Group Brotherhood of Makuta
Occupation Unknown
Tools Shadow Broadsword
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation N/A
"Jatax was a fool to think he could defeat me. As I told him, I am the Darkness...And where there is Light...There must always be Darkness."
―Makuta Gelrax

The Evil, Powerful leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta(Toa-Tera). He has been the leader for over 2000 years. He's killed countless Toa, Rahi, Protectors, and even Makuta. His lair was on the Island of Desei. He killed the Original Toa-Tera, but was killed on Desei by the Toa-Sei. He made Mutan and Samurai, but later killed Samurai.


Not too long after his death, Ichidar and two other makuta came and retrieved his body. His body was taken to Boka-Nui by Ichidar and the rest of the remaining makuta of their dimension. In their underground hideout on Boka-Nui, after ambushing and kidnapping Atan and Vessen and obtaining the Tryna, Ichidar, and the most physically powerful Makuta they had, sacrificed themselves to revive Gelrax. Reborn, he is once again plotting to destroy the toa.

The Kraahkan

Soon after being reborn into his new body, Gelrax was informed by the remaining makuta that on Tera-Nui, before they came to Boka-Nui, that they had found the Kraahkan, the evil mask of Shadow. They gave the mask to Gelrax, who now wears it.

Absorbing Zanzakin

Shortly after arriving on Boka-Nui, The titan, Zanzakin, was caught off-guard by Gelrax, and was absorbed by him. Gelrax, however, being a weaker being than Zanzakin, has only received a portion of Zanzakin's strength and abilities, but is still much more powerful than he once was.


Gelrax, after absorbing the Titan, Zanzakin.

Absorbing Omnitax

After absorbing Zanzakin, Gelrax was challanged by the other titan, Omnitax. Somehow, Gelrax won, and he proceeded to absorb Omnitax as well. He is now half as strong as both Omnitax and Zanzakin.


Gelrax, After having absorbed both Zanzakin and Omnitax.

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