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The elemental Lord of fire is a powerful being created by the Great Beings

Element Lord of Fire
Fire Lord Inferno
Group Elemental Lords
Occupation None
Element Fire
Powers Control over fire
Kanohi None
Tools Fire blades
Status Alive
Location Bara Magna, Alternate Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Fai-ar-Lord


Main Universe

He was created alongside the other Elemental Lords by the great beings. When the Energized Protodermis leaked to the surface, a war started. The fire Lord affilated with the fire tribe and began fighting. The war seemed endless, but one day Spherus Magna shatered into pieces, in the event know as the Shattering. After that, the Fire Lord ended up in Bara Magna, the larger piece. Here he found other elemental lords who had surivived the Shattering. They stayed in the Black Spike mountains. They discovered the red star, and soon a war between them started. An Agori convoy was passing through the mountains when the Elemental Lord of fire and ice were fighting. The ice Lord crated an avalanche, but he sublimed it to gas using his fire powers.

Alternate Spherus Magna

In this universe the Energized Protodermis never leaked to the surface, and by thus the war never happened. Nothing is know about his actions there.

Abilities and traits

He is the most arrogant Elemental Lords. He considers his brothers as his main competitors, and has a great hatred to them. Other beings that aren't Element Lords are not even dust to him. He only respects his creators, the Great Beings. As an Elemental Lord of fire, he can control, create, and absorb fire. He almost can virtually do thinning with fire, even turning his body into it. His body is entirely made of fire, but can turn solid at will. He is very powerful, capable of creating fire storms or even subliming ice to gas, which he did in a fight between him and the Elemental Lord of Ice.

Fire close

A closer look of the Fire Lord



  • He was created by Abc8920.
  • He will meet Pokus in one of his alternate travels.
  • The model was created by Abc8920, but the picture where he stands in an inferno was edited by Ihu.

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