Powers Can mutate other beings
Location(s) Henkka Island
Status Transformed back into Holy Matoran

Gazotan were what the Holy Matoran of Henkka Island became when the Symbol of Makaatu was put in the Henkka Suva. They resembled insects with two skinny legs and arms. On the other hand they had a melee weapon, on the other a cannon, which could mutate other beings.


The Gazotan were transformed from the Holy Matoran when Gezex put the Symbol of Makaatu on Henkka suva. They obeyed Gezex and first kidnapped and mutated Leraj, Newhu and Nowah. They then helped them in fighting the Toa Mahri and Jinu, Taum and Lah.

They were turned back into Holy Matoran when the Symbol of Makaatu was taken away from the Henkka Suva.


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