Firehead's Fortress
Primary Residents Firehead, Ziggo, Morphy
Location Firehead's Island
Status Destroyed

Fireheads telescope of the roof of the fortress

Firehead's Fortress is a large and the only building on Firehead's Island, located in the center of it.



Pakri and Ak in the Slavery Room

Firehead's Fortress was built by Firehead, Ziggo, Grandeg and Morphy soon after they failed to asassin Biokau. Grandeg helped building the fortress but left after that, to Comic Land.

Firehead sent Ziggo and Morphy to teleport Matoran to the statis tubes of the cavern of slavery. They did this and Firehead even used Grandeg's Airships and robots to achieve his goal. During their time there, Firehead was kidnapped by Kohena, Wind Rider and a Bz Guard. He summoned Ziggo and Morphy to rescue him and they succeeded. The good guys got away, however. Ziggo and Morphy then went back to teleport Matoran.

Firehead succeeded in getting the Matoran of the Four Great Lands but was killed by traitorus Morphy in the poison room. The Matoran escaped from the Statis tubes because of Nahi and attacked Morphy and Ziggo. They escaped and the Matoran did so too, going back to their homelands. The fortress was left abandoned after this collecting dust until The Rising destroyed the fortress completely.


The fortress had many floors, even underground.

Firehead's Telescope

On top of the fortress there was a huge telescope that could be controlled from the telescope room. Firehead used the telescope to see far away and spot incoming airships. The telescope was destroyed by Lemoru so he and his company could climb through it on the roof of the fortress.

Telescope Control Room

Telescope Control Room was a big room where the telescope could be controlled and moved from.

Slave Room

Firehead designed a huge (by huge I mean ENORMOUS. GIGANTIC.) cavern with millions and millions of statis stubes. They contained, at some point, the Matoran of the Four Great Lands, which was Firehead's plan from the day the fortress was built. The room is so big that it streches far beneath the ground, to the Matoran Universe itself. Therefore a part of the Slave Room still excists in the Matoran Universe even though the fortress was destroyed.

Poison Room

The poison room was some sort of a minifacotry where Firehead used to do experiments with acid and toxic substances. Firehead was killed by Morphy in this room.


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