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Occupation Toa
Element Earth
Kanohi Unknown
Tools Shovel, Pickaxe, wielder, etc.
Status Alive
Location Slikra Nui
Pronunciation DAW-meh-nall

Domenol is a Toa of Earth currently living in Slikra Nui.


Early life

Domenol was a Onu-Matoran living in a section of Slikra Nui until he was employed as a blacksmith and mechanic of sorts along with his friends at an autobody repair shop. He later witnessed the Dark hunter Eliminator destroying abandoned buildings while searching for a target in Slikra Nui.

Transformation into a Toa

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Personality & Traits

Domenol generally keeps to himself, but if he is pushed by friends he can be quite an outgoing fellow. He takes pride in being honest to his fellow Matoran and frequently visits homeless shelters throughout Slikra Nui to provide service when needed.

Powers & Tools

As a Toa of Earth, Domenol has nearly complete control over Earth. He can release a nova blast of Earth if needs be. As a Matoran, Domenol owned a roborider which He used quite often to send and receive messages to and from his friends. He owns an expensive jetpack, which was given to him by Hserg, who won it in a boxing match. He uses this as main form of traveling, besides the public railways that run throughout Slikra Nui. As a Toa he carries two double bladed swords capable of channeling his element.


  • Domenol's Toa model was the prototype of Shez's Toa model.
  • The picture was drawn by Bionicledude.
    Bionicle 001

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