Final Battle of Griddlers and Minion Dogs
Conflict Alliance of the Enemies
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Location Bio-Land, Alex's Fortress
Outcome Ketawnki gets formed, Minion Dogs and Griddlers get destroyed, Tapio and his friends (and some enemies) become Toa, Alex and Henkka near death, Alex's Fortress abandoned
  • Tapio and his friends
  • Minion Dogs, Griddlers and their commanders
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  • None, Henkka ALMOST
  • Almost all Griddlers and Minion Dogs
Previous Battle of Kidhiki and Nekka
Next First Battle of Henkka and Alex


Tapio and his friends

Inwirn and Alex


The battle started when Tapio and his friends arrived at Alex's Fortress. They were attacked by the Griddler and Minion Dog armies. Matoran Hordika, Iruini and Pewka stood back to fight them while Tapio, Henkka and Aino snuck inside the fortress. They arrived to a room with some experimental Energized Protodermis. Alex ambushed them and pushed Aino into the EP below. Tapio thought that she would die but instead she transformed into a Toa of Sand. Even though she could've easily beaten Alex, Henkka insisted that he would face Alex himself while the others would find Inwirn. That happened.

Aino and Tapio soon got confronted by Juho and Dumpa, who protected Inwirn. They fought, Aino took on Juho and Dumpa while Tapio fought Inwirn. When Aino made a big blast of sand, she and all the other fighters accidently fell into another proto river too. They fused there, into the Ketawnki. Although there were more evil characters in the fusion, good mind won and the titan killed all Minion Dogs and Griddlers with one single blast of energy. This ended the fight. The blast took so much energy from the Ketawnki, however, that it diffused. All the characters that had been in the fusion, became Toa, however, in the process.

Meanwhile Henkka and Alex had fought so hard that they were both dying. Tapio arrived and saved Henkka, but Alex was lefft behind.


The good guys started their travel home, Inwirn, Juho and Dumpa went to Inwirn's Second Base, Alex got rescued by The Claw

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