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Epina's Construction Company
Headquarters Dromii
Leader Epina
Goal Build new buildings and structures to the First Matoran
Status Working
Allies Turaga of Domii, First Matoran, First Toa
Enemies Tukwa

Epina's Construction Company is a construction company formed of 5 First Matoran. It was founded by Epina during the First Matoran's time in the Hangi Canyon, when new buildings and structures were needed.


Epina formed the construction company at the time in Hangi Canyon. It started with Epina needing help in his job of the carver. Nikama didn't have a job and so Epina hired him to help him. This was the early mode of the construction company.

Later, when the Mak-Matoran were found, they were given jobs. Epina hired three Mak-Matoran, Rukip, Zuki and Latab. This was the time when the construction company was officialy started.

The company started their jobs right away, but the Great Flood came and they were forced toh ide in the Tunara Shopping Center. After the flood was over, the Matoran received eleven assignments from the now recovered Mata Nui and they started to do them. The construction company helped. They were in an importatn role in building the great ship that the Matoran would use to get to the Ocean of Prosperity.

Once it was done, all the Matoran (along with their Turaga and Toa) sailed off to the ocean and rediscovered Dromii.

In Dromii, the construction company has it's own office, each worker having it's own room to work in. They have already built atleast a fountain and a huge pyramid, along with some new homes for the Matoran.


Epina's Construction Company
Matoran Job in the Company
Epina Boss
Nikama Builder, Epina's assistant
Rukip Builder
Latab Architect, head designer
Zuki Architect

First Matoran
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Previously Mak-Matoran
Rukip | Luda | Ranag | Kaliev | Zuki | Latab | Zukeiv
Hangi | Ilona
Status Unknown

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