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Black Star:
Freedom in Death
Setting TBD; Likely multiple
Date set N/A
Media information
Release date 3/14/17
Writer(s) DFaceG
Previous N/A
Concurrent N/A
Next TBD

is story is the first in a planned series centering around the lives of the inhabitants of the Red Star, and what happens if -and when- everything goes wrong.


The characters in "Freedom in Death" are mostly canon characters, although there will be a few that are non-canon. This story follows the journey of Kopaka and Pohatu after being transported to the Red Star.


The story takes place in settings such as the Red Star and Spherus Magna, although there is a possibility of fictional locations being seen in-story. This story should be considered a continuation of "The Powers That Be."


Chapter One

A Toa of Ice stood in a room with two others, a Toa of Stone and an Onu-Matoran. Kopaka scanned the area surrounding their current location with his Akaku Nuva, and noticed several Kestora roaming the corridors of the Red Star. Annoyed, and likely tired, Kopaka sat down and wiped his face. Pohatu, the Toa of Stone, was pacing rapidly, and Mavrah, the Onu-Matoran, was watching Pohatu with a look on his face as if he was both disgusted and amused at once. Mavrah finally snapped, "Pohatu, you need to sit, or just stop moving. Your footsteps are so loud even the Rahi in Metru Nui can hear you." Pohatu stopped moving, and the color drained from his body. He glanced at Kopaka, who now had a stern look on his face. Pohatu had to take a long moment to analyze the situation, after having started to pace once again.

(Mavrah still thinks Metru Nui exists. This means he has no idea what's happened; not the Great Cataclysm, not Teridax's takeover, not the reformation of Spherus Magna...) Pohatu thought, his mind racing quickly.

Kopaka got up, scanned the surrounding area once again, and then announced, "The Kestora are gone... for now. We need to go. "Stop now." Kopaka looked over, and found that Pohatu, with a very angry look on his face, was addressing Mavrah. Mavrah cocked his head in curiosity, then asked, "What is it, Pohatu?"

Pohatu pointed at Mavrah, then answered, "You need to tell us what happened here, and what's going on between the Kestora and Gaardus. You need to tell us everything."


(May be expanded upon in the future)

Other Viewing Locations

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