"Elite has one of the strangest origins within my entire organization. When one achieves this in a fortress of traitors, mutants and sentient Rahi, it is quite the accomplishment."
―The Shadowed One
Elite wb
Group Dark Hunters
Occupation Mercenary
Element None
Powers None
Kanohi None
Tools Swords, deflector shields
Status Alive
Location Odina
Pronunciation N/A

Elite is a thin, agile Dark Hunter with an unusual origin.


2,500 years ago, after a battle with an escaped Toa of Gravity on Odina, the Dark Hunter Behemoth attempted to destroy the Toa's mind by firing an amnesia Rhotuka. At the same time, however, Dark Hunter technician Marksman attempted to kill the Toa by firing an Energized Protodermis Zamor sphere at him. Behemoth's Rhotuka and the sphere collided, and the energies merged, creating a strange silver creature.

After destroying the Toa, he was accepted as a Dark Hunter. As he is still forming his own opinions of the world as a new being, he is constantly wanting to find his own answers, and often questions the Shadowed One's ideals. Due to this, he was partnered with Behemoth, who is completely loyal.

Abilities and Traits

Elite is a serpent-headed bipedal creature with fist-like paws, arm blades and deflector shields on his elbows. His powers include limited flight like that of a Rhotuka, the ability to shoot liquid protodermis that would harden into crystalline protodermis, and an immunity to all Rhotuka. The green bands wrapped around his legs allow him to survive in any climate, and diminish the pain and effect of enemy attacks against him. However, for unknown reasons, these bands have proved ineffective when used to augment other Dark Hunters.

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