The Endless Mutagen Dimension is a dimension where Teridax failed to enter Mata Nui, destroying his final plan to own the Matoran Universe. The Brotherhood of Makuta was expelled from Mata Nui's body, forcing them to take shelter on the remaining peices of Mata Nui island left floating on the surface of the Endless Ocean. All of the remaining Mutagen inside the Universe was expelled before Mata Nui left the planet, poisoning much of it's ocean. A small protodite from Zaktan was sent here and fell into the ocean, mutating it into Zaktan II. Several Skadki are wanting to jump into the Endless Ocean so they would face off with Makuta Teridax. But they are always mutated. Zaktan II was killed after he defeated Teridax. However, the protodites that belonged to Zaktan and Zaktan II are starting a newest version of Zaktan. One that is bigger and taller and more powers added was now named Zaktan III. Zaktan III now plans to kill Teridax and stayed in the Endless Mutagen Dimension until his new powers' energy was increased.


* Toa Larax
* Toa Potoka


  • Vezon was the only Piraka to be killed in this Universe
  • The Olmak that Vezon had was stolen by Makuta Mundum

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