"Understand this, Toa - Makuta do not feel compassion! Makuta feel nothing but contempt for ignorant Toa of Lightning who don’t know when to keep silent!"
―Makuta Emiraz
Group Brotherhood of Makuta
Occupation Makuta of Sako Nui
Element Shadow
Powers Control over shadow and Kraata powers
Kanohi Kalvali
Tools None
Status Unknown
Location Destral
Pronunciation EMM-ERR-AZ

Makuta Emiraz is the Makuta in charge of the icy island of Sako Nui.


Like all Makuta, Emiraz worked solely on Rahi creation. He quickly took to living in the mountains of Sako Nui, where he created Rahi to surround the island, such as the mountainous Spike Prowler and the amphibious Leviathan Crab.

99,000 years ago, Emiraz received the Kanohi Kalvali, the Mask of Prophecy, as crafted for him by Artakha. After a thousand years of use, Emiraz received a vision of the League of Six Kingdoms, and saw the future owner of the Mask - the recent conqueror of Sako Nui, Xeirak. He reluctantly gave the mask to Xeirak, assuming it was the inevitable future.

When the Makuta were assigned regions after the Matoran Civil War, Emiraz was given Sako Nui, due to his expertise in the area. He sided with Teridax in his coup against Miserix, abandoning his closest associate, Nerax. After constructing a lair in the mountains, he grew reclusive, mutating Rahi to guard his lair, and working on a grand project to create a class of worker robot to replace the Matoran. During this project, he began to trade and work with Kojol, a fellow mysterious Makuta, and Sekil, an overzealous outcast.

30,000 years ago, Emiraz built a new creature to act as a technician, naming him Marksman for his natural weapons expertise and dead aim. In their time as associates, Emiraz ordered a kraata-Rahkshi hybrid which became locked in a half-changed comatose state. He also ordered a second Mask of Prophecy, but his attempts were in vain. After twelve thousand years, Emiraz discovered that Marksman was working on a weapon to demolish a Rahkshi easily, and ordered his helper's execution.

The worker robot project progressed incredibly slowly, until a breakthrough 2,510 years ago. However, Kojol was then killed ten years later, and progress was halted. The robot known as "Opiikh" was finally invented just over a thousand years ago.

Abilities and Traits

Like all Makuta, Emiraz has access to all 42 Rahkshi powers and the element of Shadow. His favored powers include molecular disruption and illusion, as he is greatly skilled with both.

He wears a Kanohi Zatth, Great Mask of Summoning, for lack of his rightful Mask of Prophecy.

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