history of Spherus Magna, a statue commemorating Deriahk was built in the central square of Metru Magna and an official event was organized to celebrate his memory. The Skakdi eventually petitioned for Deriahk's 'body' to give him a dignified ceremony, but the illusion created by Pakark disappeared just as the Spherus Magna Council accepted the request.

Since then, rumors circulate questioning Deriahk's death.

Abilities and Traits


Deriahk's promotional symbol.

Deriahk knows very well how to influence the material world, but he is wary of what he can not see or touch. He is a Skakdi who likes solitude, has great patience, is prudent and conservative. Unlike other Skakdi, Deriahk possesses great ability to patiently fulfill his obligations. In times of crisis, he is the type of individuals who restricts themselves until knowing exactly how to act.

Formed as a nobleman, Deriahk was well educated in the customs and manners of the Skakdi high society. When the monarchy of Zakaz collapsed, he was forced to become a warlord, but he was always at a disadvantage against other Skakdi much more familiar with the concepts of war and combat. Deriahk proved to be an excellent strategist, but his code of honor and the complexity of his plans thwarted his legion, which led them to betraying him.

After being rescued by the Order of Great Creators, Deriahk went on to serve Vavakx personally and formed a strong friendship with him. Deriahk came to be considered the right hand of Vavakx, accumulating multiple successes in his missions. Through these achievements, he also challenged the stereotype of the Skakdi as savage and brutal beings, a reputation he later used to propel the formation of the Skakdi Alliance in Spherus Magna and thus restore his people.

Deriahk possesses great sarcasm and an acid sense of humor.


Deriahk is a Skakdi taller than normal and with a powerful physique. Apart from his remarkable agility and strength, he possesses an unusual vision power that allows him to permanently reduce the size of others, be they objects or living beings.

Deriahk has access to an unknown latent elemental power, which was temporarily replaced with Light when hi was purified by Manauhk. The effect eventually disappeared and his original element was restored.

Mask and Tools

Like all Skakdi, Deriahk had an outer organic spine, but it was removed during his reconstructions. His skull was fused to a Great Kanohi Garai, Mask of Gravity.

In addition, Deriahk has a private arsenal at his disposal. Among his most recurrent weapons are:

  • Diaphanous Pistol (Primary Weapon)
  • War Taser
  • Electro-Cannon
  • Paralizer
  • Electro-Shield


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