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"A universe based on deceiving and lies..."
False Reality
Primary Residents Matoran, Rahi
Position N/A
Status Wiped out of excistence
Locations Six districts...

False Reality was a whole other universe created from the excisting one with the Mask of Reality by Inwirn. The universe contained all the characters and beings that are in the real universe too, but most of them in different forms. Matoran were the main inhabitants.

The universe was a GIGANTIC planet, bigger than any currently excisting ones. It contained a huge continent, it took 10 years to travel from the other end of it to the other.

The land was made up from six districts. The districts were like the Wahi were on the island of Mata Nui. Each district also contained a large city. These cities were similar to the Metru cities of Metru Nui. Except that in this universe, they were about 1000 larger.

Each district was affiliated with ne of the six main elements. On the center, there was a huge, totally open place, with a path leading to a massive castle. In that castle, Inwirn, the might ruler of this universe, lived.

Besides the Matoran living in the cities, there were various Rahi all over the land. The most widespread were the Visorak, because they were Inwirn's Army.


Inwirn created the false reality but the Chosen Ones foiled her plan by stealing the mask of reality and changing the reality back to normal.

So in a way... the False Reality never existed.


  • Balta remembered the False Reality, as the only one.

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