"We need a plan." -Sala to Makarray and Eltru.


Hurrying down some stairs, Sala and Shadow where on their way to the throne room where Makuta Teridax was. After going down a corridor and around a corner, they come face to face with Him, Makuta Teridax.

"Ah, good. Come in." He said to the breathless beings, and gave them a smile that reminded Sala of a dead rahi. Following Teridax Sala and Shadow entered the throne room.

"Ah Teridax." Says Mata Nui smiling. "Tell me, what news you have brought."

"The Brotherhood and I have made a decision that will change this universe." Replies the Makuta. "You. . . shall sleep." Then a mist was spayed into Mata Nui face. Beside him, Sala heard the some hiss that he had heard every time he and Shadow fought, Iden appearing.

"Your dead traitor!" Yelled Shadow running straight at the Makuta, Iden in his hand. Teridax gave his smile and with a wave of his hand, and dimensional gate appeared right in front of Shadow, swallowing him up into darkness. And then the some to Sala after trying to get to Mate Nui with his mask of speed.

Chapter I

Unknown island. . .

Thanks to his mask, Sala quickly found out that he was on a small island with ruins and strange beings. It wasn't until his second trip that he found a matoran. A Le-matoran he identified, and was going away from the almost in-ruins village. And after following him though some woods and coming to a clearing, the matoran stopped. Sala needed answers, and this was probably his best chance, so he jumped. At the last moment the Le-matoran side-stepped and Sala missed. But as he went down into a roll his hand went up over the matoran mouth, and was trapped.

"Don't move, I'm not going to hurt you." Said Sala to the matoran. "I just need some answers." Slowly the matoran nodded.

"Start off by telling me your name and what island I'm on." Then carefully Sala removed his hand.

"I'm Makarray, and you are on Terith Ruw." Said Makarray. Sala couldn't remember a island called Terith Ruw. Find out then he said to himself.

"Are there any other islands near here?" Sala asked. Makarray thought for a moment Then answered.

"There is but I can't remember the name. And can I say something else."

"Sure." Said Sala thinking.

"We should talk some place else." Said Makarray looking around.

"What? Why?"Said Sala confused. Then a twig snapped.

"Hissss." Sala whiled around, only to be hit by something in his arm. Then extrema pain in his arm and his hearing was gone. The strange being came down with blades swinging everywhere, Sala dodged the blades and Makarray dropped down and kicked it in the legs.

"Hissss!" The mad being jumped up and surprised Sala by gliding. Sala thought Makarray told him something but he couldn't hear. The being dropped down again and swung it's blades in web of death. Sala grabbed one of his knives and was about to jump, but before he did the being, who was after Makarray, kicked him in the torso, sending him into a tree. Then Sala couldn't hold his anger, and using his elemental powers of Magnetism he. . .blacked out.

Unknown island. . .

A dark shadow, darker then shadow, moved in between the huts of a matoran village. Only piercing green eyes could tell that something besides a wall was there. It stopped when the sound of voices reached it's ears.

"What is that?" Said the first voice.

"You don't remember these?" Said the second. The dark shadow moved closer until they came into his eyesight. Two matoran, the first a Ga-matoran and the second a Ta-matoran. Don't see this every day said the shadow to itself.

"You know when we found a strange rahi, and asked Turaga Hefny to send a Toa. . ."

"Oh the Glea." Said the matoran of water suddenly. "Where did you get that one."

"I found it and decided to keep it." Answered the matoran of fire. Time to talk. Then the shadow grew larger and it's green eyes got bigger and more piercing. The Ga-matoran was the first to notice it, and couldn't do anything except make her mouth open a little too big. But when the Ta-matoran noticed it he was able to achieve something bigger.

"Ma. . .kut. . .a."

"MAKUTA!" Exploded Shadow. "If you call me that again I'l. . ." He stopped when the two matoran started to look like Ko-matoran. He then looked down at his dark armor, tail, spikes, and if that wasn't enough the horns on his head was.

"Okay don't call me a makuta again." He said, calming down. "Now what are your names and where am I?"

The Ga-matoran was the first to speak. "I'm Mecka and this is Taema. And you are on the island of Drogis."

Makuta's lair. . .

Vizserek felt another beings presence, as he sat in the middle of the floor staring at nothing.

"The Lord Teridax want's you." Said a voice of another Makuta.

"Now!" He said when Vizserek didn't move. With that he did get up.

"I can hear." He said quietly, then getting up, Vizserek walked over to the other makuta who was now starting to have fear in his eyes.

"If you ever come to me in this manner again, then you won't come out alive, and you stink!" Then he walked past the clearly shaking Makuta. Making his way too Teridax's throne room, Vizserek met no one else. Until he opened the door and saw Teridax and Frenserk talking.

"Ah, Vizserek." Greeted the Master of Shadows. "Time is short so I'll make it brief." Vizserk came closer ans noticed that Lemserk was not to be seen. 'Probably trying to find stupid targets for his so called blaster.' He said to himself.

"I have a mission for The Trio." Frenserk nodded and Teridax went on. "Hunt down and kill Mata Nui's creations." Vizserek and Frenserk smiled, for they knew what creations he was talking about.

Lemserk stopped at the door for a moment. He and Chirox were not the best of friends. But, orders where orders and besides, they both knew that Lemserk was the more powerful. With that thought in mind, he walked in. To find Chirox studying something, and he didn't look up.

"Dark Leeches?" Asked Lemserk. Without looking up Chirox waved his hand. Lemserk followed the the wave to a shelf with three Tridax pods.

"Don't waste them." The other makuta mocked. "Their too powerful to spend sparingly." Lemserk pretended not to hear and made his way over to the shelf.

"Ah. . .Dark leeches." He said in a amused tone. "And they better work." Then grabbing all three, Lemserk turned and left. A growl from Chirox followed him out.

Chapter II

Terith Ruw...

Sala awoke to the sound of something moving. Opening one eye, he looked slowly around the cave. A strange being was watching him. A Toa, Sala decided

"What was the creature that attacked us? And why is everything in ruins?" Asked Sala.

"You were attacked by Glea." Said the Toa. "And Terith Ruw is in ruins because the few matoran that weren't infected with Vayk are put to work."

"Who are you?" Asked Sala after a few moments of thinking.

The female Toa smiled and said."I'm Eltru, Toa of Lightning." After a few moments of silence, Makarray walked into the cave, and with him was a very strange bird-like rahi.

"Finally, your awake." He said shaking his head. Then turning serous he said. "The Glea most of found out that your here."

"Why do you say that?" Asked Sala.

"The Glea only have Toa's Fate with them when their after a Toa, and I just got back from Felnas and no word about Eltru was said." Replied Makarray, sitting down beside Eltru. This island was the strangest place Sala had ever heard of, and it was getting worse.

"Why isn't Terith Ruw on the map?" He asked. A few moments of silence followed before Eltru spoke.

"A long time ago, a Ga-matoran trade ship got blown off course and found this island. When they were able, they went back to Metru Nui, where they lived on as if nothing happened. But soon matoran started getting tired of Metru Nui, so when one of the Ga-matoran that was on the trade ship told them about Terith Ruw. Some wanted to go. And finally, after much arguments, they were allowed to go with Turaga Hefny and three toa for protection. And so they left, taking the location of Terith Ruw with them. And the location went with us. Then when we landed the first thing that was needed was a dock to set up trade with a nearby island called Drogis. And we named that first village, Elda meaning detection in matoran. After that we moved on to another site where we built a second village which we named Crast meaning repulsion, there we set up a supply base and watch towers. But the matoran wanted to go farther in, so we made are third village, that we named Tobduk meaning survivor, at the foot of the mountain. And that was the last village we made, because a message from Drogis said a new type of rahi had been found. So after a time, Rack was chosen to go help capture a few. That choice was the death of Terith Ruw. But nothing happened when Rack got back, and everything went well, until I heard Rack talking to a unknown creature, that turned out to be a Glea in armor, I only heard one sentence "Kill the toa." but that was enough. But it doesn't matter what you know, what matters is who you tell. Unfortunately, they came before I was able to tell Uyray or Turaga Hefny, they, the Glea horde, had come and Rack was leading them against his own friends. The sky went black because of the Glea's ability to glide. But they can't fly, so Rack took over the mountain first, then he had the Glea surround us and then the battle began. The Glea are not fighters, they rely on their numbers to take down the enemy, and their numbers were great. But they didn't attack the matoran they just attacked me. And Rack attacked Uyray." Eltru stopped talking and stared at open air.

So Makarray took up the story. "Rack had dropped down from the sky to fight Uyray, but Uyray being the leader of the team and a toa of fire with the mask of strength, put on a good fight, but Rack, being a toa of plantlife with the mask of rahi control, made vines grab Uyray. So Uyray was fighting plantlife and Rack something that not even he could handle very well."

Makarray looked at Eltru before continuing. "Not all fights end happily, this one didn't and Uyray hasn't been seen since."

Makarray looked at Eltru again, but her expression couldn't tell what she was thinking. So he kept going. "After the defeat, Eltru had to hide because Rack was looking for her now. And the matoran were lined up and Rack chose almost all of us, and right before are eyes had them mutated by a strange being that Rack called Kaylar. The first matoran to get Vayk in them was my best friend Ned. Thankfully mutated matoran can only remember a few things about their matoran selves or else Ned would have told Rack about this cave and Eltru wouldn't be here now. Ned most have been very skilled with that robotic arm that he made for himself when he lost his real one in a accident, because Rack sent him to find Eltru after his training was complete. He almost did but I brought the ceiling down cutting him off. And after that I haven't really seen much of him."

Then Eltru spoke up. "And I haven't seen much Glea either." She looked at Sala and said. "And that is the history about Terith Ruw."

"Where is Rack now?" Asked Sala.

Eltru looked at him and replied, "under Felnas." Makarray had been staring at Sala since the story ended, now he got up and went over to a shelf on the wall and pulled down a. . .map? "Where did you get that?" Asked Eltru, surprise coming in her voice.

Makarray looked at her with a half smile. "I work for the Glea, but" he looked at Sala, "as of now, I don't." His little rahi flew to his arm and looked at Eltru with it's one eye.

Sala held out his hand. "Can I see that map?" Makarray handed it over. And after studying it for a bit, Sala said, "We need a plan."


Shadow stared at the clear, darkening sky of Drogis. Mecka and Taema were doing their daily work and might meet him later, but Shadow wasn't thinking about them, instead his mind was saying one word, Teridax over and over again. He wasn't even thinking about Mata Nui or Sala, just the Makuta who made all this mess. Then he couldn't hold in his anger anymore, so grabbing a good sized rock, he throw it at the air then he roared. Not caring that he being here was supposed to be kept secret.

"Hello to you too." Said a cold voice behind him. Shadow whirled around, then jumped sideways. Almost getting hit by a blast of shadow energy. And there stood a Makuta. Anger boiled inside Shadow. Not because the Makuta tried to kill him, but because that Makuta was still breathing.

"Oh, sorry to startle you." Said the smiling Makuta in a mocking voice. "My name is Frenserk, and I suppose your Shadow?"

Then Shadow, who had been glaring, put himself to his full height and replied coldly. "Oh yes. . ." Iden appeared in his hand, then he finished, "I'm Shadow." Frenserk just smiled.

"It's a shame Lemserk couldn't be here to see you fall, and at the beginning of the mission." But Shadow didn't hear a word of it, instead a vision came into his mind.

a dimly lit room and in was two beings, the first was Sala and the other was a Toa of lightning. Both seem tired but kept fighting hundreds of strange creators that never seemed to end, even in that small of a room. Then Sala seemed to look in his direction, his face was tired but strong. Then it ended.

". . .but who cares." Frenserk then stopped and looked at Shadow. "What? Am I scaring you? Me, scaring the best creation that was made by Mata Nui, ha!" Any other time Shadow would have smashed any being who said that, but anger was finally beaten by Sala being in danger. And he ignored the blast of energy that nicked his armor. Instead he faded into the shadows where not even the stars could find him, and was gone. Frenserk gave a growl of frustration and walked over to where a small piece of armor was. "Curse you." He said.

But Shadow didn't hear it instead he was just about to shapeshift to have wings when a being appeared right in front of him. Instantly, Shadow started to fade, but stopped. For that being was starting to fade too.

"Who are you." Asked Shadow curiously.

"The one who kept Teridax from killing you, the one who brought you here, and the one who gave you the vision of Sala being attacked."

"Where is he?" Commanded Shadow.

"Greaynag will keep him safe from the Glea. But now there are other things to worry about, The Trio are coming and I can't show myself yet."

"Let those snakes come." Said Shadow making Iden come to his hand.

"It will be better if you leave and go to your lair for now. But that choice is yours." Then Angular left.

"Wow." Said Shadow boringly. And then walked off. But it wasn't far before he started to sense another being.

"I feel you too." Said a voice. Shadow dropped to one knee as he turned. "Come, lets talk." Said Vizserek as he lunged with his sword, but Shadow blocked it with the armor on his arm. And with the other swung with Iden. Vizserek dodged it and sent fire and earth. A plan quickly formed in Shadow's mind, doing it, Shadow copied a attack, then quickly jumped into shadows. Vizserek stopped firing his elemental powers.

"Did you ever hear the story about the Dikapi and the Sand Tarakava? It ends with the little Dikapi walking along and. .Snap! Bye bye little Dikapi," Vizserek looked around, and seeing it didn't do anything and said, "Where are you, coward."

"Right here." Said Shadow from behind. Then before Vizserek could react, he fired the copy of Vizserek's blast. It hit him, but didn't kill him. And he blasted his Tridax pod at Shadow. Shadow killed the Dark leeches before he became their victim by destroying them with the weaker version of Nui's Shade. Vizserek growled and attacked again. Shadow jumped back and got ready to unleash the real Nui's Shade.

"You've lost." Said Vizserek smiling. For just then the rest of The Trio showed up.

"Remember me?" Taunted Frenserk.

Shadow stood there watching for a moment before speaking. "This isn't over."

"Stop him!" Yelled Vizserek, but Shadow was gone in the cloud of Lemserk missed blast of shadow.

Vizserek grabbed Frenserk and said. "If you can't help kill him then don't come." Then he throw him too the ground.

Chapter III

Under Felnas...

"What are my orders?" Asked Ned to the messenger Glea.

"Thessss Kayzzar isss sssendingss you aftersss toassss. . ."

"Tell him that he wont be disappointed." Interrupted Ned. Then he left to find someone who could talk.


Sala hoped the night would last or Rack and the Glea wouldn't, either way it was going to be hard night. Approaching Crast was easy but getting past was a little harder.

Be nice if Shadow was here then he would just shapeshift into something big and scare the Glea. Sala commented to himself. Footsteps came up behind him, and Eltru dropped down beside him.

"Ready?" She asked.

"Now are never." He answered, then said, "Don't come to late." The Toa of Lightning smiled and got up then quickly disappeared. From Sala's view nothing was seen on the deserted ruins. Then with quickness Sala jumped up and flung himself to a patch of trees. Then using magnetism he picked himself up and shot himself into the ruins.

"Freeze!" Sala dove to the side right before a blade flew over his head. He faced his attacker to find a being smaller then himself yet bigger then a matoran. The being lounged but Sala blocked it with one of his daggers. Then with the other one he hit the being with the side of it on the beings head. The being dropped.

Mutated matoran Sala said to himself as he looked at the corpse They know we're coming.

Outside Felnas...

Two mutated matoran guards were the only one's between Sala and the door. So using magnetism he picked up one and rammed him into the other; together they went crashing into rock. As Sala moved closer one of them jumped back up and fired a blast of what looked like Toa's Fate. Sala dodged it and was about to fling a dagger at it but a blast of lightning sent it flying to the other side of the island.

"Did I came to late?" Asked Eltru as she and Makarray stepped out of the shadows.

Chapter IV


It had been two days since Shadow had fought Vizserk, and no sign of them had been seen. But another being had made his appearance to Shadow again.

"The Trio have left this island." Said Angular.

"Let them run, I don't care." Replied Shadow.

"I think you should leave this place too and come with me."

"Really? And where are you going." Asked Shadow with annoyance.

"Karda Nui." Replied Angular. Shadow blinked, "The Core of the Universe? The resting place of the Codrex?"

"Yes." Said Angular, then a portal appeared in front of them. "Come." Shadow had seen Karda Nui before and knew that it was a place that if you went there you needed to be able to fly. So shapeshifting to have wings Shadow jumped into the portal.

"Hear we are." Says Angular.

"Interesting, it looks different from what I remember." Says Shadow.

"That's because we're in another time." Responds Angular. "Plus, several powerful beings have been fighting here.

"Interesting." Thinks Shadow.

Under Felnas: Lower Section...

"Hello Ned, did you hear your mission." Asks Rack.

"Yes master." Responds Ned.

"Good, because your targets are just above us." Says Rack.

"I will not fail you." Says Ned as he walks out.

"I will be seeing you shortly, sister." Says Rack coldly to himself as he picks up his blade.

Under Felnas: Lower section...

Sala didn't have a problem with the Glea anymore. They just, fell down when he went by. His task of making sure their escape root wasn't blocked. Now he was going the meet Eltru near where the Toa Staff of Health would be if it were real. Then, he heard it before he saw it, the sound of rocks splitting open. Sala fell into shadow.

"No!" Sala heard Eltru cry out but couldn't see her. And then it went dark.

Eltru watched until he disappeared, then she turned back to Ned.

"Rack wants to see you." Said Ned, smiling.

Under Felnas: Deep Section...

Fortunately, Makarray was the first to find the dazed Sala. "Steady, now what happened?" He asked as he helped the Toa get up.

"Ned opened the floor." He replied groaning.

"Well, I guess will have to get up there and send him down here." Said the matoran grinning.

"Yes, and we better hurry." Said Sala getting up.

Chapter V

Karda Nui...

It wasn't long after Shadow arrived that he began to feel different. He felt more weight on his back then usual. A few more moments and he found out that he had wings.

"Huh?" He remembered shaeshifting to have wings when he got into the portal to come here. But these didn't go away.

"I see you are prepared for the Karda Nui skies." Said Angular.

"How did I get them." Demanded Shadow.

"The air here does many strange things."

"So, the air here did it?" Asked Shadow. Angular nodded. "Great." Said Shadow.

"Come, let me show you around." Said Angular, ignoring the others annoyance.

Under Felas: Lower section... thumb|300px|right|This fight's theme song Eltru swung her blade, lightning blazing on it. Ned caught it with his shield, and sent a attack of his own. Eltru back-flipped it and fired a blast of lightning. Ned dove sideways and did a roll to get back up, he then turned and smiled.

"Hello sister." Said a voice. "Welcome back."

"Traitor." Eltru hissed.

"Not a very nice greeting." Said Rack from behind. Eltru spinned on one foot and caught his blade with hers. He smiled. She turned her head, and quickly raised her shield to block Ned's swing.

"Try it." She growled, and jumped back as Rack sliced with his other blade.

"I've been waiting a long time for this." He said.

"I bet you have." Said Sala as he came out from a corridor followed by Makarray.

"Good, more guest." Rack nodded to Ned, who jumped after Makarray. the matoran was ready though and dove to the side. Ned missed his jump, but recovered. Turning around he swung at Makarray. Who brought his hooks up to block it.

"Come on," said Makarray, "lets go somewhere else."

"Why?" Asked Ned smiling, "You don't wont to be defeated in close-quarters?"

"For some reason I can't find the humor in that." Replied Makarray.

Under Felnas: Lower Section...

Sala joined Eltru and together attacked Rack. Whatever their enemy was thinking, Sala couldn't tell. Eltru, with her sword blazing with lightning, attacked high while Sala went low, sometimes switching, sometimes doing other attacks. Together they drove Rack back. Then Rack jumped away from the attacks.

"Lets see how much you can take before your overwhelmed." He said. Sala had two seconds to find out what that meant before the whole ceiling came down. And the glea in armor came with it.

"This can't stop me." Yelled Eltru, Rack smiled, and Sala quickly made a invisible fist with magnetism and used it to send any glea that were above him away. But they kept coming, soon they almost filled that small room. Rack stood back and watched, because of all the glea Sala couldn't read his mind, so instead he took a step back. Which put him back to back with Eltru, and together they made a web of metal. To the glea one side was a web of blazing lightning and the other was a blur of something that seemed to draw the glea to it. Suddenly Sala felt like he was being taken somewhere in his mind. He tried to stop it but when he did, his blades became slower.

Don't try to fight it, said a voice in Sala mind. And for a unknown reason, he listened. Instantly he was flying over water, going at unknown speeds. For a few seconds it was just water and then, almost to fast to see, three dark spots went under him in a blur. Then shortly followed by another blur. He thought about the four blurs for a moment and then he was flying over land, and he was slowing down. Then he stopped near to figures and what looked like a portal. One of the figures he saw was Shadow but the other Sala didn't know. He couldn't hear what they were saying but Shadow suddenly grew wings and stepped up to the portal. Sala didn't see him step in because he starting flying back, back over the water, over the four blurs, and all the way to the room with Eltru and glea. And once again he had control of his hands.

"Die yelled," yelled Eltru, and then all the glea that were in between herself and Rack seperanted. Eltru charged but Rack got his blades up to block it. As that happened all the glea stopped attacking Eltru and went after Sala. Soon their was as much corpse around Sala as there was alive glea. As Sala wondered how much glea could there be, the whole room with blinding light. Sala had just enough time to see the light coming from Eltru, one of Rack's blades in her, then the light went out and the room exploded.

"They are coming," was the last words that came into his mind before darkness took him.

Karda Nui...

Shadow was looking at matoran working when suddenly he felt it. Looking over at Angular, who was looking straight around with his unblinking eyes.

"What just happened?" asked Shadow to him.

"Sala was hit with a wave of energy he didn't know existed."


"A toa gave her power and her life."

"Dead? Her? Who?" Asked Shadow confused.

"That's not your part to know," then turning he said, "I'll be back soon." And he left Shadow to wander about his unanswered questions.

Chapter VI

Under Felnas: Lower Section...

"You too good to be a regular matoran, why don't you switch sides?" Ned said as he dove away from one of Makarray's hooks.

"Why? So I wouldn't be able to control my own life? I think not," replied Makarray as he dodged a swing from the other.

"Controlled? Ha! I'm the best mutated matoran alive and I'm not controlled," laughed Ned as he spinned around on one foot creating a web of attacks that Makarray had to jump back.

"No, your being controlled be someone else and not being able to help your friends, that is little more then a pawn waiting for it's master to throw it away," said Makarray coldly as he caught Ned sword with one hook and used the other to attack Ned's face.

"Friends? I don't need friends," replied Ned as he brought his shield up to block the other attack.

"You think you don't need friends, but I know you," said Makarray, side-stepping as the other got his sword free and attacked with it.

"No! I don't need friends!" Yelled Ned as he switched his sword to his gun and fired at the other.

Under Felnas: Lower Section...

Sala wasn't sure why he was running, but he felt like Makarray was trouble, and after of his friends died he wasn't about to let another one die. When Eltru's light filled the room, Sala used that as a distraction and just started running. If any Glea saw him leave they wouldn't be able to do anything now because of Sala's speed. It wasn't long before he felt more beings, so slowing down Sala readied his knives.

"...I don't need friends!" followed by the sound of a gun reached his ears. Sala took to long jumps to come to the doorway the sounds were coming from. As he reached the door, Makarray came flying out and hit the other side of the hallway, a gash in his side. Sala jumped into the doorway just as Ned used his shield to hit Makarray's little pet rahi, Zip, away. Sala watched as the rahi hit the wall and went still, then he prepared his magnetism. Ned looked at him and stopped walking.

"Oh, I see you escaped Rack, well I'll just take..." he was cut off by Sala blast of magnetism.

"Be quiet," said Sala as the other went flying into the far side of the wall, and laid still. Sala let out a breath and went over to Zip. Dead, darn. Getting back up he went out the door and over to Makarray.

"Can you get up?" He asked when Makarray started to stir.

"I think so," he replied weekly. Then he pulled out a stone and gave it to Sala, "take this and fallow it's beam."

"What? Why?..."

"Just do it."

Karda Nui...

Shadow had done some looking around before he saw anymore beings and even those didn't radiate as much power as this one. Sitting on a ledge Shadow watched several beings go under him.

"That's Vavorkx," says Angular. Shadow jerked back, almost making Iden appear. But when he saw it was Angular he growled and straightened. "A being that would be better to leave alone," he finished.

"Why?" asked Shadow.

"Because it could cost you, now let me show you the Swamp." Shadow jumped down from his perch and followed Angular, but in his mind he told himself, I'll find out more about this Vavorkx.

Chapter VII

Ruins of Elda...

The Trio moved about the ruins on Terith Ruw. The only sounds made were the sounds of the three Makuta walking around, and every once in awhile the sound of energy crackling and then the blast as it made a path though the abandoned ruins.

"I hate this," spoke up Frenserk as he used his blades to slice though a large wooden-beam.

"Oh shut-up," growled Lemserk as he jumped over what used to be part of a hut. "He is here."

"How do you know?" Snapped the other as he continued his way though the ruins.

"Because I know how to get information."

"If you both don't shut-up I will tear you into bloody strips of worthless junk that you are," said Vizserek facing the others. He finished by looking at Lemserk and saying, "And I will kill you if your wrong and he's not here. Now come on." With that he opened up his wings and took to the sky followed by the others.

Under Felnas: Deep Section...

Sala had followed the beam of light down lots of stairs and a few hallways before coming to a large cavern. And here, surrounded by light, was what he had been looking for, The Toa Spear of Health.

Once Makarray saw he spoke up, "put me down and don't get into the light." Sala obeyed. But as the matoran feet touched the floor, a sound was heard, a sound that was coming closer.

"Oh crap," says Sala as he grabs his knives.

"I...have" gasps Makarray as he staggers over to the lighted area. Sala saw the matoran out of the corner of his eye, then Glea were pouring into the cavern.

"Watch out!" he yelled to Makarray, noticing the matoran stagger over to a rock for cover, has he started to blast the Glea swarm with his elemental powers. Sala did a back-flip over a beam of Toa's Fate and fired magnetism at the Glea that shot the virus. Landing in the middle of the Glea he dropped to one knee and with his knifes he whirled, which took off the legs of several Glea. Then, to soon, the battle was over.

"Okay, their gone," Sala said as he put his knives away. Looking over he saw Makarray get from his hiding place and start to stagger back to the lighted area and, in the middle, the Toa Spear of Health. "Wait, I'll get that," he said as he started to walk toward him.

"! I too," came the week reply from the matoran. Sala was about to reply but a sound stopped him, turning his head to see what it was. Instead he saw the blur of a blade as it passed out of his sight and into his side.

Karda Nui...

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