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Kanohi Dihloje, mask of Peace, was worn by Antwon. The noble version is shaped like a Miru Nuva but the great version is a Miru Nuva with jawbone spikes.


The Kanohi Dihloje was shares a couple of powers from the Mask of Light and the Mask of Life. It could make enemies friends and turn hatred to love. It could also bring life back to a corpse. If used to revive the dead though, it would only barely revive it to an unconscious state, and then would have to be revived further. Also when used for reanimation, it places the user into a coma. The length of the coma depended on how powerful the being was who was being revived, so reviving a Toa would be more punishing than reviving a Matoran.


The Dihloje's origins are unknown, and the quantity is also unknown. It is known that Antwon decided to replace his former mask, a Jutlin, for the only know Dihloje in existence. He uses it when he is in Toa form, but it still effects him in Matoran form, altering his mood to a more positive one.

Know Users

As of today the only known user of the Kanohi Dihloje is the matoran/Toa Antwon.

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