Drekor Village
Primary Residents Matoran
Location Bio-Land, Drekor Desert
Status Destroyed

Drekor Village is in the middle of Drekor Desert. The Matoran living there have learnt extremely odd survival skills. They survive well in the heat of the desert. They have a Turaga, but he only decides things if the Matoran accept it.

No one from the outside of the village knows about it's excistence. The Matoran in this village are used to taking care and healing Matoran who have got lost into the desert and have nearly died of thirst and heat. They have never returned back to their homes, however, because they couldn't make the trip back. Instead, they stay and live in the village.


It's unknown when Drekor Village was first founded, but it was a long time ago.

When the Spiders of Doom conquered the Drekor Desert, Drekor Village's inhabitants were imprisoned into Alex's Desert Base by them, where they were held captive. The village itself was destroyed by the vicious spiders.


There are tens of Matoran in the village, but less than 50 along with their Turaga.