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This article was written by Diebeq5b. Please do not add to it without the writer's permission.

Deriahk Gallery
Group Order of the Great Creators
Powers Shrink vision
Kanohi Garai
Tools Electric weaponry
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation De-RIAK

Deriahk is a Skakdi bounty hunter allied to the Order of the Great Creators.


Deriahk originally resided on his homeland of Zakaz with the rest of his kind. There, he served as personal assistant to Riaxix, the ruler of the island.

Like the other members of his species, Deriahk was part of Makuta Spiriah's failed experiments. With their newfound powers, the Skakdi entered in civil war, and Deriahk became a warlord.

After a while serving as a legion leader, Nektann, one of his soldiers and closest friends confronted him for the command of the group and defeated him. Deriahk, seriously wounded, was left in the forest to die, but Riaxix rescued him and took him to the coast. Riaxix handed him a boat full of weapons, and Deriahk sailed off the island.

Bounty Hunter

After three days of shipwreck, Deriahk reached the Takiw Nui Beach, when he was in critical condition. The island staff rescued him and took him to get medical care. He underwent several reconstructions, including the complete removal of his organic spine. After recovery, Deriahk decided to start a career as a mercenary for the Order of the Great Creators, in gratitude for saving his life.

Deriahk was once addressed to expel the Makuta of Takiw Nui, Zakkond, when the Brotherhood of Makuta revealed its treason against Mata-Nui.

After several successful works, Deriahk became Vavakx's bodyguard. He participated in several missions, including one in which he faced against another Makuta, Bedurox, and reduced his size permanently with his vision power.

Takiw-Nui War

Several centuries later, the Brotherhood of Makuta launched a massive attack against Takiw-Nui as part of its campaign for universal conquest. Deriahk fought several enemy forces during the war that lasted five years.

At the height of the war, Toa Guhjii became a traitor by joining the leader of the invading forces, Makuta Nutrex. This treachery was revealed when Guhjii led Vavakx into a trap in which Nutrex almost succeeded in killing him. Deriahk arrested the Toa and led the Takiw-Nui forces in a massive attack against the invaders, winning the Takiw-Nui War.

After Teridax's death, Deriahk migrated to Spherus Magna along with everyone in the Matoran Universe to start a new life.

Abilities and Traits


Deriahk's promotional symbol.

Deriahk knows very well how to influence in the material world, but is wary about what he can not see or touch. He is a Skakdi who likes solitude, has great patience, is prudent and conservative. Unlike other Skakdi, Deriahk has great capacity to patiently meet his obligations. In times of crisis, he is the kind of individuals who restricts himself before acting.

Deriahk has great sarcasm and an acid sense of humor, which uses occasionally to hurt the feelings of others.


Deriahk is higher than the average Skakdi and has a powerful physique. Aside from his remarkable agility and strength, he possesses an unusual vision power that allows him to shoot beams that permanently reduce the size of targets. Deriahk also has access to an unknown latent elemental power.

Deriahk is left-handed, which gives him a surprise factor in combat, since most of the population is right-handed.

Mask and Tools

Deriahk uses a Great Kanohi Garai, Mask of Gravity, which gives him the power to control and manipulate gravity in a given area.

His tools are made ​​of Protochromium, a material usually reserved for Spherus Magna diplomacy.


  • Deriahk is Diebeq5b's Self-MOC.

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