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Duel on Tapio's school
Date 800 AGC
Location The roof of Tapio's school
Outcome Lottie dies, Inwirn escapes
Previous Conflict of the Potato Robbers
Next Battle of the Two Large Beasts

The duel on Tapio's school was a battle that took place in 800 AGC on the roof of Tapio's school in Feritanya.



The battle started when Inwirn was infected by the Sandmonster. Inwirn defeated Tapio and Lottie, knocking them out, and ran to the roof of their school.

The duel

When Tapio and Lottie woke up, they started to search for Inwirn. When they found her on the roof, they believed that she was attempting to commit suicide. They tried to speak to her, but Inwirn drew a sword and started to battle the two. At some point, Lottie fell down and died. Inwirn fled, saying that she hadn't want to kill Lottie.


A Matoran teacher named Zenta found Lottie's dead body behind a dumpster near the school while he was taking out garbage, and decided to investigate the murder.

Tapio would be sad about the event for the rest of his life. Inwirn changed the school and allied with Dumpa, and became Tapio's archenemy.


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