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Energized Antidermis
Known states Inactive, Active
Powers Creating and Absorbing pretty much everything else.
Status Reawaken by the Great Being Aserix
Location Sphera Nui, Shrine of Mata Nui
Pronunciation N/A

Energized Antidermis is a variety of Antidermis, used for automatically create negativity, and adding it to the world. The main reason it was created was to balance the universe with both evil, as before this, the universe was good and positive only.


Energized Antidermis was first created by The Great Beings, as their second creation, after the universe. It was used to create negative part of the universe, such as darkness, shadows, black, dark, etc. After a long time, as it was creating, a glitch happened in its structure, causing it to turn alive, adding not-wanted evil to the world. After causing a little disturbance. The Great Beings gathered it in one place named the Pool of Entropy, locking it, and putting into sleep, never be awaken again, unless by the great beings.

After those events, all - except one great being named Aserix - of Great Being forgot about it. He found the pool in molten lava under the ground, somewhere under the previously existing moon of Bota Magna. As the result of reawakening it, the events of BIONICLE Legacy happened. After all great beings were deceased by Aserix himself, Aserix and a few other great beings such as Karzahni - which at that point he and Artakha were transformed into a great beings by Aserix - escaped. Artakha was as well deceased, but he was deceased by Karzahni. Following this event, Mata Nui snaped out of being dormant in Ignika.

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