Elcinoib Comic 1: the First and the Last
Title Elcinoib 1: The First and the Last
Author Crazy-Lihkan88
Comic type Preview to the CL88 Comix
Panels Six
After No comic before
Before CL88 1: Introduction

Comic 1: Introduction is the first and last of the Elcinoib Comix. There, Uhat hands the narrator powers to Kongu, the new official narrator. The Toa Inika cometo celebrate him, and he punches Uhat out of the panel.

Characters in this comic

  • Uhat
  • Toa Kongu
  • Toa Jaller
  • Toa Hahli


  • This may be one of the only comics that other Toa Inika join the comic with other Toa Inika.

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