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Gavla (Toa Retyk)
Group •The Island of Radiak•
Occupation Leader of •The Island of Radiak•
Element Twilight
Powers Elemental Shadow and Light
Kanohi Noble Avsa (Matoran) Unknown (Toa)
Tools Power Blade, Teeth-blades, Nynrah
Status Alive
Location •The Island of Radiak•
Pronunciation GAV-lah
"You my say I saw the Light… by looking into the Darkness."



Gavla resided in Karda Nui with the other Av-Matoran, and was always going on adventures with Radiak and Solek. They were a tight bunch, always trying to gain an extra bit of Knowledge.

Shadow Matoran

When the Makuta invaded Karda Nui, Gavla was infected by one of Vamprah's Shadow Leeches. However, when Vamprah became a Toa, Gavla gained her spot back in Light.


Once, Gavla found a Toa Stone in a Nook of a Karda Nui Stalactite. It's energy turned her into a Toa of Light, and she had a Nynrah that Charged up with glowing heat. This heat was truely energy from the sun. Gavla used the energy very sparingly, as it could turn the sun into a Black Hole.

Radiak found his own Island, finding scattered Av-Matoran to be on his council. Gavla joined the Council.

She married •Radiak•, and togethor they led the Island. They fulfilled their destenies, and realized something...



Radiak and Gavla as Turaga

They weren't sure how to do it. They asked Turaga Vakama, who was on the island. And just happened. Radiak and Gavla were the Turaga of the island, and they renamed it Vakam in honor of Vakama.


Gavla was kind and wise.

Powers and Abilities

Gavla had all basic Light Powers.

Other Fanon


How Gavla appears in the Altronia Continuity

Altronia Continuity

Gavla will make an appearance as a Shadow Toa in a side-story, Gone Tomorrow by Sidd.

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