The Ember is a parasitic lifeform that exists in the Toa Kaita series.


"Like billions among billions of life forms, you are doomed."
―Felkshelleiii, The "Hive" mind of the Empber species

The Ember is a race of consumers that originate from the Andromeda Galaxy. They consume technology as well as organic creatures for food, and do not care what gets in their way.

All Ember forms have a transparent blue colored skin and can merge into a more powerful being.


Hive Form--this is the most powerful form an Ember can take. This creature rules all Ember everywhere in the universe. There is only one Hive Form known to be in existence: Felkshelleiii.

Human Form--This Ember form involves an Infestor Form to enter a humans body and infest it from the inside out. The body takes a transparent blue color and absorbs anything the human touches.

Infestor Form--Very dangerous form in the form of a small blue ball with tiny "legs" for movement. It can absorb anything it enters and merge with others with its form to from a combat form.


The Ember was inspired by the Flood from the Halo game series.

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