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Group Agori
Occupation Searcher
Element Water
Powers N/A
Kanohi N/A
Tools Water Searcher Staff/Spear
Status In Toa Form
Location Sphera Magna
Pronunciation GA-las

"What can be worse? Tahu dying because of you, or you dying because of me?"
Noriz to Galas [src]
Galas is a Water Agori and Toa in BIONICLE Legacy. He is a Searcher for the Ga-Sphera. He was one of the two Agori that found the Pool of Entropy, alongside his best friend, Metum.


Galas' first official appearance was when Matoran and Agori when building the Shrine of Mata Nui in episode 1 of BIONICLE Legacy, City of Sphera Nui. He was one of the Reformers and Builders during that time. Later, when the Matoran started construction of Sphera Nui, he became a Searcher, people who search for Rahi, food, or rarely, treasures lost in the new form of the Sphera Magna.

Galas, later, met Metum in one of his journeys, becoming friends really fast, and became best friends. They spent most of their time with eachother, even though they're from different tribes.

They find the Pool of Entropy in one their missions, which they accidentally release, preventing Mata Nui from dying from being absorbed in the invisible energy barrier surrounding the pool. However, the pool formed a body, attacking the incoming Toa Mata, and turning Tahu into half-Turaga, also creating two Kanohi Aquan and Kolika, which was wielded by Galas and Metum respectively. The body left in form of a goopy liquid, as seemed to go into the city.

As they bring Tahu to the Shrine, they see the great Ignika was stolen. Galas helped to take back the Ignika from its thief, Noriz, now being in an abandoned Skakdi castle, along with Volx, Pohatu and Metum.

He later becomes a Toa and becomes the leader of the Toa Team Toa Sphera.

Abilities and Traits

Unlike most of the other Agori, he didn't like fighting. However, he became a Searcher because of the fame it comes with it. As he hated killing wild Rahi attacking him, he soon became weird looking in eyes of the other Searchers. As he gained the Kanohi Aquan, he became famous, and he liked it, even when he turned into a Toa.

Group Toa Sphera
Occupation Toa
Element Water
Powers Controlling and Containing water
Kanohi Aquan
Tools Aqua Whip
Status Alive
Location Sphera Nui
Pronunciation GA-las

Powers and Equipment

He's powers are based around controlling water, like summoning, absorbing, creating, or moving bodies of water, which all comes from his unique mask, Aquan. He's current equipment is his mask as well as the Aqua Whip, his primary weapon.


  • He is one of the few Agori with a Kanohi.
  • He is one of the few Matoran-class people, which has ability of using powers of his mask, or in other words, his Kanohi wasn't powerless.
  • He is the only Toa of Water that is male, as well some of the few that were never Matoran (since he used to be an Agori).