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Element Lightning
Kanohi Powerless Saratan
Tools Unknown
Element Lightning
Powers Elemental Lightning powers
Kanohi Saratan
Tools Life Blade, Thornax Launcher
Group Toa Malia (formerly)
Element Lightning
Kanohi Noble Saratan
Tools Turaga Staff
Status Alive
Location Kehidupan
Pronunciation EE-MAN-YOU-ALE

Emanuel was a leader of the Toa Malia, and now resides on Kehidupan.


Emanuel was a Matoran enslaved by the Brotherhood of Makuta, becoming a Toa through the will of Mata Nui. He then formed the Toa Malia with three other newly appointed Toa and some of the enslaved Matoran. He and the group defeated the Brotherhood of Makuta along, with the Toa Neirae and the Order of Mata Nui.

After completing his destiny, Emanuel, along with the other three leaders of the Toa Malia, were transformed into Turaga. He then lived on Kehidupan, forming the United Council.

Personality and traits

Emanuel was a heavy believer in the three virtues, Unity, Duty, and Destiny. He believed that all beings followed the virtues and acted only in the way they were meant to. Because of this, he does not fear death, believing that he is simply following a set pathway to it, making it inevitable. He was known to be the most intelligent of the Toa Malia leaders.

When transformed into a Turaga, Emanuel took it upon himself to keep the races united against any threats. He also became reluctant to use combat as a solution, trying to make political discussion resolve things.

Powers and tools

As a Toa, Emanuel was adept at controlling and creating elemental Lightning. He combined use of the element with his sword, making it impossible to touch. Emanuel took a very passive outlook to battling, using his intelligence to outsmart his enemies without laying a finger on them.

After his transformation, Emanuel stopped entering combat altogether, meaning he did not use any of his previous tactics as a Toa.


  • On his sketch his name is misspelt as Emanual.


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