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Gatris Nui (being)
Gatris Nui.spirit
Group Great Spirits
Occupation None
Element Protection
Powers N/A
Kanohi None
Tools None
Status Alive
Location Bara Magna
Pronunciation Gatr-is-new-ee

Gatris Nui was a Great Spirit sent by the Great Beings in the ancient

past to protect the Universe from Shadowspace and other realms. He is considered to be a friend to Mata Nui and helped the First Toa create the Nui Orbs a long time ago since he required elemental energy from Toa to create them.



Gatris Nui, like his fellow Great Spirits, were originally sent by the Great Beings to the BIONICLE Planet. Laksuj-Konom and Mata Nui went off somewhere by themselves, while Gatris Nui, who had barely met his brothers before, had gone to a small volcano rising out of the endless sea. He raised an enormous island around it, and settled down there. Soon after, a group of Matoran came to the island and settled down to form the cities.

After that, Teridax came, as he had been following Gatris Nui ever since The Spirit had been sent here. He made the island his fortress,and created the World Schism to study Shadowspace. Gatris Nui, with the help of the First Toa, created the Nui Orbs, which stopped the World Schism from growing, but did not close it.

Gatris Nui sent his personal aid, the Cloud Ruler, to go place the Nui Orbs across the universe. During The Great Cataclysm, Gatris Nui crashed into an uninhabited planet and went into a short slumber. He then awoke, traveled to Kowahnok, and fell into a coma.
Gatris nui rising

Gatris Nui rises for the first time in nearly 100,000 years.

When Teridax entered Mata Nui's body after it was "awakened", Gatris Nui remained in his slumber due to the fact that the life waves took a while to reach him. Once they did, he rose. With the sun gleaming off his silver body, he blasted off into space, bound for Issr Pararaihe to ask Kappa for help with Teridax. He tried to convince Kappa, but he refused. Gatris Nui then tried to come back to Wai Whetuao but was diverted by Cron, leaving him spinning into Bara Magna.


  • Toa/Turaga Lhikan is believed to be some form of Gatris Nui, but this remains unproved.
  • Since Gatris Nui has not been awakened by the power of the Mask of Life, some Matoran believe he is dead.
  • When in his coma, Gatris Nui was submerged in the gas giant, Kowahnok.
  • When he awoke, he immediately traveled to Issr Pararaihe.
  • The life waves from the Ignika actually arrived at him much faster than expected.
  • He was the only Great Spirit who could change his size and become intangible.
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