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Energized Protodermis
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Energized Protodermis is a sentient substance located at the core of the planet Spherus Magna.


Energized Protodermis was once located in the core of Spherus Magna, the home world of the Great Beings. Kept in the core for some time, it eventually leaked to the surface of the planet. When The Element Lords discovered it and failed to reach an agreement over who keeps it, a war broke out. The Great Beings also took notice of it, and sent Raanu and Kryry on a mission to get a sample. Upon observing the substance, the Great Beings discovered that Energized Protodermis has a potential to either mutate, or destroy a being. They created a the synthetic version off of it called "Protodermis", and used it to construct the Matoran Universe, but used the Energized Protodermis as a power source for the robot. However, not only was the substance leaking on to the surface, but was also threatening to break Spherus Magna apart, resulting in Bara Magna, and its two moons Aqua and Bota Magna

The substance eventually began to experiment on things around it, and offered its powers to those who it believed had intriguing intentions. It worked with the Makuta on their experiments, and to create Rahkshi, as it was interested in their work. Teridax constructed a pool of Energized Protodermis in his lair, and it often communicated with Teridax in one of his lairs to assist him with his experiments with various Rahi.

During their journey back to Metru Nui after the Great Cataclysm, the Toa Metru were blackmailed into retrieving a vial of Energized Protodermis for the Karzahni. They were informed of the pool of Energized Protodermis in one of Teridax's lairs, but when the Toa eventually arrived there the Energized Protodermis spoke to them.

Instead of allowing the Toa to take some of itself, the substance demonstrated its power by mutating a tiny insect into a 200-foot monster. It then watched as the Toa defended themselves against the beast, and when it tired of the fight it destroyed the insect. This led the Toa to attack the substance, which had made itself a physical form, and in response it began mutating a number of creatures into fierce monsters.

After the Toa defeated the creatures, they began taunting and angering the substance, eventually luring it into destroying the support pillars holding up the chamber. The Toa then attacked from all sides. Desperate to protect the pool, the substance was at a loss as to where to direct its attacks, since attacking one Toa would leave the pool open to damage from the others. With only one pillar remaining, the Toa halted and offered to leave the lair standing if they were allowed to take the Protodermis they came for and leave safely. The substance reluctantly agreed to let them take what they needed, but tried to attack them with a tidal wave of itself after they had collected the substance. The Toa quickly shattered the last pillar and collapsed the chamber, destroying the pool and escaping.

Later, Helryx and Keetongu arrived on an island to investigate the origins of several Rahkshi. They found the substance forming its physical form in the center of a giant lake of Energized Protodermis, and Helryx questioned the substance of its purpose and the destruction it had brought. When Helryx threatened that the Entity would be destroyed, the Entity replied by rousing a tidal wave of Energized Protodermis and rushing it towards the two beings. They escaped through a portal created by Vezon as the latter took their place. Vezon was then washed with Energized Protodermis, fusing the Kanohi Olmak he was wearing and granting him the power to create dimensional portals.


Energized Protodermis was used in many ways within the Matoran Universe.

  • Can transform Kraata into Rahkshi
  • Power source for Mata Nui's core
  • Able to fuse together multiple beings or objects, if they are destined.
  • Able to negate the effects of Antidermis.
  • Able transform beings, if they are destined.

Abilities and Traits

Energized Protodermis has a fully sapient and sentient intelligence hosted in the substance itself. It can manifest a bipedal form in any source of the substance in the universe, and the only way to 'kill' it is to destroy every trace of Energized Protodermis that exists.

The substance has the ability to form itself into a physical form of any shape it chooses, and is capable of thinking and speaking through the form. It can channel itself through jets or into a tidal wave. It seems that it also has the limited ability to sense whether or not a being is destined to be transformed by Energized Protodermis, but not exactly how it will transform.

The substance has a very enigmatic personality. It allowed Makuta the use of its pools as it saw their projects interesting enough to warrant its attention. It is willing to assist those who wish to use Energized Protodermis if "their intentions are intriguing enough".

Theories and Speculation

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Alternate Timelines

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  • After The Shattering, it seems some Energized Protodermis survived the trip to Bara Magna. This has been confirmed due to the fact a small pond was discovered by Kelx, in The Bara Magna Chronicles.