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Group Barraki
Element N/A
Kanohi None
Tools Protosteel Claws
Status Alive
Location N/A
Pronunciation AY-leck

Ehlek was an Aquavian warlord and former member of the League of Six Kingdoms.


Shortly after the successful departure of the Great Spirit Robot from Spherus Magna, Mata Nui became somewhat overeager with the creation of new species to serve additional functions, resulting in the plethora of different species that would come to inhabit the Matoran Universe. The Aquavian species was one such creation. Thus, Ehlek began his life in this environment.

Initially conceived alongside the Skakdi species with the superfluous intention of maintaining Zakaz - the region of the Matoran Universe where harmful chemicals, materials, and waste were transported - Ehlek and his kin were charged with recycling and purifying harmful materials in the waters surrounding the land, living a life of relative ease and comfort, inhabiting the island’s central lake and its surrounding ocean.

However, roughly 75,000 years ago, following a number of experiments conducted by Makuta Spiriah, the Skakdi natives of Zakaz were evolved into a more barbaric state. Spiriah's influence on the native population was so fundamental that the Skakdi species developed into a series of warring factions. As the Skakdi Civil War raging on the surface, the Aquavians continued their underwater purifying operations. With the surface-dwellers now incapable of cleansing the land as a result of Spiriah's experimentation, the Aquavians were forced to heft a greater workload, collecting and treating greater quantities of aquatic debris in order to prevent the island from becoming polluted and to ensure the continued functionality of the Great Spirit Robot. This action resulting in much animosity and resentment towards the Skakdi, the implication being that they had abandoned their duties in favor of heedless barbarism.

Abilities and Traits

Ehlek has the ability to send electrical shocks to a target from his spines. His electrical spines were granted to him by the mutagen in the Pit. He was lead by emotion, and also was very cautious.

The Aquavians were able to naturally purify any harmful toxins that made their way to the surface, thus ensuring the environmental equilibrium of the Zakaz dome was maintained.