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Gatris Nui (location)
Gatris Nui
Position Southeast of Mata Nui, North of Vakam
Population Matoran, Turaga, Soiux(Makuta), Lord Kivon (Formerly, Former Makuta), Bohrok-Xa (Formerly), Brotherhood of Makuta Forces (Formerly)
Status Intact
Pronunciation Ga-tris new-ee

Gatris Nui is an island on the endless sea and was once a grand stronghold of Makuta Teridax. During his stay here he created the World Schism, a tear in space-time fabric where Shadowspace (believed to be his homeland) warps into the universe.


The Dark Times

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The World Schism begins to open and tear Makuta's Base and the island apart

During his stay on the island, Makuta Teridax invented many evil constructs, eventually finding out how to bend space-time enough to create a schism and lead to a pocket universe called Shadowspace. Teridax's actions destroyed a third of the island, killing many Matoran. It also created an alternate version of the island, called Taavok Nui, to which many Matoran were forcefully taken. To insure that the Schism would not grow, the first Toa team created 6 Nui Orbs to held Shadowspace at bay. The Orbs were placed at random locations across the universe by Cloud Ruler.

Regrowth & Stability

The Matoran took a long time to recover from the Schism. They felt as though a great shadow had fallen over them, especially the Turaga who read the stars and knew that the Great Spirit Mata Nui was greatly angered by the World Schism. However, the Matoran continued on with their lives, ignoring the Schism as much as they could.

After the Nui Orb Crises on Yudia Nui, Gatris Nui served as a port for Yudia Nui Matoran to trade.

Karda Nui Era

As the Toa Nuva traveled to The World That Feeds The World, Gatris Nui was attacked by the armies the Brotherhood of Makuta in an attempt to acquire the Nui Orbs so they could open the Schism and destroy Mata Nui.

Most of Gatris Nui was destroyed and deserted, with small P.O.W. camps spread around randomly on the island. The island is also surrounded completely by severe storms due to the effects of Cloud Ruler. Many Matoran evacuated to the Nui Marsh until the invasion was over.
Gatris Nui.war

Recent Times

Once Teridax successfully carried out his plan and entered the body of Mata Nui his forces on Gatris Nui disappeared mysteriously. Separated from the energies of the Mask of Life, Gatris Nui remained in his slumber.

Eventually Gatris Nui awoke, having been restored by the energies of the Mask of Life. The Matoran came back, from all corners of the planet, and are currently re-building the cities.


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