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Domoga Gun History

A great Makuta warrior named Domogus Magus led an army to take control of The Dark Hunters base on Odina 5000 years ago. The daring attack terribly came into defeat for the Makuta general and died at the hand of the Shadowed One's Laser beam. The war was not a complete loss. The Makuta general manage to destatingly damage the base and kill many Dark Hunters in the process. For honoring him, the Makuta technichians created a devestatingly powerful weapon called the Domogo Gun. The power of the weapon was so intense that the Dark Hunters wanted to steal it for themselves to use. The raid was expected because of the early warnings from a Makuta spy named Kaloadoks. The weapon was hard to keep protected from constant atacks from all sides. When Hodoka became a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Icarax saw an oppertunity to get rid of the weapon and its curse of drawing attention to other foes of the Brotherhood to a reliable ally.

Abillities and Contents

The Domoga Gun has a chamber piece that focuses energy to one point and a makuta armored sythe at the other end of the weapon. The gun (when fired) can fire out two shots that consists of two trillion altered protodiles that explodes on contact. The mass of power of the weapon can be the equal to the total evaporation of the tallest building in Metru Nui or a stalagtite in Kardi Nui.


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