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Godly One
Element Divine Energy
Powers Several
Kanohi Mask of Divine Energy
Tools Holy Blade
Status Alive
Location Alchemica Magnus
Pronunciation Heh-REE-mus (alias)
Enthydenius, also known under the alias of "Heremus", is the embodiment of light, and Shadowmaster's opposite.


Enthydenius was created alongside his brother, Shadowmaster, in the beginning of time. He was destined to be the essence of good, and ruled the newly-created Alchemica Magnus.

At an unknown point in time, during a battle with his brother, the Enthydenius defeated Shadowmaster. He took pity upon his brother, and instead of imprisoning him, exiled him to another, empty universe. After Shadowmaster created the 5 deities and the Deity of Creation built a new universe, the Enthydenius took the alias of "Heremus" and joined the Great Beings, determined to stop Shadowmaster's plans.


After the Shattering, "Heremus" faked his death, and began spying on his brother. He eventually found his brother, having taken over the prime universe. He challenged him, but was easily defeated. After Shadowmaster's supposed "death" at the end of the Shadow War, he returned to Alchemica Magnus, his worries ended.

Abilities and Traits

Enthydenius is wise, and intelligent, but he is a pacifist, so much that he ignores the obvious dangers of Shadowmaster's actions. However, after some time, he began to become less merciful to his brother, and was determined to finally kill him in Twisted Shadows.

Being the essence of light, the Enthydenius is empowered by the balance of good and evil. His list of abilities range very far, but he commonly uses several abilities. Being usually committed to peace, he possesses the ability to disintegrate or teleport the weapons of others. He can also easily deflect elemental attacks, but is unable to do so with extremely powerful beings or the other Godly Ones. He is also unable to deflect surprise attacks.

Enthydenius also has several offensive techniques. He is able to produce any weapon out of light, but prefers to use an electric saber that extends into a trident. He also possesses the ability to produce divine energy, which can disintegrate others, and also pacify or incapacitate others. He can teleport as well, and enter other universes at will. He can craft masks in an instant (though legendary masks require materials). Lastly, he can shapeshift. His powers are now weakened, due to Shadowmaster's stealing of his powers.


Strength: 16
Agility: 17
Toughness: 20
Mind: 19


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