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Fallen Heroes
I39 Fallen Heroes Poster1
Setting The Southern Continent, Fragmented Universe
Date set 10,000 BGC
Media information
Release date Late 2018
Writer(s) Invader39
Previous Before The Morning
Next Haunted Origins

Fallen Heroes is the third major story in Invader39's Unending Shadows Storyline. It takes place on Voya Nui, and rise and fall of the Toa Akura and the events leading up to Haunted Origins.

It is set to begin releasing in late 2018.


On the chunk of the Southern Continent that would become the island of Voya Nui, the Legion of Chaos is leaving a trailer of suffering and destruction in search of the mythical Mask of Light. Along their way they stumble upon the village where Arker, Drax and Implex live.

In a desperate act, the Toa of the village chooses six Matoran to inherit his Toa Power. These six Matoran become heroes among darkness, but they struggle with their new powers and forms as they attempt to ward off the Legion.


Chapter 1: They Can Save

To be written

Chapter 2: It Takes A Hero

To be written

Chapter 3: Streams of Mercy

To be written

Chapter 4: Desert Soul

To be written

Chapter 5: Alone in the Dark

To be written

Chapter 6: So Far Gone

To be written

Chapter 7: World That Breaks

To be written

Chapter 8: A Way Through the Deep

To be added

Epilogue: Carry Me

To be written



  • Vastara belongs to Vorred, Glonor and Tollubo belongs to BobTheDoctor27, Jarodin belongs to Rogaine, Artek belongs to Artek206, Yiolu belongs to ChaoSpaceMar and Ganon belongs to Ids5621, who all very kindly allowed their characters to be used in this story.
  • Fallen Heroes was originally conceived in late 2013, but has gone through various iterations throughout the years.