"What an idiot..."

Inwirn impressed about Dumpa's strength and cruelness towards Maki

Dumpa started as an aggressive bully, but became the dumb helper of Inwirn who died in the Cavern of Lava. Dumpa's soul was later sent to Havatra Nui, The Bionicle Underworld.


Dumpa was originally a bully in a school in Tapio's Original Homeland. When Inwirn changed school there, he met Dumpa and was impressed by his strength, after he had beaten up a Matoran named Maki. Inwirn asked for Dumpa's help in killing Tapio and Dumpa agreed. Together they constructed the Brainsucker Machine. But when Inwirn tried to use it on Tapio, the blast hit Dumpa instead, making him a total idiot, with absolutely no intelligence of his own. This was a bad setup for Inwirn, but Dumpa now followed her blindly, giving Inwirn a free bodyguard. They later moved to Bio-Land, after Tapio.


Inwirn trying to use the machine on Tapio, but instead hitting Dumpa

"Inwirn:"Do you understand what I'm saying?!"

Dumpa:"Duh... no, can Inwirn give Dumpa hint???"

― Inwirn and Dumpa

During Alliance of the Enemies, Dumpa didn't have a big role. But he was fused into the Ketawnki with some other characters. When defused, Dumpa became more powerful and a little bit smarter, but was injured badly. He moved to Inwirn's Second Base with Inwirn, Juho, Nekka and five Griddlers. He formed a friendship with Juho. Juho even took Dumpa with him after the seemingly death of Inwirn. When Inwirn however, came back, Dumpa was excited. After the War of the Clones, Dumpa escaped the Spiders of Doom with Inwirn and Lerahk but still mutated. They escaped again and found the Mask of Reality. In Inwirn's False Reality, Dumpa was a powerful bodyguard, who was defeated however. When reality was changed back to normal, Dumpa fell into a pool of lava with Inwirn, Lerahk and the Mask of Reality. All of them were killed... or at least it seemed to be so.

So currently, Dumpa is deceased, and his soul was sent to the Bionicle Underworld. After he died, his soul wasn't stupid anymore.

Abilities and Traits


Dumpa as an idiot

Dumpa was very strong, stupid or not. In his old days, he didn't hesitate in hurting someone badly, but when he became dumb, he got a conscious too. He wore a great Pakari, which most likly endowed him with his strength.

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