False Turaga
Kuvat 063
Powers Very little powers
Location(s) Bio-Land
Status Three False Turaga exist

False Turaga is a being who's power has been taken forcefully, instead that he/she would've given it by his/her own choice. One such way is to drain it with the Power Sucker Machine. This is also the only way we have seen anyone do it.


The first False Turaga ever was Henkka, who's energies were drained with the Power Sucker Machine by Alex. Henkka got his energies back, however, after many years, while putting the Symbol of Mata Nui in the Temple of Henkka.

Three more False Turaga were created the same way years later, when Alex drained the energies of a Toa of Fire, Thul and Thal with the machine. Their powers were used to make Alex stronger.

The three current False Turaga live in the Kowa Mountains.

Known False Turaga


  • Becoming a False Turaga mixes up the beings mind, depending on the being. Henkka became a bit insane and more evil by his change.
  • When Henkka became a False Turaga, he became extremely powrful. This is not normal in False Turaga form. The power was unique to Henkka

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